Outsourcing is a popular method of doing business in the IT sphere and it is the reason why many businesses have been leveraging the benefits of a remote development team. While managing a team of developers can be a difficult task when working remotely, this is considered a financially advantageous method as it allows conducting the business with minimum possible investments.

Today, there are many different Internet resources devoted to hiring dedicated development team services. These are the ones who have already accepted the fact that you can’t use outdated techniques anymore like placing an ad on a job board to find modern programming talent. It is their beleif that remote development teams that compoe of strong talents can work on projects around the clock which makes it more productive and effecient than the a local team.

In this article, we strived to analyze the pros and cons of hiring a remote development team for you to easily decide if you want to hire distributed teams in your business.

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Pros of a Remote Development Team

Pros of a Remote Development Team

Large Candidate Selection

The absence of territorial restrictions is the main advantage of working with a remote development team. The use of personal network accounts, blogs, and online job search sites significantly expands the list of possible candidates. If you are looking for a web designer, for instance, you’ll be surprised how many talented web designers are there around the world.

In fact, it could come to a point wherein the difficulty of choosing the best web designer is your main problem. Moreover, some specialists living in countries with the less developed living standard are distinguished by much lower prices.

No Time Lost on Personal Interviews

The recruitment of a full-time staff requires a lot of time for interviews. In turn, an interview on Skype or through another tool for remote interaction is the best way to save time and money when selecting potential candidates for the required vacancy.

If you are looking to hire a web designer or any other technical talent, it is very important that you know what skills and characteristics you should look for. After this, an assessment of their talents via programming problem, logic formulation, etc. should be strictly evaluated.

No Office Rent

To date, the cost of renting an office space is a large part of the overall budget of many organizations. Managing a remote team of programmers reduces the need for the office space. Now, the issue of different timezone might arise since you are managing employees in their own respective “virtual offices” – their house.

Sure, managing a global workforce in different time zones is not easy but it can simply with proper strategies and communication tools in place to keep team members on the same page. Now it becomes a comparison between saving office rent and extra effort in solving additional challenges. You do the math.

Tax Reductions

Due to the possibility of moving the company’s activities to another country with lesser tax payments, the recruitment of a remote team of employees is sometimes the only way to organize a business with minimal capital investments. Such type of company is called offshore.

Experts predict that popularity of outsource businesses will stay on the rise in the next few years and many companies will hire a remote development team.

Cons of a Remote Development Team

Cons of a Remote Development Team

Task Order Prioritization Failures

The lack of constant control and management allows performing the work in the most comfortable for each employee conditions. On the other hand, some developers can simultaneously have several tasks from third-party customers in their schedule which makes it difficult for them to finish the task efficiently. This increases the risk of failure to finish the work on time.

This is why it is very important to stay abreast of new online colaboration tools so that the international employess can keep track their task and business owners can keep track of their employees. This can solve issues and prevent problems from happening. As a result, employees can work effectively regardless of their location.

Inaccurate Problem Statement

An incorrect definition of the tasks can provoke delays and incur additional costs. The situation is aggravated by the fact that software developers are located in different time zones and not all of them have the opportunity to be present online during the whole working day.

Setting up communication strategy is the holy grail of working remotely. This includes choosing the right communication channel that will enable distributed teams to do more constructive work regardless of different locations which will in turn beat the time zone conundrum.

Communication Faults

Despite the wide range of tools to support remote communication (Skype, Lync, Join.me, etc.), some remote employees may experience temporary difficulties with access to the Internet during the working day. This factor can provoke unforeseen delays and a deadline disruption.

Secure Access to the Corporate Network

The use of co-working spaces by remote staff members can result in significant losses for the customer. This can be explained by the lack of proper security tools in buildings or at open areas, which provide public network access opportunities. To ensure the connection safety, one must implement the virtual private network. To do this, the target customer’s office network has to host the correctly configured virtual private network (VPN) server with a list of defined VPN access users. This aspect has two significant drawbacks.

The first is that creating a configuring the VPN server requires an experienced IT experts who more often than not are an expensive bunch. The second drawback is the lack of a privacy guarantee. As the Statista research shows, more than 20% of companies working in education, IT, media and finances became subjects to hacker attacks at least once.

One Final Thought about Remote Development Team

As we can devise from the information provided in this article, the dispersal of the workforce can be a risky undertaking. Despite the aforementioned disadvantages, there’s actually a way to greatly reduce risks in collaboration with a team of remote software developers.

This would be the cooperation with one of the proven outsource service providers that supply the dedicated software development teams for hire, like applikeysolutions.com.

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