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Welcome to Designrshub.com – a community that provides High Quality Design Inspirations and Resources. If you are hungry for creativity and inspiration then you are in the write place.

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Designrshub is a design blog dedicated to provide high quality web and graphic design resources, inspirations, freebies and social media articles. We provide design compilations, web development and art-oriented articles in daily basis and we promote the works of talented artists from all over the world. We created various articles not only for designers and developers but also for bloggers and other techies.

Founded in July 2011 by Manuel Garcia from Philippines.

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Pia Zoraya Revelo

Pia is an adventurous creature who finds sanctuary in music and literature. When not busy on her guitar or headphones, she enjoys killing time reading unusual articles and writing  about her views about the world. Currently, she writes for Onlineposterprinting and focuses in writing about graphics art, design and poster printing related articles.

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Brianne Walter

This post was written by Brianne Walter, a freelance blogger who is passionate about writing. Her favorite website is bornrich, which she also happens to work for.

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Olga Lonel

Olga Lonel is an original writer at ThemeFuse.com - a leader in the wordpress templates industry. She is fond of sharing SEO and blogging ideas.

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Kirsten Hendrich

Kirsten works for WhoIsHostingThis? This is a ratings website for those looking for new hosting. Customers looking for One.com reviews for example, would visit WhoIsHostingThis to read of others experiences using One.com.

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Natasha Tasha

Natasha is writer and blogger, tech lover, interested in various technology and internet topics, currently writing for Ninefold.com exploring everything related to cloud computing technology, cloud storage and virtual private servers in Australia

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Alex Black

Alex writes for printing experts Print Express, who specialise in high quality business cards, flyers & postcards. In his spare time he studies graphic and web design and tries to improve his Photoshop skills.

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Ferina Santos

Ferina Santos is part of the team behind Open Colleges, Australia's provider of photography courses. A feisty nerd at heart with an obsession for media and vanity, she captures all her random musings with daily photographs in her blog, A Pink Banana.

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Adrian Valeanu

Adrian is a passionate blogger and chief of the team behind DesignModo website. This blog is a great resource where you can find tons of tutorials, freebies and big collection of web UI kits and icons; professional and pixel perfect user Interface packs for designers and web developers.