Business industry outspreads not only around the world but also in the broad world of World Wide Web. Businessmen sell their products not only on their shops in place but also in virtual stores. The population of customers and clients alike grow and appear bigger than the last few decades. These prove that business shops and stores cannot be only found at one place. If a personal transaction does not apply, therefore, the use of technological systems will serve as the sales agent as the way to answer the customers’ demand.

Ecommerce or Electronic commerce is a type of industry wherein buying and selling of products and services are presented online and operated by electronic systems such as Internet and other computer networks. Generally, e-commerce is considered as the aspect of an electronic-operated business. This is a market-entry industry wherein the seller company may have or have not any physical presence on their customers. In short, e-commerce is one of the most convenient and effective ways of delivering the business and market industry in the hands of the target people. This represents as an online shop for your company wherein customers will avail your products through the use of Internet and their gadgets. However, as you launch an eCommerce business, you must be quickly familiarized with the term: “conversion rates”. It is the proportion of the customers’ or visitor’s action beyond and after using your website that is shown in percentage. For example is the percentage of the people who get involved in availing and downloading their products during the certain day. Moreover, increasing conversion rates will correspondingly help you to earn benefits from your website performance.

Fulfilling shopping experience of the customer will help in increasing the conversion rates. You need to provide them easily the location of the products they needed. The logic of getting your conversion going and improving the profitability are necessarily needed. It should be a conversion-friendly site wherein they convert your visitors to customers who will avail and purchase your feature product and services. Ecommerce websites must be designed into high conversions engaging the satisfaction rate from both visitors and customers.

Here are surefire eCommerce tips that will help you in optimizing your buy-and-sell website to skyrocket the conversion rate and increase the customers as well.

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Know your target market

Your customers are the ones who will decide whether they will avail or not your product. As we all knew in starting a business, we should exactly know who would be our target market. We should be familiarized with the behavioral patterns in shopping and their expected qualities which they might be looking for on your e-commerce website.

Understanding your target audience may seem to be a critical step for success but remember that great results come from hardships. In return, it’ll help you to give what are the demands they want. Most of the customers used the appearance of the website and the product information as their basis whether they will purchase the product or not. Therefore, it will be better if you know what the trending items are or at least the general taste of your customers in order to surely find their needs and demands.

Refine the website navigation

One of the reasons why customers easily leave an eCommerce website is because of the poor navigation. Make sure that your customers will easily find their way wherever on your website. If possible, use the tackle-down strategy wherein the main sections are placed at the top and the following or sub-subjects will be placed under. You can also use the common strategy of most of the gadgets have been using wherein all the contents and subjects are listed on the task pane placed on every page of your website.

Providing your website an advanced search will be a great idea in guiding your customers along the way. Put at least a small search box on your website because it plays a key role in website navigation. Give your target market to roam smoothly on your website by giving them good navigation. Remember that your customers have different measure of patience and some of them cannot stay still on complicated navigation.

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Provide enchanting and detailed product information

Providing detailed product information is one of the most effective strategies in increasing conversion-trigger. The product information you listed will be one of the things that will persuade and convince your customers to avail the product.

It is one of the most important elements for your target market to know the quality, features and other aspect of you’re the products you sell. Add some images of the product to show what the physical appearance is. Since your product’s images are the most seen visual element in your eCommerce website, it should be clear and in a high-resolution; one in which will display your products in a better and convincing manner.

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You may also use videos to advertise and explain your product information. It is a great marketing technique to help increase website conversions. In addition, use of videos might help you to explain more easily and conveniently your product of your customers.

Discernibility of shopping cart

Out of a habit, customers often check what their current selected items are which they will eventually going to buy. Make sure your shopping cart is visible enough in the eye of customers by placing the shopping carts shortcut at the right upper corner of every page of your website. Make sure that your customers have their non-stop access on your shopping cart to double check its content.

Most of the customers often turn to shopping cart abandonment because of the frustration brought to them in finding the content of their shopping cart due to its invisibility. Let your online buyers and customers see their selected products so it helps you to boost your eCommerce website’s conversion rate.

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Don’t forget to exhibit discounts and special offerings

Customers and buyers can be easily magnet to the products especially if it includes discounts and special offerings. The information of these offerings is best place on homepage of your website so it will be able to catch the attention of thousands of customers available online, hence, will help you to increase conversion rates.

According to an Entailing Group Study, 47% of customers often want to buy products with discounts and special offerings. Get all the discounted products available on your website then line it up in a separate section and make it as your customer-catchers.

Consider shipping free products

According to the study, 55% customers often lead to shopping cart abandonment due to its shipping cost. This shown that shipping charges often kills the conversations. Take it into your consideration the possibility of having free shipping charges of your products to your customers. If it takes for you to charge thousands of money to deliver your products then you should give them the right shipping cost.

If it takes only hundreds or only a small amount of money in shipping, then you can let it be a free-shipping charge. Take note how long is the distance for you to deliver the products they availed. As much as possible, require your products to be non-shipping products because it seems to be the extending hand for a warm handshake on your customers.

Visibility of contact information

Online shopping is about trust between you and your customers. If your customers really have trust on your website and products, then probably they will avail and buy products from you. Since you want to build trust between both parties, you should display your contact information in your website. Providing them your information to contact you is vital especially that you are on the online-business industry. This will help you and your customers to get connected to know how, when and where the products will be delivered.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

10 Ecommerce Tips to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate
Helping your customers on their confusions will trigger the conversions to increase. Most of them leave questions on your website which by the way are required to be answered. But not all can be answer especially if you have thousands of pending questions to be answered. It will be a great idea to have a section where you streamline those questions. Answer the frequently asked questions of the customers no matter how simplistic and awesome your website is.

Mode of payments

Offer your customers different mode of payments to help you boost the website conversion rates. There are many customers who are doubtful in sharing their credit cards just to buy products from your website digitally. Give your customer better probabilities in buying your products except of credit cards. Moreover, it will help you to have greater and convenient performance of your website to your customer.

If you use Magento as the eCommerce solution for your business, we have a tutorial on how to create your own payment gateway.

Mobile-friendly eCommerce website

Most of the customers and buyers often used their laptops and desktops to avail products online. Yet there are still some people who used their cellphones to get connected online. Make your eCommerce website to be a mobile friendly in order to let your customers avail your products through their smartphones. There is a huge rise of mobile usage that is why making your website to be mobile friendly is not an option but a must. It will help your eCommerce website to increase conversion rates.

As many online business owners confess, they used to neglect this mobile issue unless they started to be attacked by numerous complaints from their customers about the unavailability of mobile versions for related web stores. That’s the only time they will realize that going mobile-ready is the recipe of eCommerce success.

And when the time comes, mobile customer conversion problems will arise and the proper knowledge on how to solve one of those is a must.

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