If you will be asked about the major mistakes you have done in your life, you must be having a story to tell – the reasons, the circumstances etc. Well, everyone has one! The important thing is that we get to learn something new every time we make a mistake. New learning sounds good, right? But there is no hard and fast rule that you have to make a certain mistake for learning something new. Sometimes you get good lessons by observing and analysing the mistakes other made. This doesn’t mean that you can guarantee success but yes, you can stay prepared with a strategic approach so to deal with any such issue or condition and even better, you can prevent yourself from making any such mistakes.

Similarly, there are some mistakes that developers make in their WordPress design without even realising it and regret later. Outlining some of those mistakes in this post so that you can make sure that you are doing any such mistakes, costing you business image in the global market.

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Not Using the Best Plugins

It will be a time-consuming task for you to acquire knowledge about all the plugins of the WordPress. With test and error techniques, you will be able to the find the best one suiting your requirements. As this post is supposed to reduce your stress, providing you a list of must-have plugins:

Not Keeping Site’s Backup

Not Keeping Site’s Backup
There is nothing that functions perfectly, especially if it is something in the world of technology. Crashes often occur without any alarming signs. If you are not prepared, you might get headed towards a very painful situation where you can’t escape from loss of data. You can create your site back up manually or can use the automatic backup plugin such as WP-DB-Back up.

Not Using a Friendly Permalink Structure

The default setting of the WordPress is not search-friendly. If you want to make the maximum of your SEO buck, make sure you are using the keywords in the permalink structure. Here’s how you should go for that:

  1. Scroll Over the Options
  2. Select Permalinks through the Admin Panel
  3. Enter “/%category%/%postname%/%post_id” in the Custom Text Box

Not Considering Multiple Servers

Relying on a single server won’t get you all the benefits. So, don’t underrate the value of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It can contribute towards the improvement of your reader’s experience. Here is how you should go:

  • Research for the best CDNs.
  • Replicate your content over several mirror servers across the world.

This will make a guest’s job easier to view your page, no matter from where they are coming from. It helps to lower the load time as not every request is sent back to the main server of the web.

Not taking Analytics Programs into Account

Is it sensible to drive a car at night without headlights? Obviously, No! Then, what’s the pint circulating blogs over the web without taking the analytics program into consideration.

Google Analytics is the best solution to keep a check on your website’s traffic and maintain a tally of the keywords bringing more hits to your website. Trying to convey your message to the target audience without consulting analytics is simply like letting go your money in vain.

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Not Incorporating Webmaster Tools

Not Incorporating Webmaster Tools
Search engines don’t scroll much until and unless offered some help. If you want to index all your pages, you will be required to submit an XML sitemap into Google Webmaster tools. You can get a plenty of useful statistics as an advantage of using the webmaster tools.

Not Realising the Significance of Google Authorship Markup

You can increase the credibility and lift up the exposure with the use of Google Authorship Markup. After-all, it is what every businessman looks for. The process to be followed is very simple and the result can be observed in the picture adjacent to the meta description appearing in the search results.

Being Anonymous

If you are a business identity, you might know about Gravatar, right? For all those who don’t know, a Gravatar, aka Globally Recognised Avatar, is a picture that appears parallel to a blog comment or discussion forum. It is a picture that personifies you or your business across the internet. Gravatars also offer credibility and grabbing more traffic just like Google Authorship. If you haven’t started using a Gravatar, start using one as early as possible. The process of registration is quite simple, single-time process that will make a huge impact over your blogs.

Not Using a Business Specific Favicon

A favicon is an icon that represents your business website. It is displayed everywhere including browser’s address bar, next to the page title in a tab, and beside the page name in a list of bookmarks. Many of the WordPress Newbies make use of the favicon that they get with the theme. Therefore, if you want to showcase your business professional outlook, you really need a unique icon. Here is the process to follow:

  • Look out for a free favicon creator on the web
  • Generate your file (generally, 16×16 pixels)
  • Visit images section of the theme you selected
  • Customize the favicon by replacing the pre-defined one.

Not Making Things Easy for the Mobile Users

Making things difficult for the mobile users can raise the difficulty for your business too!

Everyone is having a smartphone these days. If you really wish to receive an ample of traffic, make sure your website is mobile-user friendly. You will get two options. First, you can personalise your site for the mobile users with the help of the plugin such as WPTouch. And the second option is you can choose a WordPress theme that’s responsive in all the mobile devices.

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Not Keeping Content Short and Crisp

You might have designed your website keeping the reader in mind. However, it’s also likely that you have kept your wallet in mind while getting the website designed. Remember, readers like simplicity. Don’t make them feel buried with a cluttered sidebar, hefty of ads, widgets, and distracting links. Keep your sidebar neat with the most significant pieces of information deployed.

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One Final Thought

11 Mistakes that WordPress Developers Usually Make
There are many other mistakes that WordPress developers generally make. Let us know if you have noticed any and we will come back with yet another post after some research including your suggestions.

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About the Author: Kristy Bernales, the author of the post, is working with WDX –Web Development Melbourne Company. Apart from designing and blogging, she likes spending time at locations with utmost tranquillity to rejuvenate her mindfulness.
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