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Navdy, a heads up display & GPS navigation, is our featured product of the day. It is the world’s first device for your car that lets you look forward while staying connected. Navdy’s advanced Augmented Reality display projects all the information you need as a transparent image over the road ahead so you’ll never miss a turn again or the information that matters most.

If you want this head-up display for your car, you can buy it now on Amazon.

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Product of the Day: Navdy Augmented Reality for your Car

Product Features

  • Augmented Reality Display – It’s not just a magical display, it’s a beautiful display. Navdy’s advanced display projects information into the distance so the road stays in focus. Navdy’s full color, fully transparent image is ultra-clear and visible in direct sunlight and automatically dims at night.
  • Natural Hand Gestures – Whether you want to accept, dismiss, or return a call, you’ll never have to pick up your phone. Navdy’s natural gestures let you effortlessly interact with simple swipes, so you can say goodbye to fumbling with your phone.
  • Maps – Navdy is powered by Google Maps so you can easily search for your favorite destination. With built-in offline maps, built-in GPS and real-time traffic Navdy will always keep you on the fastest route.
  • Messages & Notifications – Navdy will read aloud all the messages and notifications you want from your phone and let you reply using Siri or Google Assistant, so you can stay up-to-date and in control at all times.
  • Dash – Navdy Dash lets you customize your dashboard with key driver info like speed limit, MPG, fuel range, RPM, compass and more.

Customer Feedback

“This is an amazing device. It is definitely one of my favorite all time electronic purchases. I no longer worry about what messages or emails I’m missing on my phone while driving. I have google maps and I can finally see the navigation on my Navdy vs using it in my car and looking down. I would also have to turn on bluetooth to hear the directions. So this solved a major issue for me. The installation was straight forward and easy to manage. Setting up the Navdy was also easy, just followed the steps. I really like the screen, you can view regardless of the lighting. Unlike the OEM navigation system in my 2017 Chevy Volt this is much nicer. I really like being able to answer calls, view navigation, voice search, etc. The gesture control is pretty cool but you can also control manually with the thumb control which is placed on your steering wheel. I’ve only had it a few weeks but so far I’m happy with my purchase.”Tekjunkee

Product Images

Product of the Day: Navdy Augmented Reality for your Car
Product of the Day: Navdy Augmented Reality for your Car
Product of the Day: Navdy Augmented Reality for your Car
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