Freelancers often face challenges and trials in their journey to the freelancing business industry. Sometimes, they may run as they almost reach the top of the success. And there is also some time, however, when they are pulled down in the level where they start at first. Competitions and rivalry will be always on their path to test them. Clients and customers, who cross their paths with them, will help them to be strong in those times.

There are many things that freelancers should pass in order to get the real meaning of success. The road going to success will no longer be easy especially nowadays that many people will find ways to avert you from getting on it. Don’t you ever ask yourself how other freelancers became successful? What are their secrets from attaining success? Many of the freelancers reach the top and still running so that the other cannot overcome them. You, as a newbie freelancer, might also reach the top if, and only if, determination and eagerness will rule your heart.

Habits are the acquired behavioral pattern of a person, which is being followed regularly until it turns to be involuntary – things that came from influence or surroundings and develop by our own body. Each and every one of us has our own behavioral patterns. Habits may help us to achieve what we are dreaming and aiming. Nevertheless, habits may also ruin the things you’ve started at the very first place.

Freelancers have their own habits, which pushes them on the place of succession. Every habit they owned might be different or the same with each other. Developing good habits is important as soon as you make your move in ensuring your way going to the top. Get rid of the bad habits you’ve learned because it will not do something good to you. As my Filipino teacher said, “It doesn’t matter if you reach the success or not. What matters the most is the action and habits you’ve used while you are struggling for the victory“, I understand the significance of habits I used to in obtaining triumph.

Here are the ten common habits that very successful freelancers do every day which you should embrace to greatly accelerate your own success.

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The art of loving your works

We all knew that the great ingredient of having the best quality of your output is the love you give to it. Apply this kind of lesson and train this as your habit. No matter how difficult your crafts and works to finish, you should create it with the mixture of your love. The mood you have while working with it can be shown in the quality of your outputs and may easily be notice by your clients. Loving your crafts and works will not give you any harm. Instead, it will help you to pass the high satisfaction of your professional clients.

Don’t let yourself be the same with the workers who doesn’t have any care on what can be the output of their product and just answer what their boss or clients says. Be passionate even if you are working until late night because it will give you a great exchange of salary. Keep passionate and the huge amount of work will let you receive the deserving reward for your hardships.

Early as a bird

Early as a bird
Don’t you think that it will be great if you will start early in your work? Standing up from your bed while the sun rises. A freelancer should train himself/herself to be early as a bird in starting at work. As soon as you start your work early, you can finish many things than the last time you’ve done. If you have a box of papers to finish then it can be doubled if you woke from the bed early.

In addition, it may help you not to stay up until late night in finishing your work. According to various studies, there is a fact that your brain is more alive and can be more productive when use in the morning. Therefore, your mind is on the mood when working at the early hours.

A ridiculously good listener

As a freelancer, you should have good listening skills from your clients and other people who give information about the works that need to be done. Arguments, misunderstandings and mistakes in work are the consequences that a freelancer must face when listening skills will not be used.

Generally, people mostly talk first than listen. However, if you want to be a successful freelancer, you need to lend a listening ear before your mouth combats. This will help you to understand the situations at the first place and let you evaluate things before speaking up. Listening first is not bad at all because it will give you the needed information to successfully finish the project.

Exercise yourself to have this kind of habit because this is one of the most significant but basic habits that a successful freelancer possesses.

Constant expansion of skills and continuous learning

Constant expansion of skills and continuous learning
People stop learning when they already reach the goals they aim at the start. However, the smart people will still keep on the progress of learning because they know that there will be more knowledge and responsibilities they learn and keep for having such goals.

Just like, if you want to be a successful freelancer, the habit of constantly learning and expanding your skills will help you to reach the peak. The real successful freelancers have the endlessly inquisitiveness and aim to keep in touch of the other knowledge and latest trends. You should still keep yourself learning even you already reach the highest because the real successful won’t get stop learning with the things that surrounds them.

Specializing yet diversifying

Clients and agencies often likely those well-rounded persons with a wide set of interest. You have your main and secondary skills and abilities. However, the main skills you have owned is necessary to be specialize since those are your major skills. Some of the skills are in-demand on the side of your clients and not always that your main skill is belong on that demands.

You need to diversify of yourself since you need not to own only one skill. Use your other capabilities to be successful as other freelancers do. More of them do not focus only on one profession because they are still having knowledge about other profession. They used it so that they can earn money by multi-tasking of the things.

Knows how to ask the proper question

Knows how to ask the proper question
This is also one of the most significant habits that freelancers must possess. If you know how to listen from the things that are meant to be heard, then you should also know how to ask questions. There is nothing wrong with asking questions that is relevant to the topic. There are things that are better be questioned of than to let it stay on our minds and prevent us from having long sleep because of the negative thoughts that will rule on you.

Asking questions will help you to clarify important pinpoints. Moreover, freelancers are not mind readers that can easily read the client’s mind whenever they want. Successful freelancers train this kind of habit because they cannot reach the place where they are now if their head is full of confusions.

Accept feedback whether it is good or bad

Better things will be shown after learning from the mistakes we have done and the eagerness to produce better than it will be presented after the low-qualified works. Wait or if possible, ask for the feedback of your clients. Be ready to accept the good and bad comments you will received. Give thanks no matter what he/she says on your performance. The importance is you heard his/her side on your works.

Freelancers became only successful after correcting the mistakes they done and improved the things that is needed to be enhance. Feedback from our clients will help us to learn and know of what we should do in next, what are the things we should avoid and what are the things that make their not satisfied or not pass their satisfaction rate.

Courage of the heart

Courage of the heart
Freelancer life is not as easy as you think. It is like yarn passing through the small hole of .needle. You need to have courage in facing every challenge. The habit of being strong and clever will help you to take a step closely to the top. If you are in your downfall moments, you should have the courage to rise up and start all over again.

Courage for your heart not to be easily give up on goals you want to achieve because of the hindrances presented in our surroundings. Courage is very important in the path of success because without this, we are sure that you already loose your grip in the middle of the storm.

Consistent and responsive in all times

As a freelancer, you need to stay in touch with your clients. Be consistent and responsive in all times with them because it will give them the feeling of being important to you. Successful freelancers won’t let emails and phone calls left unanswered because the true ones will immediately send a reply with this.

Train this habit and you’ll end up gaining trust and complements. This will help you to gain the credibility of your clients. Avoid letting yourself from delay replies because it will only result to a responsive breakdowns. Respond on them quickly and correctly so you won’t give them any disappointment.

Be professional

Be professional
Being a freelancer gives you an involvement to a business industry wherein deals and agreement is presented. You are dealing with different kinds of people so you should be professional at all times. Don’t act like a silly kid when dealing with them or else they’ll leave your offer.

Speak with them maturely and politely and never ever try to let your mouth speak some bad words. Your attitude towards them will reflect your works and services. If you don’t want to feel disappointed, then act like a professional. You are in the business industry so you should act educated and well-manner person.

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