It is the time of the year again when experts are trying to figure out what’s going to be the big thing for web design from design trends and web development principles to strategies and techniques that will provide better experience for everyone. Whether it is in the form of design responsiveness, web accessibility, page load performance or content strategy, it is all geared toward adapting the technological changes in the web world.

While surely there are tons of web design trends for 2017, it is very crucial that the following web design techniques should still be applied whatever trend you follow.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages using Responsive Design

The rise of mobile internet usage should always be considered when designing a website. The study conducted by the National Association of Realtors reveals that “89% uses mobile devices to collect information on the home buying process and to search for a home”. This simply means that even those people who stayed at home all day still rely on the use of their mobile devices to make transactions over the internet instead of desktop computer.

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Mobile accessibility through responsive web design is one of the golden trends of the decade and it is very important that your website implements this technique. Avoiding to create a responsive web design will only lead to many issues that will eventually not let you to implement the succeeding techniques right. If you want to know and learn how to design a mobile-friendly website, follow this mobilegeddon checklist.

Web Design Trends for 2017

Web Design Trends for 2017
Having out of date website design is one of top mistakes of web designers. Since web design trends are in constant change, following what is up to date will push the website forward for the better. Trend is born out of experimentation and innovation, hence, there’s no harm in following it.

There is a lot of predictions for this year by different experts in the field. Collis Ta’eed, the CEO of Envato, believes that 3D will enter the designer’s toolkit. Sergie Magdalin, Webflow’s Chief Design Officer, thinks that a layout that let content shine will be a trend this year. Of course, there are lots of web design predictions for 2017 and it’s up to you what trend you will incorporate in your site.

Darker Background is the New White

Before we discuss this technique, it should be noted that dark does not need to mean pure black and that’s as good an argument as any. The majority portion of your website, which by the way should be chosen carefully, is your website’s background color. Say goodbye for those over-decorated designs. In choosing the color of your website’s background, always ask yourself the following questions: “Is your website’s background color too bold or too bland?” and “Did you use a background color that is actually not appealing to the eyes?”.

White background is always a safe bet when designing a website. On the other hand, other designers highly prefer the light gray because of its professional look. Dark web design, however, can have a creative appeal though it will be difficult to effectively pull them off without turning off the visitor. Though the issue of readability will always come with the use dark web design tend, a large percentage of users still say that dark website designs are tolerable.

Web Typography and its Importance

Web Typography and its Importance
Believe it or not, texts will always play a vital role in your website; either it will help you make your design stand out or destroy it. Gone are the days when typography only exists for reading. Now, it is use for making a statement. The common mistake that is clearly visible in most of the websites is the less distinction between body fonts and headlines. This is not the way anymore.

Large, full-width header with bold type that’s the center of attention, a.k.a. hero images, is one of the common techniques use to make typography stand out and make a statement. Moreover, this helps with the hierarchy of the contents and gently provide guide to the eye of your visitors.

The Use of High-Converting CTA Buttons

Whether it is a download button or an add-to-cart button, CTA (short for Call-To-Action) is undoubtedly a recipe for a goal conversion. It is crucial to generating leads which will eventually be converted into customers. Of course, the use of CTA is not only limited to eCommerce websites unless yours doesn’t have an objective.

Just remember to create a CTA that is user-friendly for your visitors wherein they will commit the action without much effort and thinking. Construct it clearly with graphical accents, which is the action you want them to call even if it’ll be a selecting plan or sign up button.

Prioritizing the Readability of the Contents

Prioritizing the Readability of the Contents
The issue of readability has already been pointed out in the previous techniques, hence, dealing with this should always be considered. If a content is difficult to read, then it will scare readers away from the content. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, your visitors read only between 20 and 28 percent of the words on your site. Therefore, making your content concise is one of good ways to enhance readability on the web. It also eliminates boredom for your reader and will make the content scannable.

Aside from the length of the content, formatting the text is also a good technique to make sure that there will be an improvement in web readability. Contrast, line height, font family, hierarchy and text size are only some of the things that should be considered in enhancing the typography.

Proper Use of White Space in Web Design

It is a very occurrence for people to place things in a blank space without realizing that it did nothing but only complicated it. While designers adore the white space, website owners tend to fill it with bunch of widgets – a big no if you want to de-clutter web design. White space, a portion of a page left unmarked, is an underutilized element that make up a good web layout.

The use of white space, if done correctly, will not only highlight Call to Actions as it is the most obvious technique to make an element stand out but also create a balance that separates content for easy accessibility. Smartly using white space in web design will also bolster readability and legibility which will result to a comfortable reading experience.

A Killer About Me Page for your Website

A Killer About Me Page for your Website
If you consider your website professional, then you know that your about me page is the number one page that your visitors visit and criticize. Many websites have always failed to have a professional about me page and ended up with a non-sense page. Since your visitors would eventually want to know who you are and associate with you, they would want to check your about me page first before having any interaction.

Bear in mind, your visitors only want to guarantee that your website is not a fake. It is a great opportunity to impress them by creating a professional about me page. Assuming that you have a killer about me page design, you would want to start by opening your “About Me” with compelling statement that perfectly captures your attitude and style. It wouldn’t hurt as well to leverage social proof to boost your credibility.

A Well-Planned Website Navigation

Does your navigation improve the user experience? This should be the objective when planning a website navigation. It is very important as well to simplify the menu to provide visitors a much more user-friendly experience. Since It affects user-friendliness and conversions, navigation menu is more than just a map and directions to help your visitors.

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According to the study conducted by Forrester Research, 50% of potential sales are lost because users can’t find information. Therefore, if you won’t be able to design a navigation menu that helps users find what they want then you should consider yourself lost in the business arena.

Taking Care of Broken Pages

Taking Care of Broken Pages
Examine the website once you finished it by looking for dead hyperlinks and broken images to avoid losing customer base. The growth of your website’s content will make it difficult to manage the relationship between individual pages and keep track of hyperlinks within a site.

Aside from hyperlinks, taking care of broken images is as important as checking the dead links. Double check the file path, name and extension to make sure that you will be able to display the image. Taking care of the broken pages, links and images will avoid damaging your reputation online and negative impact on your website’s ratings based from the eyes of search engines.

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