Designing creative and unique website is definitely a challenging task for developers and users’ experience that greatly impacts on online success and brand identity. If you have a business related website, then you must design website with proper care. With an experienced web designer, you can get perfect result according to your needs and requirements. But still, so many better options are available to improve websites’ performance and visitors’ experience. Always keep in mind about end-users, while designing your business website.

The expert web designers mainly focus on search engine optimization to enhance the position of websites over the internet and come up at the top, but the consideration of users’ needs is much more important than SEO. If you are web designer, then take some time and analyze those websites, which have get success and related to your services. Surely, you will not get the satisfaction and same experience with all the websites that you visit. By considering all these experiences in mind, create your own website with perfect design.

Here, you can check few important tips and ideas to build an innovative & design creative website as well as improve users’ experience on it. Let’s take a look at 10 key tips to improve visitor’s experience.

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Control Your Menu Item List

If you have an array of submenus under the main heading, then it is necessary to reconsider before finalizing the menu for your website. Take a look at these examples of drop down navigation menu PSD templates so you will have an idea on how to craft your own navigation menu. It should be shorten as possible as you can. If you want to use navigation to highlight products or services, then it is likelihood for the users to return back on search engine to search more other websites, those are also implementing navigation on menus.

Remember that your website is to entertain users and provide those products, for which they are looking, rather not frustrating because of having a long menu list. You can try using these jQuery plugins for responsive metro style navigation menus to omit messy elements yet being trendy.

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Collect Valuable Feedback from Users

Collect Valuable Feedback from Users
A general suggestion for all types of businesses and activities is to get feedback from users. It plays a major role to maintain brand identity and improve user’s experience towards your website. It is extremely possible to satisfy customers through satisfactory feedbacks. Maintain few options in website and that should let the customers to comment about your products/services. Provide a simple option via contact form or complaints/grievances form to freely express their comment about services. Additionally, you can give your contact details at the home page of the site.

Employ an Experienced and Qualified Web Designer

The experienced website designers are well-aware about current scenario for designing perfect website. Hence, you need to employ a highly-experienced and professional web designer in order to put your less effort and get creative & perfect site.

Developers incorporate their keen ideas and experience, and then combine both to produce a better result (website). It is a sophisticated task to check who is the perfect web designer? Or who has caliber to achieve your business goal in short span of time? Always try to hire 4+ years experienced professional, check his/her portfolio and last projects. These things will give you the best solution.

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Clear and Encouraging Images

Clear and Encouraging Images
Use of pictures is very common that has caliber to speak more than words. Images based web designing has become a current trend. Therefore, it is vital to post product based clear images with high-resolution and provide option for visitors to zoom your images. You can use illustrations in different forms like sliders, animations, testimonials, etc. Using background with static images is also very popular and if the illustration is having animation, then it can desperate visitors to click. You need to remember that it must be linked up with the landing page to generate sales or leads.

Create Mobile-friendly Site

Use of mobile phones and smartphones has become trendier in today’s modern world and no one can imagine without it. Accessing internet through mobile devices is very common task these days, so it is more important to build website mobile-friendly. There are responsive CSS frameworks and boilerplates that will surely help you in crafting your mobile-friendly website.

With the latest technology or many free cheaper mobile compatibility software, build your website as a mobile site and increase its visibility over the internet to target a wide array of prospective audiences. It’s a time to use a variety of useful resources like responsive web design and make your site more powerful.

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Add Positive Testimonials

Add Positive Testimonials
One of the best ways to impress new customers is to add positive testimonials on your website, either you can ask from customer to write testimonials about your services or write it yourself and publish on site for public. The fact is that customers are not having so much patience at the time of giving feedback, so firstly check it. If you satisfy, then approve these testimonials.

Let Your Visitors Know About Your Company

“About us” page is used to let your prospective customers know about your company and services. It is not necessary that the person, who is visiting your site know completely about your achievements, brand, your successful history. Therefore, you should consider and create a separate page including about the company, their services, support and successful achievements. Even, you can add team photos, your CEO photo and other personal allowable stuff that can make your visitors friendlier towards your company and site.

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Cover Varying Resources

Cover Varying Resources
If you want to make a website to target varying kinds of audiences, including industry people and other businesses, then add documentaries, important theories, surveys, white papers and other useful links. Many customers see these kinds of stuff for the sake only to check what kind of stuff your site is dealing with.

Uses of Links Appropriately

Links are one of the best SEO customization methods now to provide comfort and convenience with the help of active links. Use the proper font, color, navigation to bring a spotlight on the links, which are presented at your site. Use an appropriate and professional style of links to improve user’s experience.

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Block Unwanted Pages

Block Unwanted Pages
Build your website free from any unwanted page links, splash pages and restrict to receive information from these sites, while they are accessing your site to get the best user’s experience. Because, these unwanted things can provide a chance to distract users through the ads and navigation. So, make your site completely free from other unusual pages.

About the Author: A talent and experienced website designer from renowned service provider “CSSChopper” is David Mayer. His many posts, related to the designing of the best and innovative website, can be seen on the internet.
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