Viral videos are the ultimate dream not only for the business owners but for the digital marketers too. Viral videos put your videos and brands on top of the world and become a talk of the town.

Viral videos might not be out of luck, but the good news is that achieving it is not also impossible. We’ve compiled these effective tips to help you make your video go viral.

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Telling a Story

Have you ever wondered why some “professional” videos on the internet didn’t go viral, why the ones uploaded by “amateur” ones do?

This is because people often forget to tell a story. They are so obsessed in making their video a “pro” (we’re not saying it’s bad, as it is one of the main things to consider in making a viral video) that they forget what the people really wanted to hear.

People love to hear stories; which is why we’ve been producing TV series, movies, or books. In a similar manner, you need to relay a message or a story to your audience.

Incorporate your Video with the Best YouTube Video Ideas

While there are tons of videos that gone viral on the internet, we cannot deny the fact that they share some common characteristics: engagement and attention span.

Most of these viral videos are entertaining and attention-grabbing. Not only that but these videos keep their audience’s attention hooked. They became engaged to these videos that they couldn’t afford not to watch it.

Most of the videos that have gone viral were incorporated with the popular YouTube video ideas like Parodies and Time Lapses. Tell your story in these popular video ideas and your audience are most likely to share your video.

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Make Sure that Your Video is Good

This may seem counter-intuitive with tip number 1, but it is also important to make your video visually appealing to the audience. What we mean is that we need to incorporate the best story and create and edit a visually appealing video in order to create the perfect viral video.

Evoke emotions to your audience so that they will be compelled to share your video. The emotions that will most like to compel your audience to share are awe, amusement, excitement, anger, and anxiety. While the emotions that don’t are contentment and sadness.

Go Beyond YouTube

YouTube is not the only medium to upload and share your video. Make sure to upload it to other popular sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion (you can read more about top 7 alternative sites to YouTube). Of course, the social media videos like Facebook too! Make use of their autoplay video feature!
10 Top Clever Strategies to Make Viral Videos

Make Your Video Shorter

While your video can grab the attention of your customers, it is important to retain their attention and don’t bore them. One way of killing the mood of your audience is by letting them watch a long and daunting video.

So when you’re making a video, consider in mind that the shorter, the better. The recommended time range for your video is between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. You can read more about the best youtube video length duration.

Release Your Video on Weekdays

Most people do their errands during weekdays since weekends are most likely spent with their families and friends. This means that people mostly watch videos when they’re at work. So time your timing and upload your videos at the beginning of the week.

We recommend you upload your video on Tuesday, for most people are catching up with their emails and errands on Monday, and you will have a whole week to gain momentum for your video views. Of course, you are also free to test the waters to know which day will work best for you.

Make it Shareable and Likeable to your networks

Don’t just rely on the online users that can potentially found your video, watch them, and share them. Start sharing your video with the people who will “definitely” share your video.

Reach out to your close friends and ask them to watch, share, like, and comment your video. If your video is good enough, they will be compelled to share your video with their own friends (talk about word of mouth!), thus reaching more audience and increasing your chance of having a viral video.

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Connect with the People involved in your video

One way of reaching out for more audience in your video is by sharing it with the people or companies involved in your video. Do you know the brand of the clothes you’re wearing while shooting the video? Or the app or camera used in taking your video?

Tweet these companies, email them, or tag them. Contact them and ask them to share your video. While you’re promoting and sending traffic on their way, you will also gain back the moment they share it with their thousands or even millions of followers.

Make Sure it is Easy to Reach You

The moment your video had gone viral, big companies and organizations will be in contact with you. So try to give your contact details so that the media can get in touch with you. Don’t let this opportunity slip up!
Make Sure it is Easy to Reach You

Connect with your Audience Once Your Video Goes Viral

You did it. Your video became the talk of the town. In just a few seconds, you have grabbed the spotlight. The question is what you will do from now on?

Your responsibility for your video is not yet done. You need to connect with your audience. Respond to their comments, tweets, and emails as much as possible. While a lot of people will criticize your work, try not to get it to you.

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We hope these 10 tips will help you in crafting your own viral video. We can’t wait to see your video go viral soon!

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