Experience is everything. But uttermost, “Experience is the best teacher.” Whether you agree or not, challenges will leave you nothing but a scar – known as experience. This kind of experience is the best teacher that can help us to fight for the next challenges – maybe the same of what we already encounter before or even greater and harder than that. Time goes by and experiences increase without knowing it. As we get a collection of experiences, it can be regard as a kind of priceless treasure we are lucky to have. Experiences we encounter may come from the triumphs while others may come from failures. We get tired and get down for so many times before accomplishing it. However, what matter the most is we learn from those experiences.

Have you ever heard the newest tough species on earth? Well, the scientific name is Newrus Tougherus Freelancerus and their common name is Freelancers. Just kidding, don’t get confused. Putting the joke aside, freelancers are real tough persons because of the different project types they encounter in their entire work life and I am proud that I am one of them. We not only survive from various clients from hell but we also worked in many hours for the low-level salaries of supernatural ranking project while keeping our sanity integral. That is how difficult the life of most freelancers. In fact, some of us wish to go back to the days when we were so innocent with no fear on losing anything except for not having someone’s attention.
10 Types of Freelance Project You Might Encounter
As a freelancer, keeping yourself prepared from various kinds of situations will help you to save time and energy. Over the course of time, you will learn from dealing with numerous types of project. As how you get far from your starting line, troubles and trials will come to challenge you. Therefore, we make these types of project not to scare the new ones but to make them informed and ready regarding this apocalyptic event.

For those freelancers who are just starting off on their freelancing career, here are the freelance project types that might come across your way.

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The world-shattering project or the so-called ‘Revolutionary’ project

This is a kind of project wherein the clients expect you to shatter the world by taking them along to the big waves and streams of alteration. Something that will surely bring them in ‘revolutionary’ and that will make the individuals amaze and impress.

It is like the clients talk to you as regards in creating new structure of metal. With these kinds of projects, they will have to repeatedly say the word ‘revolutionary’ many times and talk for least an hour without hearing even a portion of your perspective. It could make you or break your freelance career; however, if you are up for freelance challenges then take this kind of project at the same time set some rules of project’s genuineness before starting and you might end up seeing yourself conquering the shattered world of these clients with other freelancers enchanting your name.

Irrefutably, most of the freelancers love to have this particular stimulating project as long as it will pay decently. Having a contract of 50% straightforward and upfront payment can be your guide in setting the rules if you first encounter this one.

The ‘Techno de replica’ project

Such kind of projects, the clients will primarily asked you to make a state-of-the-art and ground-breaking website that will boot up the Earth and alter the way mortals interface (all over again). Subsequently, when the technical part gets more strenuous and grueling, you will have no other choice but to ask for more charged hours.

Yet, clients will no longer approve of it because of their tight budget. In the meantime, you will have no choice but to continue and take a replica or clone of the website that is closely the same of what they want. Deceptively, this website has also the coincidentally identical design with the one they are talking about. Afterwards, you will deliver the output project and take the fee you already discuss before starting the project deprived of the replicas you have visited as your reference for your ‘techno de replica’ project.

The ‘King of All Trades’ project

In this epoch, being the ‘King of All Trades’ is really a hard one for most of the freelancers because it necessitates for one set of skills. However, for some ‘Jack Of All Trades’ freelancers, the clients expect them to answer all the needs of one project just like how the king do it. Such of these projects, you will hear at first all the requirements and work details of the job they offered. Afterwards, you interpret it in a note and here is how it looks: Photoshop, Corel, Animated GIF, SSL, MySQL, CSS, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, JS, Python, C++, C, C#, SEO, Copywriting, Illustrator and so on and on.

It will be the most better and significant idea if you will first discuss on your clients all the things you can do before the working starts. Nevertheless, if you are really one of the ‘King of All Trades’ freelancers, then it is your time to let your clients prove that they can pay all the bills regarding their project.

The ‘Clean-it-Up’ Project

Not all the times, your clients will going to make you suffer because of their demanding projects. There will be still the one that will surely make your work, light. This is a trouble-saver project wherein all you need to do is to clean up the mess left by the past designer or developer of the entire project. Some of the unwise clients hired someone for a cheap labor and end up only messing the project.

Judging spaghetti code littered all over the project, Ugh! You will say that it was a work by an amateur and not by the college ones. Sit back and relax because it is a kind of stress-free job as you will do nothing but to eradicate the left barbarities of the previous designer. However, make sure to appeal for the full payment of the entire project because no one knows if the current project you are working on is only a compilation of the clients on the run.

The ‘Boost to Speed because Tomorrow Ends’ project

Most of the freelancers know this as ‘Need for Speed’ project because it requires more speed than anything. This is a type of project that comes from the hasty, impulsive, and impetuous clients who will be going to approach you with the project and expect it to finish as soon as possible. They are the ones you could thought that will say “tomorrow ends” because they will going to rush you in finishing the project as if the world will go to an end. You only need to take note of these two keywords: fast and easy – to ensure that you are currently interacting with clients who demanded for this kind of project.

At first, they will be going to ask you to add more details when you start the project. Then when you ask for more time to finish, they will say ‘no problem’. Afterwards, they will come again to rush in finishing the project. As you take in another project, which adding more details, you were the one who will feel tomorrow ends.

This type of project leave you some sort of lesson – that is to double their payment for more charged hours just to actually see that you really need to rush the project more quickly. It is the same as the more fuel you have on your vehicle, the more possible chances for you to boost your speed.

The ‘Cheap’ project

The name of the project already explains itself. It comes from the client who does not have enough budget to make the project more convenient. These low-priced projects can be a big help for you when times of scarcity of money attacks. It may be small yet it will help you to earn extra money especially when urgent time comes.

For this type of project, make sure to take the half of the payment or the 50% upfront of the payment you already discussed before to avoid nuisance and tiresomeness. However, don’t let yourself torment or torture often.

The ‘Give up or Suffer’ project

This is the type of project wherein you need to take one between two choices – either to give up or to suffer from that project. It may feel you bad about yourself, but sardonically, it is the one who will show off to your family and friends given that most of the freelancers are adventurous and thrill-seeker. We are naturally courageous in inclining to accept projects with vast and mammoth challenges that make us question our technical and mechanical capabilities. Some of the freelancers often realize that they can really beat off this kind of project.

At that point, we only have two choices — to admit that we can’t really do it and concede or to become a slave all day and night just to break the surface. Since we all knew that surrender is only for weak, you chose to go all-in and haven the weep at corner of your room at night. But in the end, when everything falls in their place, you will walk away not only with paycheck at your hand and great smile on your face but also a great gratitude and admiration of yourself.

You will have the feeling that you can conquer everything from now on. “Know when to drop it and run“, advice that can help your life healthier and longer.

The ‘Free for Relative’ project

There are some instances that freelancers encounter this one. For example, your mother appointed you to help your cousin who has a high-school project of building a website without any technical payment since he doesn’t have any budget regarding on that.

You promised to help your cousin concerning their project since your mom says that you both had fun times together so many years ago but later on, you realize that it is the biggest mistake you ever committed. You will only end up working on your own since your cousin doesn’t have enough knowledge and skill to do the project.

Most of the freelancers often denied on their relatives that they could not do that one just to be an excuse in not having any more favors again. Moreover, most of the time, when it comes to their relatives, they end with zero payment.

The ‘Friendly yet not for you’ project

True friends help each other no matter what happen. Yet sometimes not, if you’re financial work involve this one. For example is when you have a friend who wants to build a website but does not have enough budget to hire a web developer.

Then the magic comes and your friend contacted you concerning this one. Your friend asked you to handle this one yet willing to pay for a little amount that does not deserve the effort that will be exert on the project. In addition, since he/she is your friend, you don’t have any choice but to say, yes. It is almost the same with the #8 The ‘Free Relative’ Project wherein you do not have any choices but to agree on it. In some instances, they will ask for a discount or the worst is to ask for free technical work.

The ‘Multiplayer’ project

This is a kind of rare incident wherein there are two or more freelancers hired for a certain project. If this situation happens to you, however, congratulations.

Good for you because you will work with multiple, expert-level freelancers and that can be a precious experience for you. Better to ask this question before you start your work, “Did boss already pay you before?” This tactical question will not only confirms the rationality of your recent client but it also gives you a chance to have a talk with your co-freelancer that can help both of you to build a friendly and comfortable atmosphere between you and the other freelancer. At the same time, you will have a chance to learn from them about some techniques that might help you on your next freelance project.

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