Web development is the process of developing web sites on Internet or Intranet, which is commonly focused on main non-design aspects of it. The hungriness of having a good quality of applications is continuously rising. Web developers can only build or develop high quality applications if they are knowledgeable enough about the principles of web development. Great understanding of the principles is needed to have. Well, the modern web development principles are very significant for the developers to know because it will help the developers to meet every present and future need of their users. A good quality application are the one that adapts the habitual changing of high-tech and advanced trends, grows with the business, easily supportable and sustainable as well as the one that solves the user’s long term needs including the present and future. As developers followed the rule, I will not wonder to the succession of their made application.
10 Web Development Principles for Modern Approach
As of now, many tips and techniques for web developments are presented along the Internet. It came from the various author and blogger who are concerned on new web developers who just started to make their noise in web developing industry. They are just a newbie in the industry so it means that they have some sort of knowledge about web developing but not all. Web Development principles are created to be the followed rules and regulations to be imparted in developing web sites. It consists of mostly basics of the web development yet plays a massive role for creating more suitable outputs.

Here are some modernized web development principles that may help you in transforming the way you handle your design projects for more successful outputs.

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Beware of False Virtue

Writing thousands of code seems to be boring for most of the people. But what the web needs in developing is the availability of the virtues. First principle of web development is to become beware of false virtue: Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris. As you undergo web development, you may encounter many problems along the way. False Laziness is the quality trapped you in having the copy-paste technique. As of having this false virtue, some of the developers were pushed to the limits wherein they can do copying.

The true virtue of laziness is having the attribute that makes you go to a great effort to lessen the overall energy disbursements. Second false virtue is the false impatience. It is what you get when there is an extreme ever-growing embankment of higher-level abstractions but there is no chance of using the copy-paste technique. However, the true virtue of impatience is what you feel when the computer responses slowly.

Admit it or not, people get easily impatience when they encounter this situation. The third false virtue is the False Hubris. It is who jump on gun in making their own abstractions when they are reusing excessive codes but still having the balanced view of how good the abstraction is. Conversely, the true virtue of Hubris is when excessive pride attacks and makes you write programs that other people will not want to say bad things about. Bear in mind to create solutions without creating new problems.

Refactoring is not an encumbrance but a part of the teamwork

The original code is the result of having business tensions and strains as well as the limited availability of knowledge that you probably not privy too. Therefore, withstand to the urge of getting frustrated on the original author of the code in having the mess that you are cleaning up. Refactoring is not an encumbrance o burden. It is the part of the work you are doing on. Consider the value of the created code at the first place and succour it to make less costly. If your code gets to be refactored, don’t get affronted.

If the refactorer of your code do something wrong, then discuss it with them. Be thankful that there is a person who gives time to make your code a little bit better than what you’ve done. Codes will never be perfect even though you think and see it in that way. Not everyone can have a perfect code and no one expects that there is developer who makes a perfect code. Try to look from the refactoring that may give you a new way to your future code. Have down pat that the refactored code can be refactor over and over again.

Uphold the security approach

As Bruce Scheneir said, “If you think technology can solve your problems then you don’t understand your problems as well as the technology”, it only means that threat problems may be presented in your system. Practice to design, develop, evaluate, write, and modify systems or codes upholding the security approach consistently. First and foremost, the awareness regarding the sources and the possible solutions to exploit these threats, such as the Trojan horse, that your system might encounter.

Likewise of how necessary we are in distinguishing who are the real friends and those who are not. Second is the diminishing as much as possible of the amount of the system that is unprotected from threats but for instance, you can put a server behind the firewall or the required SSL authentication so that only someone who gets past the wall can even find or try to oppressed occurrence. At last, you are necessary to use best practices in eradicating common-specific and other application-specific susceptibilities of your codes. Uttermost, protect personally defying and billing information with the highest-level of security approach and precautions.

Remember that security is more on about human-behaviour as much or more than it is in technology. All security concessions that lead to the loss of data and services, or the publicity of the sensitive information must be reported hastily to the management. No system is perfectly secure; however, the management must take the edge off any compromise by executing risk management or the data recovery processes.

Time is gold

It is more significant to create realistic plans and eventually achieve it rather than being heroic. Having unrealistic plans makes you and your clients feel great when thinking of it but make you feel agonize because of failure to deliver those ideas. Having under-achieving plans gives you the feeling of opposing thoughts and can affect the trust of your clients that may lead to either be not able to afford or justify your employment.

Make realistic plans as how gold the time is. The real word adaptive measurement is first-rate at the measuring of time required in accomplishing assignments pertaining to the realistic plans. As a programmer, you should not only be good in approximating the relative size of the task but also be good in assessing how long it will take you to finish.

The World Wide Web is a great source of many things all over and some of these things are pure distraction. Chitchatting with your friends through Facebook, checking your personal emails, watching unrelated videos from YouTube and searching for the latest gadget in techblogs are the activities that can make your mind relax. However, it can be a pure distraction for you and only waste your time. Beware of this as how you become aware of how substantial every second passed in web development.

Energized yourself

One of the simplest ways to be energized is to take care of yourself. Go home on time every day. Spend time with family and friends and engage in activities that take your mind off work. Eat healthy foods, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. While you are busy with these other things, your brain will turn over the events of the day. You will often have new insights in the morning. If the quality time off is the yin of energized work, focused work is the yang. While at work, give it your full attention. Turn off interruptions such as email and instant messaging. Silence your phones. Ask your project manager to shield you from unnecessary meetings and organizational politics. When the yin and yang mesh perfectly, you will wake up in the morning well rested and eager to start your day. At the end of day, you will be tired – though not exhausted – and satisfied with the work you’ve done. “, that is what the Chapter 5: Thinking of the book entitled, The Art of Agile Development, tackles about.

henever possible, generate codes from self-evocative functional executable code, if your documentation is produced from the functional code, it is guaranteed to stay coordinated with the code. Nevertheless, if you write static text documentation that defines equally to your code, change the code, and forget to change the documentation, this decides the documentation accountability rather than assets.People need to be energized to produce more accurate outputs of what they are doing. We all knew that we couldn’t think and focus if we feel exhausted, tired, or stressed. Energized yourself by the use of your personal day in getting enough rest and having some recreational activities. The feeling of being mentally and physically energized will help you to quickly solve problems and accomplish line-up tasks. Moreover, the possibilities of non-defects and no procrastination in energizing yourself can be proven.

Delivering the real value

The heart of all the principles of web development is to deliver the real value or purpose. Programmers must be aware of how the recent activities deliver value to your customer or audience at each time of your day. Everything not adding value to the customers and audiences are considered as waste. If waste could be a sound, it will be the unwanted sounds of all time—noise. If it will be a kind of gas, it will be the polluted air from the combustion engine of the vehicles. The only thing that we can do about these nonsense and gobbledygook things is to eliminate it. Be sure that customers meet their needs in having the overall experience of the system or the so-called perceived integrity; how it is promoted, transported, deployed, retrieved, how instinctive it is, price and how well it answer the problem. In addition, software systems currently are not just the sum of its parts, but also the product of their collaboration.

Mobility of the work

Mobile phones grow hugely and rapidly because of the nonstop developing and designing more convenient and portable phones. Unbelievably, most of the people can’t withstand in one day without having their mobile phones. It is very useful for texting, making calls, stocking up images and videos as well as the connection to Internet. Web mobile designed-apps involves in the hardest decisions that most of the programmers have right from the beginning. Take note that develop your apps into mobile also for more cleaner and organized applications especially now that our techno-world is turning from “PC-centered” apps into “Mobile-centered” one. The result that makes the PC not be the most recent tool to connect Internet.

Do not get duplicated

Duplication is evil“, the quote is quite precise. Each of the significant part of functionality in the program must be put into practise in just one place in the source code. It is commonly advantageous to combine similar functions into one that are carried out in distinct pieces of codes by abstracting of contrasting parts.

If numerous classes/functions all used nearly in identical logic in algorithm example, the logic should be refactored to a more abstract class with concrete occurrences that only grant a bit of data that are matchless to each difference on the logic. In documentation example, don’t write documentation that says identical to your code.

Whenever possible, generate codes from self-evocative functional executable code, if your documentation is produced from the functional code, it is guaranteed to stay coordinated with the code. Nevertheless, if you write static text documentation that defines equally to your code, change the code, and forget to change the documentation, this decides the documentation accountability rather than assets.

Last responsible moment, not the last possible moment

Making delay decisions, upsurge the precision of the decision, dwindle the workload, and lessen the impact of changes. In what reason? When you are in the delay situation, the amount of information you gathered increases, in which makes the probability increase that it is a precise decision. Changes are easier because there are less many to invalidate decisions or to gain additional rework. In addition, delay decision returns into the reduction of workload by reducing the amount or rework that may lead to incorrect decisions. We, people, don’t really know what the future may bring to us while making us to create erroneous assumptions about wasting your time now and later. However, not having an eye to the probabilities of the future may cause our ability to adapt, be threshold.

Continuous Integration

According to the book, The Art of Agile Development, in Chapter 7: Realising, “[Continuous integration] keeps everybody’s code integrated, and builds release infrastructure along with the rest of the application. … The point is to be technologically ready to release even if you’re not functionally ready to release.

It means that continuous integration is progression in the frequent discharge to the team. It stipulates the risk management and the visibility of the project as well as the incremental design and decision at the last responsible moment. Write the unit test as you write the code to allow yourself to determine either your code is ready to release or not. Then, the time when you are working on the story is the time in creating best context for your unit tests. The more often the codes are discharged and tested by unit tests, the shorter the time to fix the problems and defects founded. Fix the defects immediately after it has been introduced.

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