People vary on how they think and act where the variation in between might actually affect on how they do such. If the influence is good, you are a lucky person. If not, then it will be a different story. Some people tend to give you positive thoughts and ideas while some will give negative notions. These two types of persons are the optimistic ones who are on the positive side and the pessimistic ones who are on the negative side. The optimistic persons tend to see the brighter side of life as well as think of success and other good stuffs while, in contrast, pessimistic persons are those persons who already cut their roads to success without even having one step on it.

The work of a freelancer involves certain factors such as time, environment, income rate and the freelancer’s own perception. A combination of achievements, success, victory, triumph, failures, disappointments, expectations, frustrations and stress can influence the perception of a freelancer. According to the article I read, “It is important to be on the positive side always no matter how negative things appear because it will help you to succeed.”

In fact, the more you think of positive thoughts even you are in the middle of negative environment, the more chance for you to have your way in getting out of it. In a freelancing community, you can encounter some persons who will criticize and judge your work which can turn your positive ideas into negative. Some people will stop you and not believe on what you can do which may hinder and make you hesitate to try. Freelancers are the kind of person who always tends to take risks. These risks can either push them to go down or pull them up. If you are one of those freelancers, don’t bother on the road leading down. We are here to bring the way on how beat the negative and make them positive. Here are the ten tips on how freelancers, like you, can overcome the negative thoughts. Hope that this will inspire you.

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Overthinking kills, avoid it!

We all know that overthinking will not help, instead, it only makes things worse. It will only waste your time. However, no matter how aware we are, we still end up overthinking especially when we are running out of time. For instance, when you aren’t finished with the project at your freelancing job and only have an hour before the deadline. While doing the project, you suddenly realized the remaining time you have and you thought “What will I going to do? I don’t know if I am able to pass the project at the deadline! The client will get mad and disappointed at me. The client will not only have his deduction on his payment for project but also can make bad remarks at my reputation. My freelance career will be going to crash and it will be difficult for me to find clients until I get bankrupt.” That simple situation that becomes worse at your thought is an example. You only waste your time overthinking instead of spending your remaining time doing the project. Always bear in mind that we should avoid overthinking of simple situations.

Don’t frighten yourself

Don’t frighten yourself
This is what you always do when you overthink: scaring yourself from the things that might not happen. Don’t. If you can’t still avoid thinking negatively, you’ll find yourself scared from the possible outcomes. And if it makes you scared, it will make you discouraged. No one will be able to help you better than yourself. Stop scaring yourself before it stops you from doing better outcomes.

Maximize the positive, minimize the negative

Practice yourself in maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative. In every situation and every individual, there is always positive point that we should learn to spot. Maximize the thought of success and minimize the setbacks so you can easily drive your attention into positive thoughts. When negative thoughts happen, don’t generalize them.

They are not permanent because they are just temporary. They will be permanent if you start to make them be. For an instance, your recent client gives a remark that he is not satisfied in the project you created. Don’t feed yourself with the thought of “I’m such a failure with this type of project.” Instead, feed yourself with thought of “Maybe I still need to learn more things better than what I already have.”

No one is perfect: move forward

If you experience criticism or failures from your clients, then you should bear in mind that no one is perfect. If clients criticize your work, accept it but don’t drown yourself with it. If you let yourself drown on it, you’ll find yourself overthinking with the non-sense things. Move forward! Never bring back what you have down before, instead, learn from your past mistakes.

Hang with positive people, as much as possible

We are not saying that you should avoid going with those neutral and pessimistic persons. We are just pointing here that hanging with positive people will be better. According to the study, the persons whom you always encounter have greatly influence the way you talk, think and act.

This is the main reason why you should surround yourself or hang out with optimistic persons. Whenever you were stuck in a negative situation, you can talk on them to gain positive thoughts and to avoid feeding yourself negative thoughts.

Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive

Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive
The positive thoughts will start within you. Make it a habit to change our negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Instead of saying “I don’t know if I am able to pass the project at the deadline!” you should say that “I know that I can do this! I already make certain projects that push me to my limits.” Instead giving yourself bad thoughts, you should give yourself a self-motivation.

Have your stress reliever

As a freelancer, we all knew that stress will never get out of our way. Stress is one of the reasons why freelancers think of negative thoughts. Make yourself calm and composed in spite of stress you encountered. Always have your stress reliever at your work. Probably, you can play a stereo and sing a song. Some people reduce the stress they have through music. Through the stress relievers, you can put yourself away from negative because you already built a positive disposition.

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Say no to jumping in conclusions

Say no to jumping in conclusions
We often hear that we should not jump into conclusion. Prevent yourself from making stories and concluding at once because it was like a conclusion without having enough evidence. For an instance is when your clients appear irritable. Of course, you’ll going to conclude that he is not satisfied with your work even though you haven’t already talked with your client. If this happens, try to compose yourself looking formal and friendly.

Picture out success, not failure

As a freelancer, we should always picture out success so it will reflect on your work. We should recall the statement that thoughts become things. Therefore, we can say that the more think of success, the more chance you can get success and the more you think failure, the more chance you are able to have failure. Bear in mind that if what we think is what would happen to us.

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Have a smile

We should not forget of course that we should smile whenever we are being pessimistic. According to the articles I’ve read before, Smile uses few muscles that can actually relieves your stress and divert your mood into positive. Instead of frowning, worrying and stressing out, have a smile so that it may fill you joy and make your tensed muscles, a calm one.

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