People get along with a business to support their financial needs. It is one of the smartest ways to escape from the elongated line of poverty. Hence, making a way to a wide-range of business extension into the Internet. Online shops for trading, selling and renting appeared promptly. The others offer services demanded by many customers and users. Business gives additional jobs to the people who get involved in Internet because of their demands.

Websites provides an additional medium of interaction between customers and users. It is the one we used to make our business more appealing and attractive to them. It is the thing that the users and customers look first making them to expect you in giving them the satisfaction of their demands and needs. Moreover, it is serves as an attractive model agent for online users and used for representing themselves to others.
10 Proven Ways to Improve Web User Experience
It is like talking with them and supplying what they need personally yet a thousand miles apart. Well, it can be your sales agent for your business rather than the billboards presented on highways. It is first real opportunity you have to create relationship with potential customers and users.

Furthermore, websites has ability to ditch long-lasting experience on a customer – either it is a good or bad user experience. Improving your web user experience is significant in maintaining the steady stream of good and satisfied customers. This article will cover a list of practical tips to get you started in improving your web users’ experience:

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Make it searchable

Users of todays are largely contingent on search features that can help them to find their needs on internet. Adding a search bar on your website will give you a bonus as “Knowing what people are searching for within your website is a valuable metric“.

Through the use of this statistics, you can know what people search for and what posts are popular within your website. Consider adding supplementary search engines to your websites, like having a list of categories. You can get a free search bar from Google Custom Search if you want to integrate the powerful feature of the most respectable search engine in the world.

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Compress you menu items into a simple one

Focus on making a no frustrating menus for your customers. Long menus often make users annoyed and irritated because of the difficult technique of finding what he/she needs. If you have submenus under the main heading of your website or planning to create a drop-down navigation menu, then you must reconsider it before finalizing the menu and make sure to add only the important items that will be useful.

You should create a shorten one as possible as you can. Poor navigation because of long menus cut the customers’ patience making them to leave your website and not avail what you are offering.

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Add clear and optimized images

One of the problems that webpages often face is the images. Well, images speak a lot than words. No one likes to have cluttered images in their websites, but maybe yours did not notice having the cluttered images. Every day, your website habitually adds animations, graphic images and ads causing your website to be chaotic.

There is a study conducted utters that web users often consider site designs to determine the web credibility. Therefore, it will be nice if you will de-clutter the extra images and redundant controls in your website. You should have a high-resolution images and an adjustable viewing of pictures in your website.

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Avoid pop-up menus

Did you encounter a situation wherein you are in a rush but then the page you opened having a lot of pop-up menus? Then the pop-up menus are not loading fast and stay on your monitor? Such a kind of annoying, right? This is why pop-menu is a web design trend that has died a very long time ago.

Avoid annoying pop-up menus because there is some kind of irritation that the customers have in that kind of menu. You can try the trendy navigation menu like the metro style or responsive navigation.

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Lead and guide your users

Website might succeed or fail from providing the good satisfaction of the users because of the way the point direction the them. Users sometimes need our guide to acquire their demands as well as lead them to what they are going to do next. Add contextual help images to help the users not to be confused of the things featured in your website.

Sometimes users get confused of the situation where they are filling up a form page then bringing back to the same page again. Error pages appear to let us correct of what is wrong in the page but sometimes it only makes situation not clarified especially if there is no help from the programmer.

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Fast as the lightning

Improving the speed of your website is one of the most common task of every webmaster. Your website should be fast as the lightning when loading the pages. Few seconds can make your users leave your page because they only thought that they are wasting their name in slow loading pages.

Test the speed of your website using tools like GTmetrix. Evaluate and find your ways to improve the speed that your website has.

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Usability for disabled persons

Your websites can have many users wherein there are businesspersons, entrepreneurs, workers, students, youths, parents, single parents, the elders and the disabled persons. There are blind people that use keyboards to answer their needs in Internet. There are using their sense of touch in order for them to type the things on monitor.

As much as possible, there should be a compatibility in using keyboards and voice recognition for those disabled persons such as keyboard shortcuts, guide narration and microphone for speaking.

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Mobile compatibility website

Users of the World Wide Web often have their changes along the modernization with the technologies. They became more high-tech and modernized. Many persons often use laptops and desktops but tablets and mobile phones are also used in these days.

Many users used their cellphones since that is the cheapest technology they can avail and have. Cellphones can connect to websites through their network loads. Your website should be compatible to mobile phones or a responsive website or else you will miss the massive growing population of mobile website users.

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Free from unwanted pages

Your website should be free from unwanted pages in providing information and services to your users. It will only give annoying and irritating situation for the customers. Moreover, unwanted pages will distract only the users making them forget of what reason why they use your website. It will also deprive you from having a lot of customer.

Focus on what your website sells online whether it is a product or your credibility and avoid pages that will only trick their mind which possibly remove their trust on you.

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Watch out for users’ feedback

Feedback, whether it is good or bad, plays a vast role to improve the web experience of the users. The valuable resource of the recommended improvements for your website can help you to remove what will be the hindrances to make your customer happy and satisfied. Watch out for their feedbacks, even if there is kind of abusive part.

Ignore what are the bad yet weigh the message they want you to be heard. More of the users wanted only to be heard on what is something going wrong on your website.

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