Magento is the fastest growing ecommerce platform. It is an open source that incorporates some exhilarating features for the development of a website such as custom development, catalogue management, numerous payment options, flexibility and many more. It offers multi-store, multi-site functionality, categorization, promotions, discounts and an array of mobile and web templates too.

The ten things that make Magento the best E-Commerce solution among other business eCommerce platforms are highlighted underneath.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is important to get your online store rolling as it needs visitors and these can be guaranteed only by a higher search engine ranking. The Magento platform is laden with features fully conducive for designing a SEO friendly website. These features include clean urls, meta-description with keywords for all web pages, Google sitemaps and more. These aid in higher ranking in search engine results and thus bring benefits for the online store in the form of visitors aka potential buyers.

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Mobile Commerce

With mobile devices becoming commonplace it is only right that mobile commerce is integrated into an ecommerce store. The people can henceforth watch the mobile optimized version of the website. The mobile version is furnished with either full site catalogue or selected products only for mobile customers across various web browsers and devices. This has been made possible by HTML5 integration with Magento.

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The dynamic design of Magento platform allows adding image scaling, gesture-based controls, drag and drop facilities for shopping carts and in-built audio and video capabilities. These features have made Magento websites popular among the mobile shoppers around the globe. Alternatively, Magento platform facilitates the advantage of controlling websites with a single admin panel. It stores content in one time installation.

Catalogue Management

Catalogue Management
Catalogue management is essential for any ecommerce store. It is made superbly effortless by Magento. The catalogue management by Magento lets the admin edit, approve and delete product tags and product reviews by the admin. It allows importing and exporting for batch updates offline. Also, products can be displayed in various modes with catalogue management in place. This implies that the visitors can have a better look at the product catalogues and products.

Analytics and Reporting

Magento carries some outstanding features that aid in raising the standards of the website that are built using Magento designs. The foremost of all is the ability to link the website to some important analytic tools like Google Analytics, Google base and Google Checkout. These tools inform the ecommerce store owners about some valuable information such as search items used in the store, most viewed products, shopping cart desertion, best purchased products, and RSS feeds for new orders, coupon usage, tax and sales. These are useful in knowing and making the site better for carrying out better business deals in future.

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Irrespective of the fact that you know nothing about web designing, you can still operate Magento like a pro. That is the beauty of Magento platform. Once developed, the store owner can add or edit features in the website. When the products get displayed easily, the user experience is enhanced. The layout of the site makes site navigation easy for the prospective buyers to locate the desired items easily without any hassles. Other features include product reviews, multiple images of a product, zoom-in compatibility. These compel the visitors to return to the site.

Payment and Security

Payment procedure should be smooth and user friendly to engage the customers. An efficient payment process is appreciated and increases sales as well. Magento is associated with numerous payment options. Prominent among them are PayPal, Google Checkout, Moneybookers,, Amazon, Cash on Delivery and some other secure transaction modes.

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The payment process can also be carried out through credit cards, purchase order, check, cash, money order etc. An ecommerce portal built with the help of Magento platform makes the whole payment process safe and secure for the buyers. We can say that Magento offers better options than other platforms for payment.


Magento lets you customize and add a personal touch to your website as per the requirements of your online store. As discussed earlier, the information can be added or altered on the web store any time. With the help of a professional Magento team, it can be expanded as well.

Shopping Cart

Magento offers premium shopping cart experience to the users. The exceptional checkout process includes one page checkout, shipping to multiple addresses in a single order, SSL security support for orders on both the front-end and back-end, checkout with account to use address book, accept gift messages per order and per item and guest checkout (also known as checkout without account).

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The cart is always visible to the customer so that they can add or remove the products from the shopping cart. It even displays the gross total of the products bought (something missing on some platforms) and hence checks that the buyer never goes over budget. A Magento shopping cart displays the taxes and the shipping charges as well.

Open Source Platform

Open Source Platform
Magento is an open source platform. This free to download open source is a great boon for the developers. They can modify the core code and then add features and functionality with the help of Magento extensions. Adding or deleting any element from the design is possible. The developers can add plug-ins and add-ons to enhance its robustness. This gives the owners full control over the content, look and functionality of the online store.

Magento Templates

First impression lasts really long. The ecommerce stores too need to revamp themselves from time to time to keep the interest of visitors alive and kicking. Bringing the desired changes to the existing designs is simple and cost effective. A multitude of Magento templates are available to give a fresh new look to your ecommerce website.

These can be employed as per the need and desire. These are quite effective in attracting the potential customers. But choosing the right Magento template design is the crux. The customization and installation can be done easily by the developers. Customized themes, logos and templates are making huge roar these days.

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