It’s always a pain – comparison of Android devices vs iOS devices, but let’s figure it out, who’s the best!

Today the market offers crazy amount of smartphones, tablets and even smart watches. Main difference is not only devices hardware, but devices software – mobile platform. It could be Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry or some other, but in fact, the main market divided by Android and iOS.

Both are great mobile platforms with it’s own advantages and disadvantages, unique features and history, but let’s find, why Android platform have it’s market share about 80% of all sold smartphones. So, if you are starting business or growing a startup, this is a right way to start with android development services.

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Better Price

Android is an open source project, so you not paying your money for mobile os. If you have to buy iPhone, you have not many options – there are only 3 models on market, starting from $400 and growing fast to $950 for the top model. While junior model may look like a good buy (in contrast to the top models), you can find absolutely great Android smartphone for less than $400 with rather great hardware. For under $200 you can buy a model with top characteristics and junior models for even $100 (if you out of money, it can serve in a pinch);


Android devices come with really amazing selection of features not yet seen on Apple devices. How about water resistance? It means you can take your phone everywhere, like on the beach, drop it in liquid or even take swimming and it will work with no problem.

Another great feature is the NFC (Near Field Communications), that enables Android devices to share information and contacts if they are close to each other, even more – you can make mobile payments with your phone! Another NFC option – you can buy NFC tag and program it on some action, like “do not disturb” on your phone and place it near your bed, so you can rest without annoying notifications.

Wireless charger – this is where the fun begins! Just put your device onto that charger and do not disturb about wires, all that simple (charger transfers electricity through the magnetic field – it’s safe and got no magic at all). None of that still not supported by Apple.

VR and 3D Cameras

7 Reasons to Choose Android For Mobile App Development
If you are interested in modern cutting-edge technologies, look for Android device. If you want 3D depth-sensing cameras or advanced VR-experience, you should buy Android, because Apple perhaps won’t include 3D camera to the iPhone soon. You can say, that iPhone supports Google CardBoard, but wait, try Samsung’s Gear VR – it’s more than just new excitement experience, this is a new reality today.

High-resolution Screens

Apple released their first Full-HD phone (iPhone 6 Plus) in 2014 – two years after Android 1080p device appeared. Even today Apple’s phones stuck in this resolution (and less in the smaller models), while other manufactures installs 2k and yet 4k resolution displays. This cause better satisfaction of high-res content, reading, viewing videos and gaming.

In fact, you can buy Android smartphone with 1920×1080 screen under $200.

File System

If you want to copy some files from your iPhone to your computer, it becomes one hell of a problem. You have to install iTunes, make account and even after this steps you can operate just with media files (music, videos and photos), back and forth.

With Android it’s the way more simple: just plug your device to your computer and explore instantly mounted external drive with folders and files, which you can drag and drop. Also, you can discover your file system with pre-installed file managers or use third-party app you want. Apple still suspicious in this question.


7 Reasons to Choose Android For Mobile App Development
Apple guess that knows all what and how you want better than you, knows what you want now matter what you need or want. So they locked their system and UI and almost made it uncustomizable. But with Android you free to install custom widgets, launchers, lockscreens and themes to make your device unique and improve your user experience.

Google services integration

Android mobile platform brings deep integration with google services, which are definitely great, especially when it comes to cloud services. Gmail, Youtube, Google Drive, Google Docs and more – natively on your device.

If you want to start your business or to grow a startup, you probably want to find out estimated benefits of mobile Android development platform and it’s pros and cons.

Pros of Android Mobile Development

  • Market Share. Global average reach is about 80%, the biggest audience and more potential customers;
  • Wider Demographics. The more audience you can build, the larger chance to reach definite demographics and alcoves;
  • Higher AD Revenue. When you’re thinking about monetization, android gives the best opportunity to those, who wants to make money from advertisement;
  • Google Play Review. Faster review. It has highly smooth guidelines and review systems so it take fewer time to figure application to the store;
  • More Beta Testers. Much easier to find beta testers on Android platform than iOS. Furthermore, Google opened a service for testers, which admit every geek an opportunity to probe new apps as they get out;
  • Cheaper to Publish Apps. Yes, it’s only faster to publish your application on the Google Play Store (just make an apk-file and upload it to the store) – it is therewith cheap. In Apple store you have to pay $99 a year to feature apps, but in Google Play you pay $25 once. Makes sense for independent developers with small budget;
  • Fragmentation. Two sides of a coin of Android mobile platform. The good thing is that Android comes on lots of devices with wide screen sizes and prices so much more people can use your app.

Cons of Android Mobile Development

  • Longer to develop. Unfortunately, android development needed a bit more lines of code, which means more development time;
  • Fragmentation. Two sides of a coin of Android mobile platform. As Android reach more users, it make a little bit difficult to develop well app. Fragmentation means that users handle various devices and often different os versions. In that fact, developers need to make their app run smooth on different screen sizes, hardware and to think about os versions compatibility.

Talking about Android, people often equals it with cutting-edge technologies, great new features like 4k displays, NFC, 3D cameras and much more, withal devices with low price and crazy hardware. Not in vain such modern and great manufactures like Samsung, Sony, Motorola and others prefered Android as the main operation system in their devices.

Mention that Android platform have a range more audience around the world, it could give more and more audience for your applications. More people like it – more people buy it, or at least, bigger audience means bigger ads views – it all will deliver you income.

Starting your business with Android equals take a huge opportunity to express yourself and receive dividends.

About the Author: Max Hornostaiev, CTO of Erminesoft. Being a CTO of Erminesoft now I always keep in memories my first programming experience at school and university to keep the same devotion. In 2015th it’s my 10th year working in IT – now I’m sure the key for the growth is knowledge sharing. That is why I lead our tech team with this in mind, helping them, giving advice and teaching.
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