“Everyone is a writer”, a saying that explains and describes what is happening in today’s modern world. Writing can be done anywhere and anytime: students creating their paper works like homework, research paper and investigatory projects; other people jot down meeting notes, emails, and greeting cards during special occasions, blogs and maybe some creative piece like poem and dramatic scripts. In social media, on the other hand, you can notice a lot of shared contents about everything with both good and bad comments typed in it which sometimes include hashtags. If you do any of those things, how can you not consider yourself as a writer?

Nevertheless, everyday writing is far different from professional writing as it is the kind of writing wherein there standards and styles demanded. Professional writing engages the writer to use clear language in expressing information into an understandable manner.

One could say that writing itself may seem easy, however, developing a career with it is easier said than done. It will be good, maybe great, if in the beginning you already know what career will suits your own interest and skill. Therefore, in this article, let us bring you the basic knowledge of the most familiar type of professional writing career and how it will take your road up and down as well as help you to start your freelance writing career.

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Academic Writing

Academic writing is one of the most popular and quickly developing types of professional writing career. This kind of composition includes writing scientific ideas and research in an easy, clear and authentic manner. Unsurprisingly, freelance job portals are crowded with academic writing jobs since the majority of academic writing jobs are online.

Academic writers follow particular styles of writing and layout as well as the use of academic rhetoric or expressions in their writings – for instance, the famous APA style. Because of this and other writing rules and composition styles, academic writing is averagely rated as moderately difficult. Additionally, the work or an academic writer spreads across tasks like compiling research from textbooks and journals then developing that research into a complete and finished report.

Editing or proofreading an already compiled or written academic assignments, thesis and researches may be also required in academic writing.

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Business Writing

5 Common Types of Professional Writing Career
Professional business writing is also known as business communication whereas it covers a collection or arrangement of components involving the business models and plans, project proposal and reports, brand manifestos, business letters, marketing campaigns and business presentations. On the other hand, emails, notices and memos are considered as informal or kind of casual business writing.

The same with academic writing, this kind of writing is crammed by hundreds or maybe thousands of freelance writer and on site employees. Therefore, many business writers are hired or contracted every year for performing jobs associated to business writing and communication. However, business writing is not only limited for organization level of writing because it may also be at personal level. For instance are writing of resume, experience letters and recommendation letters as well as making of cover letters.

Business writing career can be rated as moderately difficult, the same with academic writing, because it is always accompanied by a writing style with fixed rules or set pattern.

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Creative Writing

Creative writing can be conceivably the opposite of professional writing and can be said as the most interesting type of writing. Creative writing is across the boundary or edges of all varieties of professional writing. This type of writing allows the writer to tease the mind in order to reveal the inner creativity, innovation and uniqueness. Another discerning element of creative writing is the subjective factor to the manifestation of the writer’s ideas, opinion and feelings.

Creative writing career is considered also as a massive field that contains sub-areas such as Autobiographies, Comics, Dramatic Writing, Poetry and Screenwriting as well as Fictional and Non-Fictional Writing Literature. In addition, journalistic writing is also often counted as section of creative writing, particularly on newspaper features, articles and op-eds.

Creative writing is considered as the most difficult because of the massiveness of its canvas. Newbies will surely find this tough as they can’t easily get focus their imagination and use it to create great outcomes. As an advice in entering the field of creative writing, even though it requires very hard work to make it, the wholeness of the spirit that you have for this type of writing is enough to make you in.

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Content Writing

5 Common Types of Professional Writing Career
Content Writing, or sometimes called Copy Writing, extends beyond the other even though it is the same in terms of basic theme – for instance, promotion and education. Content or copy writer create composition of words both used in online and offline content. However, they are actually diverse as they act as the cornerstone of the other. They could be like the two different sides of coin. Although there are similarities, there are also clear differences.

Content writers make various content types using written words; usually in long-form and rich-content. On the other hand, copy writers create writings commonly used for advertisements; usually in short-form copy. Most of the on-site and freelance job portals for freelance writing are drowned with jobs connected to copy or content writing. This type of writing includes varieties such as marketing and promotional materials, advertisements, blog articles and website write up.

In order to accomplish a successful profession in this professional writing career, you’ll need combination of language skills, creativity and general knowledge.

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Technical Writing

Technical writing has basic objective only: to make complicated compositions became simpler so things will be more comprehensible to a common reader. In layman’s terms, they said. This type of writing is more on the descriptions, instructions, or explanations of a specific subject.

It seems easy to do technical writing because it is more about making product catalogs, operation manuals and how-to guides. However, technical writing undergo up to edges of any covered field or industry where compound concepts, notions, methodologies or procedures are needed to be translated into a clear and simple language. This type of writing can be rated as moderately difficult mainly because of its basic objective and it goes beyond the bounds of certain subject.

Generally, service industries, product manufacturers and software companies have either a freelance technical writer or maybe its own department for technical communications. Furthermore, if you have an understanding or savvy trait in a particular field and have good skills on writing, you can count technical writing on your choices.

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Which Professional Writing Career Do You Want to Pursue?

At the end of the day, writing is a skill that you can perfected throughout your career and whatever professional writing career you want to pursue, it will all comes down to your willingness to learn and being able to sharpen your writing skills.

So, which professional writing career do you want to pursue?

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