Most students, from time immemorial, regard learning as an overly boring chore that must be put up with. However, studying can be very fun and exciting now, largely thanks to technology. Should you perhaps, have completed a college programming course, and are hard pressed for viable ideas for your future projects, you shouldn’t give up hope.

With the advent of technology like mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, there are numerous learning-oriented ideas you could convert into useful apps. If you are looking for ways and techniques to create or improve your mobile learning application, here are some mobile development tips so that it will be well received among students.

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Integrate RSS Feeds of Educational Websites

RSS feeds have in effect revolutionized how news and information is disseminated all over the world. For students this can be a particularly useful technology. This is simply because it can let them obtain vital study info online, while at the same time, filtering those that are irrelevant to their studies. With a mobile learning app which comes with an RSS feed, students won’t have to spend an inordinately protracted period of time on Google to find answers to crucial questions.

Tap into the World of Blogging

The field of blogging has, over the years, evolved into an all-important platform for professionals and even business establishments. Blogging can also be utilized to cater for efficient learning. For instance, with a blogging app, coding students can be able to create and moderate the comments they create on their projects through a mobile device. The documenting of coursework can also be made more convenient and stress-free with this kind of technology.

While also facilitating for a practical platform where students can obtain feedback on their projects from other students from all over the world. A user-friendly blogging app will help students gain a strong online presence by enabling them to put up portfolios of their personal projects or learning ideas. In turn, this can prove to be a feasible means of attracting the attention of potential employers upon graduation. So, it shouldn’t come as surprising to you that user-friendly blogging platforms such as WordPress have managed to become extremely popular. With the right coding ideas, you too can create a cross-platform blogging app for students.

A Mobile Application that Helps Students Prepare For Examination

Alternatively, you could create an app, which makes studying for examinations much more convenient. For instance, you can design it to offer timely notifications and reminders of upcoming tests or even help students cultivate efficient exam-studying techniques.

Create a Tool that Provides Access to Online Study Resources

Creating an online study resources tool for the sole use of students can also be an excellent idea for a mobile learning application. You can decide to develop one that will furnish students with step-by-step study guides or tutorials into virtually any conceivable college course.

Also, you shouldn’t omit to create an interactive online forum where your subscribers can get to know each other and share their tips and hacks for studying better. This is essentially the main idea behind successful platforms like Udacity and iTunesU.

Study Productivity Boosting Tool

Productivity apps can always come in handy for students in terms of enhancing their learning efficiency and even time management skills. For example, you can develop a mobile application which lets users scan their study documents while on the go. This will allow them to save lots of time that it usually takes to copy notes from classmates or even take their own during lectures.

Access to Online Study Books Repository

10 Tips for Developing a Mobile Learning App for Students
On the other hand, you can try to create an online portal where students who subscribe to your app can access pertinent study resources in the form of e-books. This can make learning more convenient as they won’t have to tag along a huge collection of textbooks from one class to the other. Basically, this is the principle behind platforms such as Project Gutenberg and Bibliomania.

Student Life Hacks

Life hacks’ apps can also be beneficial to college students. For instance, you can create an alarm clock app that alerts users when they should out of the bed each morning. Thiscan be especially useful for students on the eve of major examinations.

A Mobile Application that Breaks Procrastination Habit

10 Tips for Developing a Mobile Learning App for Students

Procrastination is a pesky habit many students often struggle with particularly with the emergence of social media networks. For example, you can develop a mobile app that restricts access to specific websites for a given duration of time. This will help students spend their time wisely.

Bibliography and Citation Tool

As all modern students know, citations are the building blocks’ of scholarly research. You can decide to develop an app that can make the referencing of essays and class projects more manageable and precise.

Develop a Fun but Functional Mobile Learning App

You could decide to blend interactive tech with educational content in a mobile app that will ensure vital facts can be disseminated effortlessly as opposed to monotonous textbooks. Such an app ought to facilitate for the archiving of copies of education resources, offer intriguing quizzes and the opportunity to create flashcards with customized texts and images.

Finally, mastering touch typing is also crucial as a budding programmer. Not only will it assist you to greatly enhance your typing speed, but accuracy too. In turn, this will boost your coding productivity and efficiency.

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