In family, every child is treated as their innocent angels and considered as a precious, priceless gift from God. There seem no parents who not happy every time they see their cute little angels. According to the parents especially the mothers I encountered, it was such an indescribable feeling being a parent of those little creatures made out of your own blood and flesh. It brings not only an excitement but also a priceless joy and new life to the family with such adorable newborn babies that would seem cute no matter he/she do. No wonder why a lot of people try to have their photo collection of their babies. It was a great idea of letting the newborn babies to be a wonderful subject in photography industry.

Some photographers are afraid to accept newborn photography job because they are scared of working with a very fragile one. It is true that it is quite difficult because you are not just capturing a landscape, food, plant or a sports event but you are now capturing the new angel of the home. It is one of the very challenging kinds of photographing and you need to deal with the aspects of it. There are lots of things that you are allowed to do as well as the things that you are not allowed to do.

Here are ten helpful newborn photography tips to help you get started capturing those cute little babies in a very pleasant and memorable way.

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Safety and comfortable environment is a must

In this kind of photography, safety should be always the first priority of the newborn photographers. Use your common sense always because you’re working with a baby. Never place them on highly place or in unsure one especially when you do not have spotter that will support you in bringing the safety to the newborn babies.

Never place them in sharp pointed objects or in any place that is harmful for them. The babies should also be comfortable to the place and help them not to feel uneasy feeling. Better to have a plain one that gives a comfortable feeling to the baby rather than a harmful and complicated one that gives uneasy and uncomfortable feeling to the baby.

Right time for shooting

Right time for shooting
The considered newborn babies that will undergo newborn photoshoots are approximately 5 days up to 14 days. Considering the 5 days – 10 days for the umbilical cord of the newborn fallen out. Most of the photographers prefer to have a photoshoot in the time-framing of 14 days. Newborn babies in these selected days have nothing to do but to take a long sleep and wake up for a milk or wake up if they feel uncomfortable. They just sleep for most hours of the day.

Pointing the purpose

As a photographer of the new-born bay, it is important to know the purpose of conducting a photoshoot. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients about this because it will be an additional help for you to have more idea on how you will make it.

For example, the purpose of conducting the photoshoot is to have a remembrance of their first newborn baby. So you as the photographer, all the things that gives the photo being the first baby will appear on it. Another example given, the photos will use in announcement of the baptismal day of the baby. So you should give them the atmosphere of baptismal or a space where they write the details of the occasion.

Small details yet eye catchy

Small details yet eye catchy
Capture shots that are related to the baby or the baby’s details also. For example, capture shot of the baby’s hand. Small sizes are rare to the adults and that is the reason why baby are so cute. Capture his feet that cannot be the same size of your hands. Take shots of something that attracts and magnets you and your viewer’s eye.

The place, the scene and the background

Most of the photographers prefer to conduct a photoshoot inside of their family homes because of the warm comfortable feeling and pure love atmosphere. It doesn’t need too much space for the newborn photoshoot. Scenes are commonly captured in blankets where babies are really comfortable or in and out of creative things found in your home. Background doesn’t need too complicated.

Splash of colors must be presented in the photo since it shows more of playful and lovely scenes. But some of the photographers prepare color black as their background because they said that it implies them to give more focus to the baby. Sometimes, they also go for the B&W photos because of simplicity, it sent an interesting or warm feeling to the viewer’s eye.

Don’t lose your patience

Don’t lose your patience
Be patience always. We all know that photographing infants are difficult. There are times that they cry for such an hour or pee and poop. It will always be a messy job yet a cute one. Take shots while the baby is sleeping because when he/she starts to cry, there is a possibility that the photoshoot will last for more hours.

Your props and the things in case

Of course, props will never be out style in this photography. Props to be use will always never expensive; there are things in your home that can be used as props in the photoshoot. Most common props are the blanket where the baby will place and sometimes it is use as the cloth of the baby. Baskets, bowls, guitar, headbands and keys are example of the props that are also common in newborn photography. Fabrics are used to cover up the clutter in the place where the photoshoot will conduct. Bean bags, pillow or sofa lounge can serves as their bed in photoshoot.

Bring also a noise maker that is not too loud. Most of the babies like the white sound or a sound of a rain or ocean. This will help the baby to feel home while the photoshoot is on-going. Prepare always the things in case before the photoshoot start. It is very helpful that they are on already prepared in one side. Hand wipe for poops and pees, extra blanket, tissue, their milk and also your things in photoshoot like camera lenses. Have all this things in a convenient spot to grab.

Lovely light for an angel

Lovely light for an angel
Flash photography is not applicable in newborn photography. Remember that newborns are sensitive that’s why use of camera flash is prohibited. As long as possible, try to use the natural daylight for more lovely feeling. This gives more warm to baby that makes him/her more comfortable. Use also a reflector in the photoshoot so you can fill in the shadows in capturing photos. Let the God light help you to have your best work photo because it will always be a soft and subtle light.

Simple gear and settings for the infant

Use a camera lens of 50mm and so because we are using a small area and it can give us the best balance quality and the ease of use. Consider also the use of macro lenses that can help us to have a more full magnified view of the baby.

This will help you to fill the frame with baby’s details. Use a full frame sensor that will allow more light to enter the aperture that helps you to have better details. You have to control over sharpening that why you should always be in RAW mode. Set your white balance into cloudy and don’t use tripod to have your tilt shots of the infants.

The best photo of all

The best photo of all
Try to capture the best and final photo for your photoshoot. Don’t ever forget to have the quintessential hand shot. I think having this photo with the hands of his father are very cute and adorable because it emphasizes more that he/she are small in his father’s hand. Make sure to have several photos where you can get the best shot that will make your sing.

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