They are the ones who are treated like a person (part of a family or best friend) not only because they need affection like people do but also because they let us feel that they love us. They are the ones who complete one’s family and make it happy. They are the ones who also bring joy and the one who also needs it. Guess who? Of course, there is no other than our beloved pet animals. There will always be a place in this world for such a lovely, cute, fascinating and playful pet animals. No wonder why lots of people became animal lover nowadays.

One field that has a fast growth rate in photography industry is the pet photography – one of the subcategory in the field of photography. Some people asked that Wildlife photography does something difference with pet photography. Well, it has a big difference because wildlife photography deals with taking shots of the rare and common wildlife animals in safari, forest, jungle or man-made animal homes while in pet photography, you are taking shots of the moments of your cute and fascinating pets.

Pet photography doesn’t need a pro photographer to photograph their pets. The owners can also take beautiful shots of their own pets just by following the rules and bringing the best of shot of their pets. It also brings out sometimes the fashionable and fabulous things about their pets.

Whether you want to shot cute photos of dogs or your other pets, here’s a collection of pet photography tips to guide you for capturing animals’ personality.

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Always Have Your Camera

Cute and playful moments may occur in any time that’s why you need to have your camera always with you either your DSLR, digital camera or even your cellphone’s camera. Your pets are sometimes unpredictable in terms of their moods and emotions.

Most of the cutest and the best moments of your pets occur during the unexpected moments. Many people miss those moments of their pets, thus, leaving no chance to capture interesting shots. Always have your camera so when unexpected moments occur, you can capture it without catching the attention of your pet or without giving any command to do that.

Props to Catch

Props to Catch
Use of props to catch the attention of your pet will be very amusing. It will be very helpful in a way that you can catch an eye to eye contact with your pet. It will also advantageous for you to put them in the mood to conduct a pet shoot. Props can make the pet to be willing in having his/her pose in photoshoot. Sometimes, it can make them also to be peaceful.

Gear Settings

If your pet doing tons of cute expressions and movements, don’t think twice to grab the chance. Capturing their adorable moments may vanish in one spur-of-the-moment if you do not have an adequate knowledge in using the settings of your own gear. The settings of your camera will be very helpful in creating flawless shots of your pet.

Adjust your aperture settings so that your camera will have clear movement shot of your pet. This will help for you to minimize the small errors that can be seen in a photo of your pet’s movement. Adjusting the exposure mode in aperture priority is a good choice so that you can have a better control in the depth of field. Selecting continuous AF in focus mode to have a continuous focus to your subject while it does movements is a nice idea. Ensuring also the shutter speed to freeze or capture the fascinating moments of your pet is a must.

Play More

Play More
Play more with your pets. Sometimes their charming moments are being exhibited while they are playing which sometimes cannot be seen when you were just commanding to do something. From time to time, it helps you to give more reference for your pet’s dictionary or personality. It gives you time to discover something more amazing and fascinating to your pet.

Background Suits to your Pet

Pick your background that suits to your pet. It doesn’t need to have such complicated backgrounds; it will only cause too much distraction to your photo. Being too much plain such as white background also brings boring quality. It must be something good and do not have any distraction to the subject.

A plain patch of grasses outside or natural surroundings are perfect. Pick the background or the place where you have memories with your pets. It has something to do that pushes their emotions to do something fascinating to the eyes. For example given is the theme park where you always have your playtime after your jogging – something like that. It should be also comfortable to your pet to avoid making them uneasy.

Level with their eyes

Level with their eyes
For more interesting and alive photo result, take their eye levels. It is about giving a human perspective to the photo. Having their eye contact will bring you their world and gives you a hint of their emotion in the photoshoot. Perfect shots of eye contact with the pets can give a photo the eye catchy element in pet photographing.

Light works with it

Light will always be one of the tips in the field of photography. It seems like you’re painting given the light as your color and camera as your brush. The output product or the photo can be more natural looking because of the colors of light applied on it.

Light works perfectly. Natural light are very important element in photography. It gives the photo more a natural look and it gives more life to the photo. Sunlight is the light that we need. Well, also remember that the use of flash in pet photography is prohibited. Flash can cause not only distraction to the animals but also ruin your photo’s natural looking effects. It can also cause stress among animals that pushes them to commit suicide.

Shoot Closer

Shoot Closer
Pets have a lot of different shapes and sizes compare to a human yet the very common size are small. Use of long focal length is a great idea because tending to be closer to them is difficult especially for those pets that move around more often and camera-shy like a human. Adjusting it by isolating your pets in depth of field where you will have a blurry background will gives more focus to your subject pet.

Something about their own dictionary

You should know the things about their dictionary or their personalities. Every animal differs to one another. As a pet owner, you should know your pet’s personality for you to have more memories. If already spent a long time of caring and playing with your pet, you can know what are they’re personality.

Knowing their personality gives you more option in taking shots. For example given is the hyperactive dog, you can take shots of your pet when the dog is playing, jumping, or something to do with being hyperactive. This can give you more additional shots for the pet photographing.

Patience is a virtue and grab the time of enjoyment

Patience is a virtue and grab the time of enjoyment
Being patient is an attitude that all photographers must have. It is a difficult job especially there is something to do with the unpredictable animals. Patience will be a rule so you can capture more. The more time you take to be patient, the greater it will result. Be patient all the time and enjoy every seconds with your pet. It is because every shot you take in a second is a collection of an album in an hour.

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