In every journey of one’s life, it is inevitable to meet people who will be part of that expedition. Some may stay at you for a long time and some may leave you in a blink of an eye. Some will make you happy when the road is going bad and some will make you worse of it. Some will help you to rise from your downfall and some will bring your more down in your pit. Some will teach you the lessons and rules of life and some will teach you to violate it. Some may become positive in dealing with you and some may become negative. However, the thing that matters in meeting them on your way is on how you will deal with those kinds of people.

It’s the same bumpy road in the journey of every entrepreneur, freelancer, businessman/woman and other workers. Even how they are sturdy on the top of the game in the business industry or getting their blocks to make their first step in succession, you will still meet the most of people: bad clients and other negative feedback of people. They cannot escape in the truth that no matter what they do to avoid those bad and negative people, they will still need to deal with them whether they like it or not. Negative feedbacks and abusive words can be encountered on the way of the business. Customers and other negative people cannot be pleased instead they will only give you the opposite of what you want. Still you are necessary to deal with them unless you want to let your business go down, have a negative atmosphere at your working area as well as you want to get rid of your work.

Below are the ten techniques you should try in handling and dealing with bad clients as well as negative people plus tips to consider to manage it properly.

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Listen but never argue with them

Don’t ever try to talk over the costumer or argue of what they are complaining for. You are required to listen to them. Never argue with them even they are the ones who have been mistaken. As you lend your ear to your customer without any overcoming words from your mouth, it will take you to rapport between you and these negative people.

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Listen to them because some of them wanted only to be heard of what they are complaining for. It is human’s nature that people speak for his/her justice or something unexpected might happen if they are not able to express of what is going wrong. No wonder why they will leave negative feedbacks to you or in your work.

You and your character

You and your character
Temptation will only keep us away from good. No matter how bad the situation is or how abusive verbals used, don’t get tempted to complain or whine for interacting those persons. Unless if you want to be rewarded as a great whiner at your work. Maintain your character even if the world around you turns to be negative. Expressing what you feel for the strong emotion you have received is not bad. However, it will only be bad if you will not get sensitive of what is coming from your mouth.

Give a response opposite to their emotions

Most commonly emotion that a bad and negative people possess are anger and insensitiveness. Did you encounter a person yelling and loudly talking to you with abusive verbals? If you already encounter it, then give their the response that is surely opposite: calm, clear mind and low volume or tune of voice. People are humans, right ?

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Moreover, it is tough not to react in this kind of situations but it can undergo practicing anyway. Never ever, try to react the same with the reaction of the bad and negative person in front of you. Remember that spoiled ingredients will never be delicious even you try to mix it well. Just like the air between you and these people. Once you react or act the same with the bas and negative person, no wonder if there will be a catfight between the two of you.

Never leave your positive boundary

Never leave your positive boundary
Maintain the positive boundary you have been created at first. This will help you to make your own boundary that you will use in interacting with those people. If you will never leave your positive boundary, you will have a good mood that can be useful with interacting frustrated and angry persons. This will help also to lessen the strong emotion they have or it can help you to make the pessimistic people to be a positive one.

Embrace criticism as a gift but never take it personally

You, as an optimistic person, should embrace the criticism externally and internally in addition of accepting it as a gift. Bad feedbacks come out from other people’s mouth because they experience something bad or wrong. In customer side’s, a bad customers’ feedback will help substantially the costumers service. The costumer’s feedback will tell us of how good is the service they receive from us.

This will help them to know the bad things they should remove or avoid to do in order to have the costumers’ satisfaction. Criticism is necessary to be accepted but not personally. This will only help you to think the things you should change or plan. Accept the strong emotions they throw unto to you, yet weigh the message of their feedbacks with the willingness to learn. Maybe they are tactless or insensitive of what they are saying but try to study and understand their comments because it will keep you from learning of what can be things that will help you in your success.

Don’t react, just act

Don't react, just act
If you knew something is going wrong with you or in your service, act on it. Make your move to correct it instead of just reacting from it. Reaction cannot be avoided in a situation. Fully diminish the reaction that our body that you’ve created then act from it.

Take it now and not later

The longer it the time it takes in a noxious situation, the greater the chance to make your positive boundary to become wreck. Do not take action later but do and take it as soon as possible. It is better to handle the action before it takes to be sour. You will only get out of your mind and violate the other techniques I have given unto you if you will do the action later. The frustrating action in rush time will only push you to your limits and boundaries.

Take it privately

Take it privately
Don’t let the grumbles involving you to go in public. The lesser the person who get involved in the problem, the faster and easier it will be resolve. It will never get complicated if you and the bad client or the negative people who will talk about the problem. Other people will only make the problem into worst situation, once they get involve to it. Make it private and confidential.

Swallow your pride, it won’t give you any harm

Know when to give in some situations especially if it is proven that you are the one who do a mistake. Swallow your pride and apologize – authentically and modestly, even though the person acted hypocritically and arrogantly. It won’t give you any harm in doing likewise; it will give you a good connection between the other people. Speak with the person personally to let him/her see in your eyes the sincerity of admitting that you are the one who did wrong and to let him/her see the willingness to fix the problems not only in words.

Tackle it with them first

Tackle it with them first
Have the wits to fix the problem just like what the technique number nine discussed about. Approach them first before many people get involve to it. Talk of what will be the solutions you can do in order to fix the problem.

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