A blog is commonly a place for discussion or informational website that has been published on the World Wide Web and dwells on various types of entries consistently shown in reverse sequential order where the most recent entries will appear first. It wasn’t just another trendy thing for creative people to idle in. Early blogging took on array of subjects but usually most were personal. Those early bloggers hardly bothered about certain things like SEO. Most of them only wanted a place where they could easily publish or share their thoughts and opinions through online entries of blogs. We have seen blogging emerge and evolve into something different from its earliest beginning. However, blogging became serious a serious part of a business as of now and business owners as well as marketers understand this. Blogging is still one of the best ways a business can drive traffic to their websites using a thing called internet.

With blogging taking a spot in the list of marketing tools, business marketers and owners learned that the way how blogging should be used has become more intricate and sophisticated compared before. Some people became cramped with the dynamic Google algorithms and SEO guidelines. Bloggers are constantly being told to create high quality content to be delivered to their readers in order to get the spotlight from the rest of the bloggers.

The decision is yours: whether you should stop or keep on blogging for your personal identity or business. It may not pay off big time right away but eventually will especially if you do it right. Here are ten reasons why you should keep on blogging even if you do not yet smell the success, have a low readership or other reasons why you want to stop.

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Nowadays, blogging essentially became the new resume of most freelance writers in the industry. Possible employers and clients can simply search your name and if they had a glimpse of your blog, then you’ve got an assurance that they will browse through it. Your blog should contain what others expect and want to see you as a writer, web designer, marketer, or whatever you are. This helps advance breakthrough credibility and the blog itself may serve as a work portfolio consisting of your knowledge, hence, no reason why shouldn’t start your freelance writing career.

Since words are powerful, they can educate, inspire and empower. Everyday people change the world with the power of the written word. The online world is given us a beautiful place to tackle and discuss on topics we are all passionate about, so we shouldn’t exploit it by offending and heaving judgment around.

Blogs are instant resume

Blogs are instant resume
Blogs can serve as your instant resume. If you are looking forward on creating a perfect resume, especially if you are inclined in web design and development industry, blogging about your certain focus is usually your resume in action. Blogging is a great springboard for other writing and professional opportunities. It can easily tell people that you know what you are capable to do. Employers and clients might as well skip the interview part. Web designers, for instance, who regularly publish web design tutorials regarding on how to construct a websites with their own blogs is a proof that they know what they are doing.

It expands and enhances your habit

The daily writing habit brings out your voice and it’s a good practice to stay sharp. Blogging constantly can also be a great way to develop effective writing skills. It helps you to speak out your thoughts and ideas in certain topics. When you are writing, you flex your muscles and are gaining knowledge at the same time if research is involved. Learning is good especially if it enhances your habit and expands your creativity.

Bloggers tends to feel more creative and a bit smarter because of blogging using various topics. It’s an amazing place for creativity and exploration. Moreover, Blogging is a unique and sought-after skill to add unto your professional toolbox. It is a fundamental life skill that improves with practice. Every blog post you write makes you a better writer.

It polishes your skill to become a better communicator

It polishes your skill to become a better communicator
Though blogging comes in the form of writing, it can also be a good practice to become a better communicator. Besides, the way you communicate with your clients will somehow dictate the work relationship. Writing is one of the most useful skills to have in this age because no matter what field you are going to tackle about, if you are a good writer, you can immediately become a better communicator which is by the way required in upper management job levels. Blogging is a perfect start in ascending your corporate ladder to enhance your writing skills. Write more, improve more. That should be your goal. If you can instantly write enticing cover letters, documents, resume and any related in writing, you will notice how you can immediately attract employers. It will help you to secure your future so think twice regarding this reason.

Transform you into a preacher

Teaching in written communication is one of the skills you can earn in blogging. Most of the bloggers writes instructional posts. Writing transforms others’ lives, but it also transforms your own. You are not just the producer of your writing, but also the fruit of it. By exposing your ideas to the world through your words, you set free that bird of self-belief that has been trapped in a cage of self-doubt for so long, and allow it to ascend wherever the bird wants to go.

You have that responsibility to educate people with your knowledge especially if they are curious and clueless on how to be a blogger. Besides, what are you going to do with the knowledge you gathered through the years? It will only be useless, unfortunately wasteful, if you will only keep it inside your brain. Knowledge most of the bloggers have comes from many channels, therefore, a good combined knowledge is very helpful to others who also wonder about something that you know. In addition, it will surely make you happy and contented as a blogger which somehow transforms you into a preacher. Blogging is a networking global village. You spread your knowledge, and like a dry sponge, you soak up the wisdom of others. We are all exchanging ideas of each other all the time. Follow the rule of give and take.

A good way to fill your piggy-bank

A good way to fill your piggy-bank
Blogging is not only about expressing your thoughts or whatever you want to share but it is also a good way to fill your piggy-bank. It can be a good source for your income. Monetize your blog so it can have a chance to become popular. From a single cent in your piggy bank, it can transform into several cents that will fill up not just only one but more than one piggy banks. You can earn by selling products, someone else’s product where your income will come from commission or by placing advertisements in your blog. The reason why blogs produce bags of money is through branches of commissions and advertisements. Moreover, it will help you to have a passive source of income and the only thing you need is to writing winning articles.

Learn more things in various topics

Blogging is an art that is constituted with benefits. It is not just only writing and waiting for page views and comments. Most of the blogger’s goal is make their blog popular and their way to achieve this goal is to learn new things. Maybe it forces you to learn but it guarantee big to you. Reading makes you more informed and helps you become a better blogger and writer. Blogging helps you read more because you want to read other blogs and learn more about your niche and blogging in general. You are necessary to learn how to do a lot of things like marketing, basic web and graphic designing, SEO and keyword researches.

You’ll be an inestimable benefit or asset to anyone who will hire you in online world if you greatly improve more about internet marketing and SEO. Things can be easily spread as a virus but then, if you very well knew on how to make it fastest to be popular, you’ll be a buoyant entity. Why? It is because you have a line of skills that you can offer to your various clients. An effort of knowing more knowledge and ideas will help you better in your blogging career.

You make yourself a member of another community

You make yourself a member of another community
It is given that you are already a member of definite communities before you became a blogger. However, you’re a blogger now and you make yourself a member of another community and that is the blogging community. The blogging community is exclusive, online group whose conversations and communications are established on reciprocation. It is much contrasting from other professional media communities, which contribute to have competitive association. Blogging allows you to employ with professionals in blogging community, in your niche and other areas where you build your professional network and conceiving lasting efficient relationships.

Helps your thinking become tougher

Blogging is very advantageous to everyone because it’s not only intensifying our skills in blogging but it also helps us to sharpen our mind by delving deeper into distinct topics. Blogging means searching at the information available and thinking regarding on how you can make your own in your own perspective. In this process, you are appraising array of ideas, either adding it or eliminating it, by your knowledge of the composition. Thinking critically and sharply is an important skill in life as it is vital in surviving from a large world of online industry.

Blogging is a process of self-discovery where you write with your knowledge and opinion. It helps your thinking become tougher as it helps you to organize your thoughts and eliminating those who are not important. Writing regularly makes you to put an effort to form comprehensible sentences and your mind recall this process where never you make another entity in which you can then assimilate throughout your life.

It makes networking easier

It makes networking easier
Like-minded people gathered and connected by blogs so in this ambitious world, having the right people in your network is proportionate to a good flow of income. This applies to the real world too. For example is you are a writer who has a web-designer friend, you can ask them for a help with your website for free or more cheaply price. It helps you to become more efficient with the things you need. It makes networking easier as it connects people who have the same mind or related-job. It’s a good way to use your personal network for approaching a feedback or help in improving your content.

A good way to catch fishes

Blogging community is large sea with a thousand of fishes to catch. And blogging is a good way to catch your own fishes. You can begin a blog that commonly answer the frequently asked questions about your field, how-to articles, tutorials and tips or a combination of everything. You need to make it useful and be sure to add your personality on it.

You need to make an assurance that everything you publish and post asserts how you well know your field. It’s your bait to catch clients. You are the artist and your blog is your canvas, trying to sell yourself on others. Be sure to design your blog in a way that will talk to employers in taking you. Attract clients through your blog so put an effort.

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