With responsive design being the epitome of everything that is UX, it is very important that all parts of the website should conform from responsive lightbox libraries, easy-to-use navigation, responsive admin dashboard to mobile-friendly image support, adaptive orientation and resolution and more. Responsive Web Design is a good design methodology, hence, you must consider that this web design technique is undoubtedly here to stay.

One of the things to consider when applying such principle in website development is to integrate responsive navigation menu. From a simple responsive top navigation menu to an animated slide in vertical menu, there are so many ways, techniques and designs to choose from just to make sure that you will be able to incorporate your responsive menu into your website design.

Create your own responsive WordPress menu with sleek animation and user-friendly navigation both on desktops and mobiles that is perfect for modern website.

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Add Responsive Navigation Menu in WordPress Website

Create Responsive WordPress Menu with Superfly
There are so many responsive menu plugins for WordPress but only few of them can create quality navigation menu that fits modern website wherein beautiful appearance, slick animation and smooth performance are a must whether you are in mobile or in desktop.

Superfly, a responsive WordPress menu plugin, makes sure that you will be able to generate space efficient vertical navigation (push menu, sliding menu or static menu), icon toolbar or full-screen menu. With this plugin, you will be able to customize menu modes, behavior options, menu image background, hamburger button, menu icons and more.

How to Add Responsive Menu in WordPress using Superfly

Create Responsive WordPress Menu with Superfly
Superfly is integrated on the default WordPress menu system. All you have to do is to create a standard WP menu (or use your existing menu that you want to use) and choose this menu on Superfly’s options page as source. The plugin will automatically inject the specified menu in its sidebar.

Superfly - Responsive WordPress Menu
Create a Mobile-Ready Responsive WordPress Menu
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