Blogs are commonly defined as online discussion or journals which are updated regularly and published in the World Wide Web. It is consisted of discrete number of entries or updates that typically arrange in reverse consecutive order wherein the most recent post appears at first. It usually consists of few sentences in quite short forms that have been responded by their readers. In addition, it is the great and convenient way to keep the nation in touch of the latest, trending news around the world. Many blogs are commonly used for hosting photographs and the chronological way of order is commonly used in milestones or progress of something that is on going. It usually helps people to be abreast of some things through giving advice, tips and telling their own experiences. Blogs are known for having unpredictable subject materials but the best blogs proven that regardless of punctuation and spelling, even beginners in writing can entertain the broad audience.
10 Writing Tips for Bloggers Both Newbies and Veterans
Blogs are made by brilliant minds of thousand bloggers – the ones who write blogs and update entries frequently. They are engaged in the service of publishing blogs on World Wide Web. Bloggers may often write hundreds of informal writings and that is the reason why many professional writers look down on them. The writers who became professional in the writing industry criticize the works of the bloggers because they usually think that language and grammars used are seem to come from uneducated persons. Well, bloggers are educated persons also in their own way. The difference between the bloggers and professional writers is they have different writing styles and formats. Bloggers engaging from interesting subjects have their advantage in having broad audience but the real bloggers may entertain and attract broad audience even they have their mundane subjects because of their own style of writing and voicing.

Here are some excellent ideas and writing tips for bloggers that may help to improve their writing skills drastically to engage more viewers to their posts.

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Ideas from what your readers expect and want

Blogs will only become non-sense if bloggers do not have their audience. Primarily, you are writing blogs for people to be well-informed in certain things. Ask yourself first. To whom are the blogs you are writing for? Who are the audience you are targeting to read your blogs’ content? Get ideas from your readers’ expectation and want. Whenever you are writing your blog, take note to narrow down the focus of the field of interest of your target audience. One of the mistakes that newbies commit is when they write blogs having content where they are passionate and writing blogs that they read a lot without considering if it is on the interest of the audience they are targeting. They spend their blood and sweat just to create a content that is not sought by anyone. Gather ideas of topic that most of the people likely to read about that can help your blog to grow.

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Create blogs that answers the interesting question of most people on social media. Understand your audience by simply asking them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn with an engaging quote. Choose ideas and topics from their answers on social media. You will have a great blog content when try this tip, which can help you in getting started at writing your blogs. It’s like answering their queries only this time you are doing it through online and using your blog as your main instrument.

Give importance to your existing readers

Many bloggers are completely obsessed in finding new readers of their blogs that comes to the point that they forget the readers they already have. As a blogger, you are normally hungry for new readers. However, you must love your existing readers through bringing them the feeling that you still value of them. Your existing readers may help you to grow more. Treat them, as they were a VIP so that they may feel comfortable putting comments and spreading your blog post. They are waiting for your blogs, which may help to answer their needs. Making them feel that you do not value them will make way for them not to support your blogs. Remember, they are the earliest readers who help you from rising in the getting started.

Enhancing your writing style to make it better

Practice makes the work better“, as the quotation goes along, your writing skills will be better if you keep on practicing. Writing hundreds of word may sound difficult for almost all the people who engaged in blog industry. The fact is that, writing is not very enjoyable and apparently makes your head melting from thinking widely. That is totally normal but if you frequently write blogs, your head will not be able to get hurt. It is as if you are working for your muscles to build up firmly in the gym. It may seem to be tiring and difficult but as you keep on doing it, you will love to do it more.

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Writing gets better when you keep from practicing. The more you write blogs, the more it takes you to sharpen your skills in writing. Write a lot. Keep writing to make your brain cells exercise from creating thousands of words a day. As you keep on writing, turn on your inner voice. Boost your self-confidence in writing through believing yourself that you are a great writer. Supply your brain with enough forage. People cannot focus on their work and activities if their stomach is empty. It will help you to create high quality output blog content as you supply yourself good quality input fodder.

Inspire them with your blogs

Writing will only become non sense if it cannot inspire its own readers. As you inspire your readers of your blogs, you already catch their trust and soul. They will come back for more. Inspiring other people is a kind of unexplainable feelings. You know in yourself that your time of making those blogs is worth it because you know on yourself that you help other people. Show them some brutally honest and they will relay on it. Why? It is because they have been there too. Inspire them of the blogs that they can use in their daily lives. It will pay you back by having new more readers as growing of your blogs.

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Express and share your own

Blogs does not always need references to make the content informative. Yes! References of your blog will help you from having factual basis but the thing is your blog content still needs your own opinion. Learn to express and share your own knowledge about the topic. As I said earlier, turn on your inner voice. Learn to boost your self-confidence as you express your thoughts. Make yourself believe that you are not a newbie in writing blogs even you really are. Remember that blog is a conversation. You should write as if you are talking or pointing on someone. Try to write the way you talk yet having the smell of profession on it. Do not be afraid to display your knowledge.

Most of the things that can help your blogs to be more interesting come from your own thoughts and opinion. Weigh the ideas you gather and the knowledge you have in forming your blog. Feed you readers mind with knowledge meals so that they will come back for more. Do not use jargon, clichés and the overdose use of thesaurus. Remember the audience you are targeting in expressing and sharing your own.

Make your blog to be a good reference of other people

As you started in blogosphere or blogging industry, you make other blogs as your reference from getting started. You also took ideas from other blog references to make your entries be factual based. And that is the possible thing that may happen to your blogs. Make your blogs to be a good reference of other people. One question you should keep in mind in writing your entries is, “Would anyone will email this entry to his/her friend?” You should make your blog post be citable on websites so that it will leave an impact to your reader’s mind or they will have the guts to share it to other people. As it will be a god reference, it should content factual and opinionated sides that will easily help your readers in good terms. Make sure that it will leave actionable item or lessons like the one you gather before making blog posts.

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Interesting headlines be on your blogs

Contents of your blogs are not the one that your readers look. They always find out your headlines if it is interesting. It doesn’t matter how good your content in the first blink of their naked eyes is but what matter at first is your headline. If your headlines catches their attention then that is the time wherein they will read your blogs. Create interesting headlines to catch up the attention of the million readers around the world. People only have a split of second to decide if they will going to read your blog or not.

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Keep your headlines from being SPUB: Simple, Powerful, Useful and Bold. It should make your audience confuse why you entitled it in that way. It should something that make questions in people’s mind that will make them attracted on you blog. It will also represent the main summary of your blog content. The short yet interesting headlines will help your audience from deciding.

Give time on it

There are certain things that cannot be given to us today. Maybe tomorrow, the next day at least at the right time. Everything has their right time. Just like the efforts, you have spent on writing your blogs. The web is consisting of many persons contributing noises on it. Invest on blogging for a long time and you will see it what it returns to you. Don’t think that the path of recognition of you take in blogging will be easy. It will always be a long and tiring path that needs your perseverance to finish it. Give time on it and you will get what your efforts really deserve.

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Consistent routine for updating regularly

Audiences will be more interested on your blogs if you update frequently. Consistency is one of the most significant things that bloggers should keep in their minds. It will be the smartest way to keep you on track of the industry. Show to your readers that you are eager to reach your goals even if it rains or shines, day or night and hot or cold. Update daily, if possible. If you can’t, make a workable writing schedule in which you can regularly and work for your blogs. Do not forget to stick with the schedule you made.

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The person who will surely prioritize on writing on your blog is no other than yourself. If you don’t start it with yourself, then who will be the one that will start prioritizing your work? No one, right? Make sacrifices and enforcement in your time, as you are willing to spend. Explain your needs of time and focus to your family who is hopeful for doing your household chores. It takes self-discipline for most of us to write regularly, but if you find yourself cannot hold unto it, maybe blogging isn’t the best for you. Update regularly because your existing readers are waiting for your new entries. Keep updating because the World Wide Web are too noisy with the people finding for something that is worthy of spending their time.

Don’t forget their comments

As we all know, one of the important aspects that a work should have is the comments of your consumer. It does not mean that you do not trust the quality of your product rather you value of the things that will help your work/service enhance and improve. The comment feature after every blogs you have is the easiest way for you to build up a dialogue and relationship with your readers and getting valuable feedback from them. It will always be the smartest way to get tip from them. However, keep an eye for those comments in your blogs that will only pull you down. Spammers may take advantage for you in inattentive bloggers to do marketing that you do not want in your blog.

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