Today, a mobile is not just limited to making calls but also acts as a superior device helping you to be in touch with the rest of the world. Studies show that the number of mails opened on a mobile is surpassing the count that appears on desktop. Thus, it is most imperative for a website to be mobile compatible for easy browsing on different mobile platforms.

The sum of people diverting on their mobiles for accessing their mails is increasing every single day. Every now and then, the estimated count increases) by a large percentage. In such a scenario what becomes the most important for developers is to design a mobile-friendly email template. Here are some effective tips for the same.

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Precise subject lines

Subject lines for a mobile friendly email is ideal to keep as short as 40 characters or less. It is advised to adjust the most important phrase within first 40 characters. This is sure to circulate the message easily. Making your subject line under this count is a chance for you to grab your reader’s attention in the very first glace. It is sure that you won’t miss this chance! Essence of your message in a short precise subject line is a success ladder for designing a mobile friendly email. Therefore, the subject line should be chopped and garnered with the perfect message.

Compose simple designs

Compose simple designs
The ideal pixels width for a website to open easily on mobile is 600 and thus it is important that the layout, images (which includes header also) must range near or to 600 pixel width. The message that is the most important should be written on the top. An attractive content is what attracts the attention of a visitor as soon as he receives a message. Use of cascading style sheet or CSS can also add to the aesthetics of the mail creation if it appears in an attractive format. Tags for breaks are not advised as it may hamper the rendering of a website on a mobile.

Use attractive CTA

Call-to-action or CTA is another tool to attract your reader with the message circulated through the email. However, the tool will show its effectiveness only if there is a catchy content over CTA. Highlight your text with soothing color for attracting more visitors over the same. Descriptive content explaining the CTA is again a chance to attract viewers to click on the message and read the same. A CTA with at least 40 pixels square or more than this count is an attractive idea to engage your reader with.

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Align the message

Align the message
An aligned left to right or a centered message will always look appealing and the reader won’t hesitate to skim his eyes on the same. On the other hand, a message that is not aligned well can make it complex for the reader to digest the same. Left to right alignment is easy to do. However, when centering your message, extend the message to the full width of the space available. Avoid long blocks of text while you are centering the content.

Charming color platter

Choosing soothing colors for your message to display on a mobile set is one of the most important aspects of creating an attractive mobile friendly email template. Do not use colors that make your mail appear as spam. It’s true that certain colors can help attract your reader towards the message while others may fail in the endeavor. Thus, the choice of color for your template is something that would need some research in order to generate customer’s attention towards the message.

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Artistic visualization

Artistic visualization
Visual hierarchy is one of the most important components to take notice of when designing a template for mobile friendly email. Attractive visualization is easy to achieve with components like size, weight and color of the template designed. The reader is likely to decide whether or not read the content depending upon these fundamentals.


Developing a mobile friendly website is now easy by sticking to the advice that have been discussed in this write up. Make use of more and more tips listed here for a easy-to-browse email template on a mobile.

About the Author: Designing and compelling attractive emails is a specialization of email designers at EmailChopper. Andrew Hudson is updated with the innovations happening in the email designing for mobile devices and shares his view through different write-ups. You can follow them at Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
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