Usability is basically a quality aspect that assesses how simple user interface is to use. It also refers to ways of advancing accessibility and user-friendliness in the process of designing. Usability can essentially be defined by five quality components namely; memorability”, efficiency, “learnability”, “errors and satisfaction.

Usability determines how users will carry out tasks after they have learnt design. It also determines the errors made by the users and how the users can recover from their errors. Apart from that, it determines how much users can remember after a long period of time without using the design.

In order to make your website survive and have a lot of traffic, usability is a crucial aspect. For instance, if a website is hard to use, the users will disappear and never come back to that site. If homepage does not clearly show what is offered by the company, the users suddenly leave the site and if the website does not contain useful information, the users leave as well.

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Web Usability Mistakes that Spell Disaster for Your Business
When creating a website for your business, you should ensure that it is tidy, insightful and straightforward so that users can easily understand what you offer. Let’s now look at usability mistakes that spell disaster for your business. They include the following:

No Emphasis on Headlines

Many designers fail to put emphasis on headlines. It is important to understand how headlines can help business owner to achieve his or her goals. Emphasized headlines play a vital role in a website or a blog. Besides, one of the things to get over complicated web design is to avoid complicated site structure.

For instance, they draw users’ attention almost right away and they can make users decide whether to stay on the site or leave. In most cases, websites that does not have emphasized headlines are ignored and the business owner doesn’t gain much from his/her site. Every business owner should ensure that his site/blog has great headlines that tell users or users what your business is all about.

Slowly loading site

It is a fact that, websites that loads slowly or not properly optimized does not get many viewers or users. This is because people are mostly impatient. One of the tips for creating professional website design it to optimize the loading time of a website to ensure that visitors won’t be annoyed.

If a business owner owns a site that loads slowly, he is most likely to get little sales and that means failure in business. Therefore ensure that your site loads fast in order to be successful. To know the status of website loading speed, there are free tools to test the loading speed of your website.

Illegible Spacing and Typography

This might seem indecisive but it is absolutely not. Typography plays a very vital role and it is one of the major influences in reading and understanding text on the website. Not only on websites because you will see a lot of smart examples of typography in logo design that combine the texts and symbols into one.

Always ensure that your site is readable. If you are wondering how, there are lots of best typography books you should read which will help you understand the underlying concepts of web typography.

Confusing Navigation

One of the things that web designer must get right is navigation because it’s probably the next thing users will look at after viewing your headline. If you will analyze this menu navigation designs for mobile user interface, you will notice how great the executions are. Though it’s for mobile, the same principles are being applied in websites.

There are some tips for designing the best website navigation bar which you might follow as it will get you started in creating navigation.

Failure to Answer Users’ Questions

Someone can not visit a website without a purpose. Every users visit a website with a certain goal in mind. Some users visit some sites with an aim of accomplishing something while others visit some sites in order to purchase products.

Therefore, when developing your website, you should always ensure you provide useful information to the users; information that will match with what they are looking for and that will be helpful to them. Else, they will find question and answer websites and will leave your web page.

Duplicate page titles

It is vital to have titles for each web page and each title should be unique. Sometimes, people make a mistake of generating a general title and then use the same title on each web page. Each title should be used just once.

No means of getting in touch

In order to be successful, you should ensure that your site has a channel that users can use to communicate to you. You can create a contact page that consists of your email, address, telephone number or contact form.

If you don not know how to create a contact form, you may use online form builders to create your very own contact form. Since it’s free and easy to use, it will surely become very handy. If your website is powered by WordPress, you may want to check out the WordPress chat plugins.

Long registration forms

Many people don’t like spending their precious time filling registration forms. In fact, long registration form puts off the users and therefore it is recommendable to make your registration form as short as possible.


Increasing business sales depends on how someone goes about it. Making a good website greatly helps in increasing sales in a business. Therefore, it is essential to avoid usability mistakes that bring failure for your business. When building up a site, it is recommendable to follow all web design guidelines and avoid usability mistakes that people usually make.

Our round up is made specifically for people who care about their business and want it to be simply perfect. If any business could ever be called perfect, of course. It is a matter of time, money and effort if you chose to walk this path on your own. However, we are trying to spell the mistakes out for you, so you could avoid them. Keep your mind open and ready for many other challenges. Good luck!

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