Building a professional-graded website is a necessity for many consumers and businessmen in order to generate a buzz, however, there’s a lack of budget that blocks them from supplying this needs. Since web design requires technical knowledge of several programs, those who only have a limited set of skill in web designing surely have an option of hiring a freelance web designer.

Web designers as we all know are the creative people who are indulge in the process of making and designing informative web pages. They are the ones who are responsible for the layout, designs and coding of the web page creation. They normally work for about 37-40 hours a week in 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, at least if they’re not a freelancer. Many web designers are employed across all industry sectors from finance and retail organizations. Their normal route of progression is always to become a principal web designer and handle the general manufacture of websites. More often, fully experienced web designers have been using their knowledge and experience to be self-employed as it is possible to be a freelancer in this job and work for any clients should they choose.
10 Web Designer Characteristics Every Client Should Look For
However, being a web designer is not only about knowing the job description or the time they work but it’s about possessing such characteristics. And for clients who are constantly looking for a professional web designer, it can be quite overwhelming to find the best one for the job – unless you know what qualities a web designer should have. You will find a lot of articles teaching you how to select the best web designer to hire but knowing their traits and characteristics will surely put you in the map of the great ones and eventually create your best project together.

In order to determine if you’ve chosen a web designer that got the natural qualities, let’s examine the DNA of a great web designer beyond the technical know-how. Below is a list of web designer characteristics every client should look for which will make these creative people shine in the world of web design.

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A web designer must have a good communication skill

Communication can take different forms – be it verbal or nonverbal including its types – and a web designer should master them all. To exchange ideas and thoughts for the betterment of laying the project outline, a web designer should be a good communicator especially since it plays a huge role in the success of your career as a web designer.

Every web designer must have a good communication skill in order to clear a lot of things especially when talking to a potential client and for regular customers as well. This not only plays a huge role in successfully fulfilling the project but also being an effective web designer in all aspect. Web designers must be good in communicating in order to have a harmonious designer-client relationship which is truly a recipe for success.

Being good in communication will not only engage you in meaningful conversations with clients, which is by the way will ensure both parties are in agreement of the work that is being done, but also the tipping point in getting the sweet yes of the clients. On the other hand, we all know that there are lots of stupid things clients say to designers, however, it will be easy to counter those if you are great with your communication skills.

A web designer must be a good listener

Aside from the ability to communicate well, their listening skills should also be a priority as it is considered as one of the most important characteristics of a web designer.

Genuine listening has become a rare gift as it fuels our social, emotional and professional success. We can say that an ideal web designer is the one who’s able to listen to your ideas and then proceed to create a masterpiece that revolves around those core concepts. And even you say those magic phrases to send your designer to an early grave, the presence of professionalism on their side should always be there.

And for web designers out there, maintaining an eye contact by giving attention as well as minimizing external distractions like background activity and noise will surely help you to develop your listening skills. You must also keep on engaging yourself by simply asking questions for clarification or by giving them a constructive feedback based on what you think is best for the project. After all, you are the one who have the ability to devise a professionally-crafted website and the one who practice the principles in order to avoid wrong web design concepts.

A web designer must be capable of accepting criticisms

Criticism from others can be incredibly difficult to accept especially if the person delivering it isn’t exactly subtle about it. A professional web designer, however, should know how to handle such things and turn those tidbits into goals.

No matter how bad and personal your criticism is, how a web designer accept such statements will show you what are their techniques in dealing with bad clients. Though no one likes to be made to feel inferior, at some point in their life they will be criticized and how they react with such situation will show you what their personality is.

Learning to take constructive criticisms positively with grace and appreciation will help you grow and understand things better and help you out in professional circumstances.

A web designer must always keep learning

Education is a continuous process, and so is web designing. It is like the vision of the universe and the pinnacle of attitude. The day we stop learning new things would be the end of life. If we stop learning, then there is no creativity and knowledge in our life.

Web design aspects evolve time by time. The trends have been changing and a web designer should be always in the loop to make sure that a client will receive a final output that is actually following the current standard design and not those outdated styles. They should also be familiar with those worst web design trends that died out or are currently dying to deliver innovative and effective web design only.

To avoid the culprit of having a bad website, it’s very important that these creative people update their knowledge and keep the fuel of learning flows on their veins. Attending web design conference and seminars, looking for training courses and finally challenging yourself will keep you in the loop of learning.

A web designer must push the boundaries

The science of breaking out of your comfort zone is like travelling alone in the universe. You’re afraid to leave the earth because you do now know what’s out there and feel like you will not find any place to live with as well as directions to follow.

Your comfort zone is a described as a behavioral space where your behaviors and activities fit a routine that minimizes risk. And there’s no foolproof recipe to push the boundaries of one’s comfort zone. A web designer, however, must find a way to conquer this apocalyptic experience. If you do not find a way, no one will can for you. Start by building a rocket of your creativity so you can freely travel across the infinite space. Avoid those common web design mistakes so you can past the orbit safe.

Allowing yourself to experiment more is another kind of continuous way of learning. Believe in yourself that you can have something far better than your recent web designs.

A web designer must be passionate and adores challenges

A passionate web designer who at the same time motivated enough adores challenges is normally the one who usually bring home the prize.

Aside from practice and patience, being a web designers takes a lot of passion. No one learns everything overnight and so the aforementioned traits should possess by them. Staying passionate as a web designer will require a certain practice and a lot of heart.

Accepting challenges on the other hand is life’s calisthenics. This will test your ability to perform complex task, losing your passion, putting your health in danger and loss of interest in the one you had loved so much before. Yet, there are some ways to excel without sacrificing your work-life balance and this should always be observed.

A web designer must have a creative and wide imagination

The role of creativity in the design process has always been at the center of its space. In the web design industry, creativity is a crucial 21st century learning skill located at the heart of Web 2.0 and many of its vast array of tools.

What is creativity for web designers? Since it is considered as the backbone of any designer’s career, being creative and having a sprouting imagination is a pre-requisite of everything they do. Everyone thinks differently, and the key difference between designers and non-designers is not what they make, but the way they see things.

For clients, hiring a creative web designer will help them to obtain more eye catchy results of web design. For web designers, it will help them to attract more users and costumers. A bad website makes the costumers’ satisfaction rate lower, hence, having a creative mind as well as understanding creative thinking makes the satisfaction rate grow more. In times of losing the creative edge, there are some techniques to remove creative block that everyone should try.

A web designer must be knowledgeable with the industry

In order to have better results, web designers must be well-knowledgeable enough with the uses and other things in the internet and web industry.

They should be full versed with the coding of HTML, know the chief web design building blocks, developing such graphics in the web, maintaining websites, designing of layouts using CSS and working with multimedia that will be very useful in handling this kind of job. There are a lot of uses and tools they need to be familiar with in order to build a website. For those web designers looking for a toolbox, below is a golden list:

Smart web designers know the value of these tools and being proficient in the technologies that can be used in their job has always been a practical way.

A web designer must have a clear design process

Rookie or amateur, beginner or professional, web designers must have a clear design process. They should know the building progress of a website especially those professionals which will serve as a guidelines as they go along with the project.

They should know the pitfalls that can make their job fail even to make them to start a new process all over again because of the wrong step they might have done. If they are advised on this subject or at least develop their own technique and style, especially when it comes to part of their design process, then the next time they do their web design projects will be the time that they will finish it effectively without errors.

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Determining a design process will help them to know how long it will take to do or finish the costumers’ websites which will surely amaze the clients.

A web designer must also focus on the effectiveness

Web designers must not only prioritize the design of the websites but also the effectiveness of it. Most of them prioritize only the layout and design as it is mainly their job description.

But keep in mind that effectiveness of the output is also a key. They should know that they are not a print designer or a similar one who makes a poster or billboard. They are making a design that should fit to different people and a design that will help there web pages more easy to use and understand. Knowing how to get over complicated web design is a big plus as simplicity is always the key.

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