“Nobody is perfect”, as the quotation goes along the way, it only says that mistakes and errors are essential into our life. There are many ways to avoid those mistakes but you need to take a discovery of what are those mistakes. Mistake can be found everywhere. Either small or big, it is still a mistake. As the users check out a website that will answer their question and needs, web designers often have mistaken some crucial things on their websites that decreases the satisfaction rate of the users.

Many of them are not aware of those mistakes that they have been doing, unintentionally. Still they need to check out those mistakes so users will have a good experience in using your websites. Your website represents yourself to the users. It is like talking to them and supplying what they need personally but miles apart. It will have a great impact on your relationship with your users and costumers once they had encounter your errors or mistaken parts in your websites.

Below are some of the most common web design mistakes you did not notice at first in your website which should be avoided when designing your website.

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Flawless Content Strategy

Bear in your mind the general content of your website. This one plays a huge role in the website since this is the entity that users will find out. Every website must contain a well clear content strategy that will engage to every user’s need. You must write it interesting, entertaining, valuable and informative without forgetting your general content.

Users commonly read it word by word that’s why you must have your focus points and highlight it. Many small websites often have their mistake because of writing too much or too little thoughts of their websites. You must write down your organization’s mission and meaningful purpose for clearer view of your content strategy. In addition, it should be a self-explanatory one.

Dead-end pages

Dead-end pages
Almost all of the web designers forgot the last thing they must do. That is to avoid dead end pages. Always place your website’s main page link so that it will bring the users back to your main page, avoiding them not to leave your website.

Poor Navigation and CTA Buttons

Most of the websites are poor when it comes to a good, user-friendly navigation. They often have a mistake on this part, which plays a vital part in making websites. Well-designed navigation is one of the best assistance to the users to roam on your website. It is a great idea also if you put a small search box so it will have more usability.

Putting a small search box will help your users to find out their needs that are hidden in your site especially if they do not have enough time to find it. Avoid also the multiple CTA or Call-To-Action buttons because this will result into competing targets on which way the users should go. Not having a well-designed and internal linking sites will make your users frustrate in your website causing them to leave and not use your website.

Irritating Pop up Pages

Irritating Pop up Pages
Most of the web designers thought that pop up pages is a good idea in their website. However, to the user’s side, it such an annoying and irritating idea. It only takes their time to wait for the close button of the pop up pages to appear instead of spending their time in finding their needs in your website. Always avoid those pop up pages especially if the content is not important.

Spelling and Grammar Errors including Poor Typography

Most of the people often have mistaken in spelling and grammar when typing or writing. Face it; spelling and grammatical errors are one of the burdens of almost all the people. Proof reading is constantly necessary. Moreover, scan the document you have with Microsoft word or any software or program that will check your spelling and grammars.

People also fail to have a good typography. They also look for fonts that are eye-catchy only to the users yet forget that it will not only be eye catchy but also readable. Stay in mind that the simple is better so that users will easily get the message you want to say.

Lack of Mobile Compatibility

Lack of Mobile Compatibility
As the day became more urbanize, more advanced technology and features appear. People can connect to social media through cellphones and tablets easily. For about 30% of people are using mobile internets to connect with websites, yet most of the web designers forgot to check if there website have a mobile compatibility. If this thing happens, you will miss out the growing population of users through mobile phones.

Contrasting of Colors

Make a favor for your users and do not make it difficult for them to read your content. Most of the people have their problem in eye vision so contrasting color is necessary. It must be something simple yet eye-catchy. Keep in your mind the rule, dark on light is better than light on dark.

Avoid using dark color as your background and light color for your text. Yes, it is quite beautiful for some people but how about other people who hate dark colors? Some people think that having your background as white color and dark color for your text will be overwhelming to the eyes of the users.

Advertise Yours

Advertise Yours
Unless your website’s priority or goal is to advertise or sponsored by the other website then you can post other business in your site ad advertise it. However, if none of the two is the reason why you post other people business in your site, then it is a bad idea. Avoid putting banner ads or any third party advertisement. It only decreases the perceived value that you will receive. Your content and website’s goal and purpose is more important than others are.

Slow Loading

The more slowly it takes for the page of your website to load, the lesser the patience that the users and costumers will give to you. Approximately 15 seconds are the time that will give to you of an average waiting person. Then after a couple of second, they are gone to your website competitors or rivals. Optimize image sizes in your sites for them to appear fast on user’s monitor.

Optimizing images as well as other SEO techniques have been practicing by various web designers. It is now becoming their part time task to include this on their to-do list.

Automatic Background Music

Automatic Background Music
Isn’t that annoying to hear music or sound in visiting or using of website? Well, for me that is a kind of annoying and irritating idea. If you will put a music or sound of your website, then do not set it automatically. Let your users if he/she wants to hear what it is or not.

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