Keeping your clients happy should always be your top priority, but taking on a heavy workload could make your life a lot more hectic that it needs to be. If you take too much on, not only will you be completing tasks out of office hours, you’ll also find that the quality of the service you provide will drop or worse, lose a lot of clients.

Here are ten ways to excel and help you keep your work and home life balanced whilst maintaining a high standard of service and keeping your clients happy.

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Explain your working schedule to your clients

When booking meetings or making time for phone calls, take your own needs into consideration as well as your clients’. A time that’s best for them might interfere with an important deadline so don’t be afraid to politely negotiate a new time or date. Your client should be able to empathize with your workload and knowing how busy you are will help them to understand that you aren’t ignoring them or putting off tasks.

There are some situations where clients say stupid things and the only thing you should do is know how to counter it properly without putting anything in jeopardy.

Should you have this kind of scenario, having techniques in handling and dealing with bad clients is a big help. This will help you in saving the job and avoid sending yourself to hell. Different people exist in this world means different clients you will encounter every project that you will have and so being educated and keeping professionalism in your side will make sure you see the light of day.

Consider your workload before taking on new clients

Although taking on a new client may seem like a great idea for business, the extra work may mean you have to push back tasks and miss your deadlines. Try to evaluate how demanding the new client will be and what they expect from you and your team.

If you feel that it may compromise your current workflow then you should explain to them that you’re currently not accepting new clients. Prioritizing your current clients means that you will be able to focus on the quality of service you provide for them. Statistics show it is far easier to retain an existing client than secure a new one, so look after those you already work with first and foremost.

Take monthly courses in your preferred field

Keep on top of the game by learning new skills in your chosen field. There are plenty of short business courses you can fit around your work and home life.

Not only are they great for expanding your knowledge, they can be an excellent networking opportunity. You’ll be able to take a break from the busy office and return with a fresh attitude to your work life.

Work from home

See if it would be possible for you to work a few shifts from home. At least 3.5% of the employed UK workforce spend at least one day per week working from home. The time saved on your morning commute can be transferred into work and you’ll also not be distracted by a noisy work environment.

The London School of Economics and Political Science also found that those working from home are happier and more productive. However, this doesn’t always work for extroverted people who perform better in the bustling social environment of the office.

If you choose so, there are some work at home productivity tips you should remember to stay profitable. This will keep you in track in every work you bring home without sacrificing your health and everything. Working at home is a get-rich-quick scheme plus who wants to work while enjoying the atmosphere anyway.

Outsource when necessary

10 Ways to Excel Without Sacrificing your Work-Life Balance
Outsourcing does not mean you’ve been defeated! Taking help from another company that specializes in customer service could mean that you avoid menial tasks that are holding you back from reaching your important deadlines. Getting rid of these hold ups will greatly increase the efficiency in your office.

Prioritize particular tasks

The next task on your list might not always be the most important. List tasks by immediacy and make sure they’re finished well in advance of deadlines to cut down on the last minute rush to finish assignments. Rushing tasks last minute will always compromise the service quality provided. Missing deadlines will also mean catching up on work out of office hours and blurring the lines between work and home life.

There are numerous freelance project types that might come across your way and knowing how to handle each of these is really necessary.

Use tech to help you organize your life

There is an array of apps available to help you organize tasks and remember important events. Getting caught up in your working life can mean you miss the important dates and events of those closest to you. Make sure you add all important dates to your apps and set reminders.

Plan holidays well in advance

When taking time off work, make sure you book your holiday into your working calendar well in advance. Having a clear system for booking time off work is essential. Taking last minute holidays will mean putting tasks on hold without giving the necessary notice to your clients. Making your fellow employees aware of your absence in the office will give them time to delegate your tasks to others.

Being aware of an upcoming absence will also motivate you to get as many tasks done before you leave so that you don’t fall behind on your tasks whilst you are away.

Taking care of other related matters, holiday means expenses. Budgeting your income to make sure you will have the capability to spend the next day is necessary. There are financial management tips that you should know to effectively let the money flow without spending much and it will surely save your day.

Build a team you can trust

There are times when you’ll have to rely on your team to take on aspects of your workload. Anyone who works for you represents you, so building a cohesive team that can work as a group is imperative. If you’re spending time at home worrying about how your fellow employees are getting on at the office, perhaps you need to retrain or rethink your team.

Make time for yourself

Your health and well-being should come before everything. Make sure you set aside time during your day to eat a healthy lunch. You need to refuel yourself to keep your energy levels up. Instead of snacking on junk food and energy drinks make sure you pack a nutritious lunch.

54% of workers eat lunch at their desk. This can be extremely unhygienic and it also means you don’t actually feel as if you’re taking a break from work. Leave the office and get some fresh air!

You might also want to consider taking up a new sport to release stress after work. The NHS states that those who exercise everyday reduce their risk of stress and anxiety by up to 40%. You can’t always control your workload, but using your time after work wisely to let off steam can improve your attitude to your job.

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