Best results come from planning better“, as this quotation goes along the way, I’ve mark on my mind that things will be at its best if I keep from planning better. Buildings cannot be sturdy and stunning as they stand along the road, if they not undergo blueprint plans of architectures and engineers. Dresses and other clothes will not form as we wear it comfortably if it does not undergo drafts. Food recipes will not taste delicious if we do not plan the ingredients that we are going to use. Electrical wirings will not be organized if we do not undergo wiring plan. See? Planning at the very first place is very important because it will serve as the foundation of the things you want to do. Without plans, how can you come up with brilliant things? How can you assure the output of your desired things? Moreover, plans are the smartest way of getting started to anything we want.

As we apply planning in our jobs in designing, sketching of the desired output will be the plan. Sketching is the stimulating yet powerful part element of the graphic designing process. It helps the designers to deliver ideas, visualize user flow, demonstrate functionality and illustrate anything that requires human interaction. As the world became modernized and high-tech, many people forgot that sketching is the inevitable part of graphic designing. Web designers faced their laptops and desktops then design directly in application tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw. They are losing some of the magic in hand-drawn sketches. They tend to forget holding of good old pen and paper for sketching that often led to terrible user experiences because of the new electronic gadgets’ presence. Sketching will help us to discover potential issues and aid it with solutions early in prior starting of designing. Nevertheless, the sad truth nowadays is that the general perception about sketching only applies and teaches for fine arts college students and for anyone who are passionate on their hobby in arts.

Sketching are the road maps we used to find ways in your journey in creating basic framework to let your good design stands. Creativity is the grease to make the way slippery from finding greater ideas of imaginations. It is important among designers to hold on the stray of creativity. The sole of purpose of our sketch is to guide our creativity into our desired goals. And the main objective of this article is to help the people remember that graphic designing cannot only be the done by electronic gadgets existing todays. Here is a not-so-short summary of the importance of sketching in your designing process to help designers remember how effective design sketches are.

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Sketching is planning

Sketching is planning
Just what I’ve said in the introduction of this article, designs will results better if you plan for the elements and expressions you will going to use. Sketching on a sketchpad provides you time to plan for your designs. Sketching is a kind of planning wherein you create basic frameworks of your design and little by little, you will add the additional details of the design. This will allow us to capture the real essence and spirit of the initial concept of the clients. Yes! Sketching on the actual sketchpad can easily be mimicked by the newly high-tech gadget’s applications. However, there is something magical in the ability of sketching that is why most people prefer to sketch first before starting designing on their gadgets. These practices can be used to quickly assess the choice of layout that might suit in your web.

Development of the concept

Creativity of the designs is a risky firm and strongly required to be caged in the concept of desired designs in the brainstorming process. Concepts start bombarding on your mind once the brainstorming process began and the only way to express those concepts is through sketching. It is an excellent way to quickly explore concepts and workout solutions for the problems regarding your designs. The design process undergoes hand-in-hand until the result. Concepts will be developed and sketching on a paper is more effective and less manual form of expressing those concepts.

The first ideas that popped out from your mind may not be the final and last. You will encounter more better and additional ideas regarding your designs while you were planning. As you used old pens and paper, we will be able to erase and correct immediately the things you do not want in your designs. Hence, sketching gives you chances to find better ideas than your first ideas.

It saves your valuable time

It saves your valuable time
In designing process, it is impossible not to have erasures and mistakes while doing it. Excess space, wrong font size, capitalizations, wrong colors – this are some of the mistakes you might encounter in designing process. If you will directly make design on your computer and laptops, you will not be able to adjust or remove it quickly. There are chances that you need to start over and over again in your design just because of some mistakes. If course of correction is needed just to make your designs fine, a couple of minutes for revisions of sketches in the paper is easier to do rather than spending hours of moving pieces and details of your design. In some applications that are used for designing, they need your full focus and time to refine the mistakes. Otherwise, in a paper and pen, erasers are there to help you in correcting your mistakes in few minutes.

Helps you to take closer

As you develop your concept through sketching, sketching helps you to take closer of your designs from the concepts up to the execution. By spending too much time of building strong concept through sketching, you will have a strong understanding of the elements about your design. There are lots of elements you should understand at first before applying it to your final output.

Questions and confusions may start to bombard you with those elements. Your clients are not fully knowledgeable of the things and terminologies you will say on them. So that, sketching will be very helpful for every designers and creative persons. Through this, it will help you to explain more expressively and easily to defend more successfully. It brings you to the completely new level of your designs. Sketching helps you until in the finishing of your designs by adding furthermore details on the craft.

More comprehensive thinking

More comprehensive thinking
Creativity is not always in an insubstantial-thinking process. When you start brainstorming, there will always have a tendency wherein different ideas will come up in your mind. These will makes a way for more complicated ways of finding the right concepts and details to be used in your design. Your first ideas are quite obvious will be turn out because of the greater chances given by your initial ideas. In order to mend this, you should think deeper beyond those concepts. You need more comprehensive thinking in those initial concepts that pops on your mind. Your actual original concept begins popping in your mind after starting deep thinking. Do not worry about this as it happens to almost all the creative persons.

Sketching can be done anywhere

The atmosphere that surrounds us may affect are mood in working. If you are not in mood sketching inside your house or workspace, then take your sketchpad and pencil with you outside. Find some place that will enhance your mood in sketching. Find some place that will inspire you to do your work in sketching. See? Sketching is significant in a way that you can do your work anywhere. Yes! Laptops and tablets can also take anywhere nowadays but bringing a sketchpad and pencil on your pocket are more convenient. As you bring only sketchpad and pencil with you, you can stay and work at rural places like along the riverside and parks.

You can sit anywhere you want and work with your designs with the use of pencils and sketchpads, which is not quite possible, if you will going to use computers. You can take it to places wherein you can think and visualize more of your designs. Exposing yourself to different environment while working with your designs might bring you more unique and brilliant ideas.

Easy correction of mistakes

Easy correction of mistakes
If you are using sketchpad and pencils for making your design, erasers are used for correction. If you are using your computer’s application and your mouse, spending couples of hours to correct those mistakes or the worse is start over again the designs you’ve made. Through sketching first at the sketchpad, you will be able to easily correct mistakes. If you are on rush hours and the client demand for the design as soon as possible, then sketching on the sketchpad will help you. You can give them the sketch of your designs and you can early know what their comments are. If there are things that you clients do not like, then you can easily correct those unwanted things in your designs. Always keep in mind to bring your sketches as soon as possible for early comments.

Touch of your artistic side

There will always be an artistic side of a person’s heart but the difference is we all have our unique ways. There is something different in doing your designs by the use of pencils and holding your mouse. There are some instances that you cannot do easily with the use of your mouse but can easily do if you will going to use pencils. Thus, sketching gives you chances to show the touch of your artistic side.

There is something different with the fluid movements of your hands that result into easy and natural designs. You may see the artistic expressions you can have after the various movements of your hands. Sketching gives your aesthetic sense a personal satisfaction being of natural. Sometimes, the use of mouse limits your movement so it results from not being natural and seems edited especially if you are not specialize in using your mouse in sketching at your computer.

Instrument for communicating with your clients

Instrument for communicating with your clients
Sketches you’ve done is the easiest, fast and effective way of communicating with your clients. It will be the best instrument to explain to your clients the designing process that their project will undergo. Showing your clients some sketched designs and compositions will hypothetically help you to consume your valuable time, human resource and money in explaining. There are two basic characteristics that your clients possess always: (1) clients always want to have options, and (2) they always make changes in your output product even to the end of the final approval. The more detailed you do in your designs, the higher the chances for you to get those changes they want to see. Therefore, sketching is crucial for the better flow of client communication.

Enhance and develop your skills in creativity

Sketching involves running your mind in creativity. It requires your broad imagination to be loose and encourages you to see things in different perspective. The more iterations of the drawing you do, the higher the chances for your brain to connect dots form new designs in your mind. As a designer, you should build a strong ability to sketch that can help you to easily present ideas and design – to yourself, your art directors and to your clients. The more projects you encountered in designing, the more opportunities for you to enhance and develop your skills in creativity.

As I said earlier, creativity is the grease that will make the way slippery from finding greater ideas of imaginations. And so that creativity can only gain when you keep doing your best at your work and maintaining a consistent designing routine in your everyday life. The more skills set you possess in creating amazing designed crafts, the better for you to have your reputation and prospects.

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