With a lot of things going on in the web design industry, it’s hard to keep up with the proper aesthetic that will visually satisfy your customers even your visitors. As a web designer, you should know the opinions of the user as well as the current trends for web design (even the worst ones) that will transform your website into a big hit.

We have compiled a list of web design trends for the year 2014 and we a lot from the list that actually made it to the limelight. Now it’s the time for you to watch out for the next year so here’s the hottest web design trends for 2015. The following list was compiled by Orange Digital, Brisbane’s premier web design agency.

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Grid Style Layout

Grid Style Layout
One of the simplest ways to get their attention is to have a grid styled layout for a site. This makes the site simple for users to navigate while getting access to the most information in the quickest possible way. The presentation also provides a quick glance at the most important part of the site without having to become overwhelmed with the amount of information presented in a short span of time.

Making sure that visitors feel they are in control of their viewing experience is one very important aspect of connecting with the audience in a visually appealing manner. The development of a strong site requires a cemetery to be most effective.

Customizable Java Applications

Website design and website development professionals need to be aware of the changes which has come to java over the last several months. Having a new way to connect with the audience through plugins is beneficial for the designer who wants to make sure that their audience gets the best possible experience.

This means that audio and video content can be streamed on singular pages. This approach is beneficial for people who want to be able to drag their mouse over a certain section to gain access to multimedia content. This makes it simple for people to choose the content they want quickly.

Sharing Content Options

Sharing Content Options
The advent of social media means that sharing buttons will be expected for all major social Media Networks. The importance of search engine optimization and regular content updates will be more important than ever before in the history of the Internet.

The more content is shared in multiple places the higher a site will be placed in search engine assessments. The development of content which is possibly optimized as well as regularly shared within the confines of proper social network usage, the easier it will be for site owners to reach their target audience.

Expanded Image Capturing

Changes in programming language have made it easier for web site development technicians to place more information below pictures. This means that visitors will be able to get a snapshot of what is available on a site without having to click multiple channels. Having expanded capturing also allows the development of associations with visual images which are more likely to stick in the mind of a visitor.

When investors have visual stimulation to remember, they are more likely to view a site on a consistent basis. The development of a visually pleasing site is an important part of website design.

Concise Landing Pages

With so many options available on the Internet, designers are going to need to be more concise with how they present information. The development of clear and concise informational instructions will become more important over the next year. This means the style of a landing page will need to be basic as well as answer one of the most important questions that a visitor may have the least amount of words possible.

People generally have short attention spans and capturing their attention in the first few seconds off the visiting a page will be the most important thing that the designer can do in order to increase the page rank as well as the sale of any products or services.

Updated Video Players

Updated Video Players
The advent of new technological devices means that users will be expected to have access to videos on the new devices. This means that designers must use the latest in a slash technology in order to be able to comply with the compatibility demands of new technology. Being able to click a single button and watch a video presentation is very important to the average smart phone user. Designers will have to focus on making sure that video players are compatible with a focus on the newest devices.

Three Dimensional Graphics

The use of three dimensional graphics will become more important over the next year. The more people witness three D graphics in movies and Hollywood and the more they will expect them in cutting edge web design. These graphics can be used as introductions to new sites as well as transitions between pages.

The intricacy of learning how to program these graphics can be overwhelming for designers who are based more on the functionality of the site. Learning how to balance visual appeal with site selection will be an important part of the evolution of web design in the next several years.

Portrait Style Design

Having a connection with the reason that a person is using the site is essential to their staying on the site. This means the use of personal photographs which have been modified to express certain emotions will become more popular over the next little while.

The emotional expression on a person’s face can directly influence the visual connection that a visitor house with the source information on a web site. Choosing the right graphics in order to make the right emotional connections will be one of the most important things of that person can do when they’re trying to design a site for connection with a certain demographic.


Having unique animation and logos will become increasingly important to individuals who are serious about making a site stand out. Personalization of the identification of a brand identity is one of the most important things than a business can do.

This means an animated logo can be valuable way to state presence in the mind of perspective customers for the future. Having multiple smaller animations or moving animations can often create interest in the mind of the target audience.

Onsite Chat Options

Many web sites have chat options available for their visitors. Being able to browse the site without the need to stay on a single page in order to keep a chat window open is a cutting edge way of connecting with the audience.

When people are allowed to chat while browsing around the site, it will be used year for them to enjoy site usage without having to open multiple tabs. Making sure that the chat function works with mobile devices as well as traditional computers is advantageous. Adding voice and video chat for customer service built into a site will also be expected by the majority of customers.

Photo Gallery Options

Users will want to be able to access one of the times photographs on the site. Having a strolling display option is usually best so that people do not have to go to the individual pages in order to access certain subgroups of photographs. The development of the easy access to media is the most valuable thing that designers should focus on for the coming year.

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