Blogging is one of the most lucrative SEO activities that will help you from increasing your visibility online. It is quite formidable for some bloggers to start blogging if they do not have hired personnel that will write for them or if they are not familiarize with their CMS (Content Management System) – an online tool that allows publishing, editing, modifying content as well as the maintenance from a central interface.

It helps to provide people procedures in managing workflow of a collaborative environment. The real engaging blog post does not have any secret kept but it has strategy that gathers many people to read this kind of blog posts. Good idea, decent form of spelling and grammar and the strong mastery of essay form writing is good enough for blog posts. However, if you want to have more great blog post then you should go furthermore of the tips we will be given later.
10 Blogging Techniques to Writing Engaging Blog Posts
Bloggers aim to catch the attention of their readers but the best bloggers possess easily the three simple characteristics. If our environment has 3Rs, which are the Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, bloggers also have their 3Es.

  1. Educate your readers through the knowledge you gather,
  2. Engage your readers on your blog posts so that they will have their relevance to the topic, and
  3. Entertain your readers with the content of your blog.

The first two are very easy to master by most of the bloggers but the last E is the one that cannot be easily done. Keep your clients glued and firmly stick on your page by entertaining them. Telling stories on your blogs is one of the ways to keep your readers entertained by your page. Some bloggers think that the cause of viral blog posts are the results of having long years of writing experience and the use of hacks in blogging such as SEO and crafting catchy headlines. Thus, it can help you from producing more great works but the assurance of the client’s passion on it is low. Producing that kind of blog posts are like the computers presented in past centuries. The robots with artificial intelligence are the one I am talking about. We used manuals to build and come up with a robot that does everything right except this thing: sympathizing. Robots are less from having emotional contents and that is the reason why most of the blogs became unnoticed. Therefore, blog posts became viral when it hits the readers’ emotion.

You cannot finally say that you are successful in blogging if people are interested with your works. Follow these gathered ideas before launching your start in blogging. Here are the ten easy and useful to tips in writing your engaging blog posts.

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Pick your topic and make each of your post unique

Topic is necessary first before writing any kind of literature. Create a list of blog topics that you want to elaborate. Your posts can be a news-based or more on research-based, but it should always be relevant to your target audience. You can make it relevant through asking your target audience of what is on their mind. Make sure that your topic should be one of the trending topics in every life of your readers. Finding topic might cause your blog to be sounded like other people’s blog posts. Your topics might include the same ideas and aspect so you should know on how to come up with the unique one. As usual, a 100% original blog post ideas of a certain topic is totally easy to do.

However, there are chances that let your audience see the blog post of other people having the same topic of yours. Finding new angles of the certain topic will be the smartest idea you should do. For example, your topic is about night photography. There are probabilities that you can have the same topic with other people. If they already have “10 Tips for Having Stunning Night Photographs”, then you can come up with the idea of “10 Reasons Why People Often Failed from Having Stunning Night Photographs”. You should have the louder and more attractive voice among the crowd. Moreover, research and write differently but interesting and logically.

Consider your target audience

In producing an engaging blog posts, having the knowledge of your target audience will be the wisest and helpful idea you can have. Of course, your blog posts have their target audience, which will read your blog content. This will help you to know the style, tone and way of writing you should do in producing your blog posts. If your target audience are the young ones, then you can avoid the use of bad and abusive words.

You will also know the issues they are encountering and appeal to them the most, which you can use as a topic for your blog post. For example, your target audience are the teenagers. You can have the ideas, which is very relevant to them. Crushes, Young relationships, responsibilities, family-oriented problems, etc. – those are the topics that are really pertinent to them. In addition, you will be able to know the right references that suits on your posts.

Your way of writing

Engaging blog posts are products of the writings of our heart. It should be made from the heart so that it will on nerves. Your way of writing your blog posts plays a massive part in meeting your reader’s satisfaction. There is no limit of words when it terms in blogging. However, keep your blogs as short as possible because people nowadays are busy, read only the headlines and the lead sentences of the paragraph then scan the rest of the content of your blog. In fact, having those people who read the whole content is very rare and exceptional. Use at least 500-700 words if you have a lot of information to share. Instead of trying to be sounded as ‘smart’, try to be sounded as ‘sensible’. Your readers do not have their own thesaurus on their brain.

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Do not overdose them with a lot of complicated and jargon words of English in the thesaurus. It does not only make the reader’s experience sour, but it also make your blogs to be dull. Brevity of the content will always help you from improving the quality of your posts. Make your points be scan able and easy to understand by using bullets. It will help your readers to easily digest what you are saying. Use simple yet precise words, as much as possible. Remove extraneous bits that will make your readers fall asleep to clarify the thoughts you want to deliver.

Make your headline and lead sentences as your hook

As I said in the earlier tip, people are busy doing many things and reading long contents is not always their priority (except for those book lovers). Those people who read the whole content of blogs are very exceptional sporadic. Catch the attention of the thousand persons around the world by making your headlines and lead sentences as your hook. What I mean is, make your headlines catchy and attractive wherein people will have the interest to read your blog posts.

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People depend always on what they read at first whether they will continue reading the next content or they will leave and find another blog. You can start with a quote or a motto. For example: “Best results come from planning better“. You can also start up with statistic that adds credibility on your post and pushes readers to take action. In addition, thought-provoking question and story can use for starting an interesting blog. These are some of the strategies you can used but making your readers’ curious and surprised of your headline and hook will be thee great strategy.

Write like you are talking

The best way to fetch the emotion of your readers is to write contents like you are talking to them. Most of the readers often stay focused on the things that are specially or pertaining to them. It makes them feel special. Be natural as you were having a natural conversation with another person. Avoid complicated words and jargons. Thus, it will be the way to let them feel that you are really eager to give informations and entertainment to them.

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Analogy play

Play with some analogy to make your blogs logically playful. Some people like to compare certain things and that is where you can apply the role of analogy. For example: “Your blog entries are like morning. That is what people are waiting for every day. They always expect and anticipate for every day they wake up.“. Your blog entries are compared to the morning. That is a fact that your readers and subscribers always wait for the update you’ve made. This is another example of other people on their blogs: “Blogging is like dating. It is not enough that you make a great impression on the first date. You also have to show, again and again on your following dates, that you’re a person worth someone’s time, commitment, and love.“.

Put some visuals

People have two ways in learning and understanding lessons and circumstances on their life: (1) through verbals or speaking and certain discussions, and (2) through visuals wherein they need to visually see them to fully understand. Putting some visuals on your blog may not only help others to understand and learn what you are talking about, but it also helps you to entertain your readers. Some people tend to have some pictures to look at so the discussion will not go boring.

Therefore, you need to make sure that it is visually appealing. Not all times that your headlines and lead sentences catch the attention of the people who passed your blogs. Visuals are the one of the ways that catches attention. People easily attracted on professional yet attractive visuals. Well, if you are a newbie. You can find great visual online or you can also make your own visuals at . Pixlr is one of the tools that most bloggers regularly used in adding and editing visuals in just 15 minutes.

Make the whole content deserving

Yes! We already said that people are busy on their own business and some do not have enough time to read the whole content of your blogs and that you should make your headlines and leading sentences as your hook to catch reader’s attention. But it doesn’t mean that you should only focus in making and thinking those stuffs while not making useful the rest of your blogs. There are people who are interested in reading your whole blog so make it deserving and worth of time to read.

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Do not let that you only impress them at the first part of your blog content. Make it whole. Make them impress and astonish from the whole blog content you’ve made. This will help you to gain reliability from them wherein they will come back for your more blog posts. End it with a punchy conclusion wherein they can get lessons from your blog.

Filling up into many sections

Internet is totally full of many bloggers promoting their blog posts. Your goal is to catch the attention of thousands of people who are using Internet. They commonly used the quick Google search for easy finding answers on their problems. For greater chances that you will appear on their searching process, fill up your works into sections.

The more fields you are able to fill, the better it would be for SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Always fill in all the description, tag, category and meta-tag sections so it will be researchable. For example, your blog is wedding photography tips. You can fill the category with photography and tag into tips. That is how you easy and convenient for doing this tip.

Invite comments

As usual, output works cannot be completed without the comments of your consumer. I mean, your writings engaging blog posts can improve more if you will have your readers’ criticism. Invite comments as you give yourself a chance to enhance and meet the satisfaction of your readers. No matter what they say – either a compliment or criticism, welcome it with all your heart. As it will help you to have an idea of what you should do on your next blog entry, what are the mistakes you’ve done, what are the improvements you should undergo – something like that.

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