Freelancers are the one who independently create jobs for themselves with their own objectives. Working for yourself can be difficult on first but it will surely become useful and worth it for you. Being your own boss, you have a freedom to earn with your own money without commanding or dictating you by others as well as give you a satisfaction to yourself. If you observe the number of people, whom experiencing financial crisis has grown tremendously and there is a possible that it will grow continuously if our government will not be able to give them the attention and solutions needed. In fact, it can result to a lack of full-time employment and poverty. So that, the most affected of it is the people who are in the lower level. This is one of the reasons why most individuals will do freelancing or employing themselves in a job over the Internet.

Freelancing or running your own business is not easy. In fact, life as freelancers is filled with ups and downs that can bring many headaches. The freelance lifestyle can be the one of the most challenging things you will choose. It is normal for them to face a various types of challenges. Challenges that will help you to improve and change yourself going to a successful freelancers. Freelancers can have anything go wrong, either problems for clients or problems for time management. These challenges will become temporary for you because it will only measure your stability.
10 Common Freelance Challenges and How to Overcome Them
However, being a freelancer can also give you some benefits including you have the freedom to control your own schedule and workload and a freedom to discover new things every day. So that, most of individuals nowadays will prefer to do freelance work even when many downsides and a set of risks and challenges going it alone. But always bear in mind that a freelancers are not always about earning money for your own initiatives yet it is also all about overcoming problems that arise. But how you can ensure the best of running your own business while facing different problems?

This article will show you the common problems faced by freelancers and will give you some tips and advices on how you can solve these freelance challenges.

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Starting Up

One of the common problems you might face as a freelancer is knowing when and how you just start your own business. Of course, as a beginner, you cannot know well what you are going to do on first. You will also think on first that running your own business is not easy but if you became a successful freelancer, you will realize that those things will become easy for you. But I know before you choose this position which is to be a freelancer, you have already your own objectives or goals in life including to gain a lot of clients through freelancing that will helps you to earn your own money.

Furthermore, if you have your own idea or experience about running your own business, it will help you to know what you are going to do.

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Taking Up Too Much Time

Freelancing is taking up too much time especially, when you are doing many business tasks. You are working long hours to make ends meet so that you might become a busy person. If you are totally determined person because you want to earn your own money, there is nothing impossible that you can achieve it.

However, try to ask yourself “Are you charging enough?” There is nothing wrong if you work out-of-hours but you must need to ensure that your body and mind have an enough time to rest. If possible, follow the normal working hours, which is 9am-5pm and the most important is limit yourself to one hour of overtime.

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Money Problems

As a freelancer, you will generally find that you do not have the same cash flows from other business. But most of individuals might experience money problems. Irregular Income is one of the most common money problems that a freelancer might face. It is because you can’t find enough clients or the money you’ll get is not enough for you.

You might find that your monthly income decreases, if you don’t have as much work on. So that, an excellent way of dealing with this problem is paying yourself a small wage and keeping your business finances at convenient times of the year. You don’t need to worry about the money when you are a freelancer but always bear in mind that you never really know when the next pay is coming in.

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Struggling For Your Clients

Struggling for your clients is the common challenging things that a freelancer often faces. It is not only a problem when starting out but it is a problem you must always need to consider. If you can’t find enough clients, you will find that your income for that month decreases. There’s no scientific explanation on how you can hold your clients.

But the best way to do is from the very moment you start out, winning new clients will be the most important aspect in your business. Basically, everything you need to know and learn that will help you to find and win work. Otherwise, there’s a lot of websites for a freelancer to promote themselves and to offer their services, so that, don’t limit themselves for only one or two clients.

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Struggling For Business Tasks

When you’re a freelancer, you will become a busy person thus, you must need to struggle for your business tasks to earn a high salary. When you choose this kind of position as a freelancer, you don’t just have to find time to do your actual work.

If you’re struggling to juggle all your business tasks, you’ll be also juggling a huge amount of tasks on a daily basis. Then, take advantage of all of the resources available at your fingertips. One of the best things you need to do is to get or hire a virtual assistant to answer your calls to make your life easier and leave you more time to earn money.

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Payment of Clients on Time

Every client will want to believe that his project is right and accurate for the deadline you must give. If you’re clients are not paying on time, it often takes its toll on freelancers’ cash flow. This kind of problem is one of the frustrating things that a freelancer might face. One way to deal this problem is to ask for a small up-front deposit.

Don’t allow them to postpone their payments. Probably, this problem can be addressed with proper client communication that clearly outlines expected timescales and payment times. This is the reason why the wise freelancers know on how to solve this kind of challenge.

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Working with Different Languages And Currencies

Language is one of the most important aspects in business in times of communication while Currencies is the type of their money that they’ll pay to you. Thus, you must need to know the equivalent value of their money into Philippine money, e.g. US dollars or Euro. This is one of the joys of working as a freelancer but it can be also a source of frustration. As a freelancer, you must know on how to work with different currencies and languages. If you are connecting with clients over the world, you can generally expect that you will work with different currencies and languages.

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Competing in your Area or Business

There are too many freelancers competing in running your own business together with your area. There is a number of websites for a freelancer that most of individuals want to hold it freely and struggle in it. A freelancer struggles not only for their clients but also the agencies or websites where they work. It is normal for the freelancers that their website is saturated with other freelancers.

Thus, the best way you must need to do is to analyse the competition happen between you and with other freelancers. Expanding your location and your ideas will help you to improve and make your business more productive and great from others. Furthermore, you can also see what you could be doing that others aren’t offering.

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Distraction By Others

Considering your workspace will helps you to make more comfortable when working. A wise freelancer knows on how to be aware from distracted people and they know how they can focus on what they are doing. Stay out of distractions will helps you to maintain a healthy balance lifestyle. It will be better if you will not entertain the distractions around you.

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Lack of Productivity and Inspiration

Staying productive and inspires is a big daily challenge for a freelancer. If you have your inspirations, it will become easy for you to expand your horizons and to make it productive. You don’t need to worry about your work if you think that you can be able makes your work more productive with your inspirations.

This is the reason why the inspirations can strike any time. This is the way to struggle in your next move. Lacking productivity and inspiration is the huge frustration so; ensure you are at a very best at all times through get your work balance right.

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