In the event that you need graphic design services, there are a few things you should know in advance. After all, relying on someone to design what you envisioned is not so simple, mainly because people are not mind readers.

Even when you are describing something, your designer is not getting the same image that you have in your mind. We interpret things based on our own experience; therefore it is impossible for two people to imagine the exact same thing when they read a description.

In other words, the first lesson is – unless you can draw what you imagine, don’t expect others to provide you with the exact image you have in mind. On the bright side, designers are intelligent and creative people, so they can even give you a result that is even better than what you had in mind.

So, let’s get down to the topic and go over the five important things you need to know before you start your first graphic design project.

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What style the designer will use?

What style the designer will use?
The first thing you need to look for is the style your designer is going to use. Whether you need character sketches for a comic book or a 3D character model for a video game, or if you need logo design or something similar, you need to know about the designer’s style.

When you are going over their portfolios, or if you are searching for them online, pay close attention to the dominant style. If this style is compatible with the images you have in mind, then the end result won’t deviate too far from your goal.

Of course, as we’ve already stated designers are skillful, therefore you can give someone a chance if the person seems talented to you. Maybe they give you something you haven’t even thought of and it works better than your idea. It is really important that you approach this open-minded, because this way the collaboration between you and the designer will be a lot easier.

Know that good design takes time

Once your design project begins, do not rush it. You need to know that quality design takes time and that above average work is not something you can get on a daily basis. In order to better understand the design process and for the sake of better communication with your designers, you can learn some basic principles of design. This does not mean you have to know how to design, just how design works, after all, you don’t need to be an artist just so you can understand art.

Moreover, if you are not entirely pleased with the design, give the designer a chance to explain, and see the things from his or her perspective. Furthermore, if you are not sure what to think, ask for a second opinion from another peer, check what they think; maybe everybody else likes it, and it works better than you expected.

Do you share the same idea with the designer?

Do you share the same idea with the designer?
Now, in addition to style, you need to make sure you and your designer understand each other. This may sound like too much trouble to him or her, but if you can pay a bit extra to get all of the sketches that show how he or she interpreted the idea, that would be great. This is important for logo design, to have different variations and to pick the one that communicates the most to the thing you want it to be.

If you need character design, then this will be a bit more complex. Not only do you need to have more than one image, but you’ll probably have to go with different versions for eyes, ears, noses, build, posture etc. Also, for character design, you need to see how that character can express different emotions, and what he or she looks like: sad, happy, angry, confused, uncertain, troubled, tired etc.

You should know other options

When it comes to design, it is always good to know your other options, and what else is out there. In other words, do not immediately pick a designer for your project; make sure you test more than one.

There are a lot of freelancers and outsourcing companies that can provide you with wonderful designs. Whether it is your logo or character design, it is good to have more than one option. Like what we said, your initial idea might not be the best thing and designers can easily surprise you.

You can look up designers on websites like Deviant Art, and these people love draw, and work on projects like comic books or video games. However, these designs can be really expensive and you might not be ready to invest that much. You can look on freelancing platforms or contact outsourcing companies for logo or infographics design, considering how these people are more business-centric, and are also more likely to meet your demands for graphic design for business purposes.

Things won’t always go as planned unless you closely monitor the process

Things won’t always go as planned unless you closely monitor the process
Lastly, complex design will take time, and with more complexity there is more room for mistakes or irregularities. This is why it is important to monitor the design process frequently. If you notice that things are not going in the direction they should, ask your designer why something appears the way it appears.

Do not immediately tell them how to do their job, because maybe this is how it is supposed to look during that phase, maybe an additional layer of color will be added afterwards and the design will change. If things go as the designer promised, then there is nothing to worry about, but if it doesn’t you have the right to request changes, because you asked in advance.


Well, these are the five things you should know before starting your first graphic design project, from a client’s perspective. Once you find a designer who knows how to meet your demands, the projects will be far easier, since there will be a greater degree of trust and understanding.

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