Wedding is a kind of ceremony where people are united in marriage – a ceremony of knotting ties with each other and saying their vows in front of the altar. It is a special day for everyone involved and there will be a lot of smiling, laughing and relaxed, happy people. It is one of the memorable days of every person who dreams of it with their special someone. And with the same reason, it is why they want to have their remembrance from it; a wedding souvenir so that they can look for it and reminisce when time has passed. They want to have their captured moments in perfect shots.

Challenges can be encountered when having a wedding photography job. Many people thought that being a wedding photographer is an easy job. Take shots here, take shots there. Command here, command there. Yet it is difficult for those people who experience it. The reality is, however, you need to reveal their stolen yet beautiful moments while the ceremony is in progress. In short, you need to bring out the best moments in their memorable wedding through the use of your camera alone.

You need to have your knowledge about wedding photography from the fundamentals to the advanced core so that you can create your perfect collection of albums from it. One does not need to be a pro or an expert in having this job even though the industry has a lot of expert wedding photographers. Here are wedding photography tips to ensure or help you to capture the romantic moments as well as the great shots among the wedding photography industry.

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Consider the couple’s opinion then add yours

Photographers must consider the bride’s and groom’s opinion because it can be a priceless input in addition to one’s concept. There are moments in the wedding that they also want to capture and sometimes the photographer doesn’t have an idea about it. Their opinions can be a suggestion that can be helpful for creating new great shots in the wedding. Hence, it is important to have a short consultation between the couple and the photographer.

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Visit the venue of the wedding

Visit the venue of the wedding
Visiting the venue or the location where the event will happen is somehow a great logic to solve the latter problem in the wedding. Through visiting the place, you can have an idea where you can position yourself while taking pictures. You will also know the spots where the bride and groom will have their great shots. In addition to that, you will easily know what will be the background of the wedding. Moreover, you will know the contrasting of the lights from the sun which is very important for outdoor photography.

Try to be at their wedding rehearsal

Knowing the boundaries of taking pictures in the wedding will be answered in one way or another by dropping by at wedding rehearsal. You will know where the bride and groom stop and stand. It will be very helpful so you can immediately think for the shots you can have in that moment. It will also be helpful in having your positions while you are taking pictures of the wedding. In short, you will know the blueprint of the whole wedding ceremony.

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Expect the unexpected moments

Expect the unexpected moments
You should consider the unexpected moments like immediate rain fall in the wedding. On that way, you will know what to do in case that happens. You will be ready to take shots of the couple while the unexpected is happening. Expect the unexpected moments so that you won’t get shocked when unforeseen things happen before and during the wedding.

Consider at least one backup photographer

You should consider one backup photographer in the wedding so that you can have your choices. There are times that you will not capture some of the important moments since you are busy taking the whole show – and that will be the role of your back up photographer. He/she will simply be your saviour and the one who will be in charge of taking photos when something might happen wrong in your captured pictures or in the camera you’re using.

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Prepare your things – all of it

Prepare your things - all of it
Prepare the things that you will use in the photoshoot. Of course, the camera, the lens, etc. Put it in your bag so that you will not be able to leave it, in case. Organizing your things include also having your additional or reserve lens in case of emergency. Make sure also that your memory card will be able to keep a lot of pictures and the camera are full battery so that you will not be disturbed in capturing photos. Make sure that you have your additional or reserve battery in case the camera has its low battery.

Even the smallest details matter

Money is spent by the couple for the things needed in that memorable and special day of their lives. Do not forget to take shots of small things yet has a huge part of the wedding ceremony. For examples are the couple’s ring, flowers, seating plan, wedding dress, bride’s accessories, wedding cake designs, odd glass of champagne, etc. Small things in the wedding have their roles so take shots of it because it will be a great addition in the album that tells the story of the wedding.

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Ten minutes away in the wedding

Ten minutes away in the wedding
Try to ask the bride and groom to have ten minutes away in the wedding. This will help you to take more great shots of the couple. This will be helpful in a way that they will show their sweetness to each other and capture these sweet moments. Try to have a continuous capture in every movement they made while they are busy having their first bonding as the newly wedding couple.

Ensure the shots you will capture

You need to ensure all the shots you will do. You need to capture a beautiful clear shot rather than a creative yet blur shot. Your job as a photographer is to preserve the memories of the couple fresh unto the next few years or to their next generations. Make sure that you’re in a right place and right time in capturing every precious moment of the wedding.

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Messy group shots

Messy group shots
Taking a good shot of a large group of people is extremely hard to manage. You need to capture the whole group clearly where the eyes are fully centered unto you; and everyone is visibly smiling and not blinking. If you want to take a good shot, take it higher to the ground level. Use ladders or tall tripod so you can take shots higher than the large group of the people and it is helpful in the way that everyone will be visible in the camera.

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