We have surpassed the dark era of the web, when websites were mostly static – built in HTML format or we have to specifically hunt for a developer for transforming the site to some dynamic platform. However, there are still numerous static websites out there that needs a dynamic upgrade. But in a world such as today where competition is getting fiercer day-by-day in the online space, businesses need to come up with dynamic websites that provide users with a highly interactive and engaging experience.

WordPress popularity and how it helps to boost your business presence

Powering 20% of the web, WordPress is becoming the preferred choice as a content management system among website owners. Thanks to WordPress, you can create and manage a site like a breeze. Besides, you don’t have to be tech-savvy in order to monitor your WP powered site, rather you can operate on your own site having minimal knowledge of the WordPress platform. No matter, what sort of business you are running, WordPress is the most viable choice you can use to build an intriguing site that is quite easy to update.

Remember that there are thousands of other businesses working in the same domain as yours, and it’s important to gain an edge over them so as to build a competitive market standing. In this guest post, I’ll be covering some important aspects and key attributes to make your WordPress web design magnetic in terms of traffic and success.

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Key aspects to building a WordPress website that propels more traffic

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme
Seeing the burgeoning competition in the marketplace, it’s imperative to have a unique, professional-looking website to drive more users towards your site. In fact, your site design is the first step to heralding growth and getting potential traffic. You can create a WP theme manually or you can for a already designed WP premium theme.

Designing A Theme Manually – PSD to WordPress Conversion

You can either modify your existing HTML site design to a WP theme or create a bespoke WP theme, by designing a PSD (also termed as photoshop design) in synchronization with your business-specific requirements. Later the design is divided into layers having different design components, which makes it easy to turn the design into WP theme in a time-efficient manner. The layers are then coded into HTML and CSS format, which are later incorporated into the WordPress canvas.

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In case, you’re tied to a shoestring budget you can opt for WordPress well-designed and alluring premium themes. Choose one that befits your business needs. For instance, WP Portfolio themes is the perfect choice for photographers and artists; while WP Minimal themes focusing on typography works well for writers.

Using a Premium WordPress Theme

Once you’ve decided upon a WP theme next there are a few key ingredients that your theme must be enriched with, missing out on any of the ingredient will make your business website suffer. You should search for premium themes that comprise of alluring design, responsive quotient, good typography etc.

Bolster Website Speed

Bolster Website Speed
According to a survey conducted by KISSmetrics, 40% of the users takes only 3 seconds to push the ‘back button’ to abandon your site. Any average user don’t have the patience to wait too long for your web page to load. Slow page speed can result into losing prospective clients and will lower your site tendency to gain more clients.

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You can make sure your site loads quickly by choosing a minimal theme and avoiding large images and video. Viable alternatives to creating a theme that loads fast requires:

  • Choosing a minimal theme design avoiding use of large-size images and videos.
  • Installation of WP plugins that help boost website speed, such as W3 Total Cache Plugin or others.
  • Incorporating tools that help analyze your site loading time like Google analytics, YSlow etc.

SEO is Must

SEO is Must
A SEO-friendly site can be easily located by search engine spiders, thereby amplifying your chances of your web pages getting displayed on the first page of major search engine such as Google. This eventually results in making it easier for your target audience to find you. Let’s say, you’re a wedding event planner, then’ll certainly want your site to appear on top of the Google search pages leaving your competitors behind, when someone searches for “wedding event planner”.

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There are a lot of ways following which you can have a search engine optimized theme:

  • Installation of WordPress SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast, All In One SEO Pack etc, will help optimize your WP developed theme structure, titles, meta-description for search engine crawlers to hunt down your site easily.
  • Including a sitemap is one of the viable options to make your theme SEO optimized. You can do so by using the plugin named Google XML Sitemaps.
  • Learn from the Google’s SEO Tips for webmasters

Check the Relevance of Your Content

Check the Relevance of Your Content
The content displayed on your site is equally important, besides having a good-looking site. Putting in relevant content into your site, illustrates what you do and offer in a better and time-efficient way; and will entice the readers to know more about your offerings.

What’s more, make sure not to write too much about your skills and achievements, rather write content that help you form a strong connection with your visitors and prospective clients.

You can either take some professional writers help to provide your clients with effective copywriting, or brush up your own writing skills. Writing valuable and meaningful content is an art, and requires you to put in a lot of efforts in understanding what your clients wants.

A great way that compels more visitors involves writing a blog. Besides, you can take advantage of the WordPress blogging platform. Writing a good blog and updating it frequently, is a surefire way to attract extra traffic to your site and demonstrate your your industry knowledge.

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Ensure you are Reachable

Ensure you are Reachable
Ok, so you may have come up with a visually attractive WordPress site for your business. A lot of you might be thinking you’ve achieved your goal. Unfortunately, that may not be true. Well, having a site without any contact details – ‘is nothing but a good-looking bin, with trash inside’. This means even your well-designed website will be useless devoid of any contact information. This is a common mistake that most of the website owners make.

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Now, if you’ve created a contact form there’s more for you to work upon! You need more than a standard contact form to compel your visitors to contact you. Here is a rundown of few points to consider:

  • Introduce some “Contact” link in your web pages. Let’s suppose, some site visitors gets inspired by your offerings then, what’s the use of making them wait! Having a contact page link within your web pages increases the chance of getting your contact link being hit more often.
  • Putting up a message “Contact me on an email say test@testwebsite.com”, can attract spammers. It’s best to put up a basic contact form instead of your email address, which is easily achieved by using a plugin.


Though this guest blog post may not be a lot comprehensive, but will surely help you provide a good outline of how converting your static websites to dynamic WordPress powered websites can help you attract more clients like a magnet.

About the Author: Sarah Parker is a creative web designer in Designs2HTML Ltd. with vast experience in Research and development vertex of web design technologies. She use to write on HTML to WordPress Markup conversion process and socialize it through social media platforms. Join her on Facebook or Twitter to get latest reviews and updates.
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