In the world of marketing, your brand’s logo speaks for your business. No one should ever underestimate its importance since this thing can give your brand a personal identity. You need to put in mind that before your company’s name, consumers see your brand’s logo first. Thus, it plays a vital role in your conversion rates.

For your business to establish itself in this world full of tight competitions and for consumers to recognize it, you must have a remarkable logo. However, not every company is lucky enough to create one that can catch attention. And we tell you, it’s inevitable to commit mistakes when designing one. Sometimes, these errors are not only causing you and your brand embarrassment but also a loss in profit.

This article will serve as an eye-opener for those who commit mistakes in designing a logo. Here are some of the reasons why some logos fail.

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The Logo Design is Way Too Simple or Complex

Yes, there’s no denying that a simple logo is memorable. Nonetheless, we are living in a fast-paced world. That means the time is changing quickly and so as the logo requirements.

Logos nowadays are becoming more and more unique and conceptual. A typical pizza parlor can have a logo that is not pizza logo design or does not include any pizza-related object on it. The same as a photographer’s cheap business cards should not necessarily conform to the shape of a camera. But put in mind that a logo that is too different and complex may fail.

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If the logo you designed is way too abstract, chances are consumers will find it confusing (as it’s difficult to understand) or it will not leave a huge impact to them. An example of such is Nike. Studies show that Nike is one of the most easy-to-identify logos in the United States. Its logo may be pretty simple, but it surely does the job well for leaving a mark in people’s minds.

Stay away from designing logos that are way too hard and complicated. Detailed logos are not only difficult to understand or confusing but are also hard to print. Also, watch out for designs that do not print well. It might ruin people’s first impression of your brand.


4 Obvious But Deadly Reasons Why Most Logo Designs Fail
Oh undoubtedly, tons of website online provide free logo designs or if not, at low prices. However, you have to put in mind that these models may be pricey in the long run (you know, revisions and such?). Business owners fall into the trap of cutting cost in logo design which in return, is one of the factors of their business’s failure.

If you’re not a pro in designing a logo, might as well hire a professional graphic designer. Video tutorials online may make you think that designing a logo is easy, but remember that you’re putting the nuts and bolts in jeopardy. You must know first if you have what it takes to be a logo designer and if you possess the fundamental qualities.

Take note that what you’re paying for is what you’re getting. If you want to have a high-quality logo, then you should also be willing to burn a hole in your wallet.

Remember these common mistakes when you want a logo design:

  • Relying on the internet for free tools in logo designing
  • Designing the logo yourself with an aim of saving money
  • Hiring an amateur logo designer

Using Poor Quality Images

It’s a rule of the thumb that in logo designing, one should use a high-quality picture. This rule is to make sure that the printing and the reproduction will be of high-calibre. Image quality is one of the top priorities since logos will be everywhere.

The best way to eliminate such issue is to use tools like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. These are vector graphics tools that are conferring with precise points.

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The consistency of the visual image is important, which means the quality of the picture should be the focus. Here are some of the most common mistakes in designing a logo using a poor image:

  • Using an image that has a watermark on it in designing a logo
  • Using a picture that lacks consistency (especially when it comes to printing)

Overlooking the Brand

Overlooking the Brand
In designing a logo, especially when you’re working for a client, it is best to keep the company in mind while on it. Always put in mind that you’re designing because someone is paying you to do so, which means you’re not creating a logo for yourself.

It is highly important to speak and negotiate with the client first before starting the work. Ask the necessary questions, like the selection of colors and brand positioning. Make sure you and your client are on the same page for you to achieve a logo design that will satisfy not only your standard but also your customer’s. Along the way, there are some stupid things client say to designers and you must know how to counter it.

Requirements of a well-designed logo are: first, it should be clear, and next, it should leave an impact on your consumers for them to recognize your brand.

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Let’s cite Adidas for example. Its logo is like a shoe when you look at it, and the font is incredibly unique which aids in positioning the brand.

Common mistakes in logo designing that overlooks the brand:

  • Lack of communication with the customer
  • Choosing what you want for the logo than what your client wants


A logo is not just an image. It’s way more than that. It tells its target audience a story of the firm.

Logo designing, more importantly, is never easy as it seems. It needs time, money, effort, and skills. When you’re not pretty sure of what to do in designing a logo, it is best to hire someone professional than end up ruining your brand’s logo and making your business fail.

About the Author: Patrick Panuncillon is an entrepreneur by profession but an SEO specialist by heart. Apart from what people know, he also has a particular interest in logos, branding, and design. That is why he made himself one of Print Meister Australia’s emerging partners.
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