Currently, “Adwords” is almost the same with digital advertising since most marketers and entrepreneurs already use AdWords to get their audience with online ads. It can be tough to generate more leads from Google AdWords once reaching a particular threshold.

Here are four Google AdWords strategies and tactics that will enable marketers to break through that level and scale their AdWords lead generation.

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Geo-target the ads to produce more links by 21.9%

Geo-target the ads to produce more links by 21.9%
Converting the regional and national campaigns into local campaigns is an essential way to lessen the cost per lead and generate more leads. A study presented that geotargeting can boost 21.9% more links and reduce the cost by 38.5% per link.

Geotargeting is where to display the location’s name where the advert shows the advert copy. There are three steps to execute geotargeting:

  1. Correspond the regional and national campaign and then change the target location to a place within the local or national campaign.
  2. Modify the ad copy to display the city’s name. It is better to put the location’s name just within the display URL and in the headline of the ad copy.
  3. Lastly, eliminate the geotargeted city from the national campaign so that the general national ads will not show in that area.

Insert dynamic text for more relevant landing pages

Dynamic text insertion is one little-known feature in the AdWords which enables the user to change the text on the landing page. It is an essential way to make the landing pages more relevant to what the audience is searching. It also boosts the conversion rates and the produced number of leads which is a good way to manage SEO.

Altering the location is just another way to make the landing pages more appropriate. Marketers could change other details for the ad, like the kind of product.

Provide “Text Me” Ad Extensions

Provide “Text Me” Ad Extensions
Towards the end of 2016, Google added a new ad extension which enables audiences to text advertisers from their ads. Marketers can apply this to the ad extensions section of the account in AdWords.

Here are a few quick steps on how to add the ad extension:

  1. Manage the ad extensions tab first and then look at the message extensions.
  2. Click the red button that says “Add extensions.”
  3. Enter the phone number where to receive texts and the name of the business. In the box for “extensions text,” it is better to provide the message that people want to see alongside with the ads and then within the “message text,” deliver the message that viewers can text.
  4. Lastly, click “Save, ” and the extensions will show beside the ads in the Google’s search results.

Apply single keyword advert groups

Most advertisers set ten or even twenty keywords in a single ad group. However, it is very hard to write an advertisement that is related to all of the keywords in the ad group. It may result in a poor connection between the ads and what users are searching. It might only produce fewer leads, less traffic, and lower CTRs, which is not good for SEO marketing.

High relevance means high CTR. Having a higher CTR could lead to higher quality scores. More traffic is possible when higher scores become available. Theses scores would then result in having more leads.

Developing a highly specific ad for every ad group is important. Anyone can follow this simple template:

  • Headline 1: Insert the keywords
  • Headline 2: Features and Benefits
  • Display URL: Insert the keywords
  • Description: Features and Benefits + CTA or call-to-action.

Most websites don’t have keywords in the display URL, such as,,, etc. However, many advertisers include a keyword in the headline and within the display URL, and manage the rest of the copy to state the features and benefits and added an effective call-to-action which instructs visitors on what action to take next.


Every marketer who is struggling to deliver more leads with AdWords can use these four strategies. Geo-targeting is an effective way to generate more leads, as well as implementing “Text Me” ad extension and by inserting dynamic text. Implementation of a single keyword ad groups is also one of the most efficient strategies for producing more leads.

About the Author: Patrick Panuncillon is an entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of LinkVista Digital Inc. He has excellent entrepreneurial track records and is an expert when it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing. Patrick also has a great passion for encouraging young individuals and shaping them for becoming effective leaders in the future.
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