If you are a small and medium-sized business owner, probably you need a digital presence, which means you need a website on the web. Some businesses can easily function digitally with just a single Facebook page, but the biggest problem that you are going to face is that the terms are essentially a foreign language.

There are lots of different digital strategists and web developers out there that can make matters worse, so it is essential to stay away from them. There are different things like responsive design, HTML5, media queries or CMS that make you confused. Well, there is no need to bother about such things as it is not your task to understand the technologies behind the web.

Here, I have provided some basics of websites so that you will get more conversant and hopeful to filter out the charlatans to win your business.

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HTML5 and CSS3 – What and why you need them for your website?

HTML5 and CSS3 - What and why you need them for your website?
The important thing that you need to know about both these languages is that both are highly important languages that are the basic building blocks of websites. HTML5 is considered as the foundation and framing that can be used to develop a site. It offers web browsers with instructions on how to structure and display content.

When it comes to talk about CSS3, it makes a house unique like paint, furniture, landscaping and art. CSS3 is one such language that takes care of your website. Both HTML5 and CSS3 are harmonizing technologies that can be used exceptionally. Both technologies require components of responsive web design.

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Responsive Web Design – What and why you need to opt for it?

Responsive Web Design - What and why you need to opt for it?
Today, various smart-phones and tablets have changed the way digital content is consumed as iPhone, iPad and other smart-phones are widely used by people worldwide. It is important to provide customers with a quality and amazing experience, if you want to succeed in your business. These days, it is very much important for you to build one such website that supports across multitude devices.

Further, RWD is one such modern concept that being used by lots of businesses. Mainly, it involves developing a flexible website, which will respond and adjust itself to the different screen dimensions of devices. If you open any website that design responsively, it will readjust and reconfigure itself automatically to the screen shape. We can say that responsive web design can easily maintain aesthetics at the time of optimizing usability.

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What is CMS and how it used?

What is CMS and how it used?
To simplify the entire task of managing a website, you need a content management system (CMS). Previously, website content was managed by developing an HTML file on your computer and uploading it to a web server.

One of the major problems with it started to get very large with lots of pages. If you want to update something minor like copyright date in the footer, you need to update each and every file on the website.

There is no need to know how to code to manage a website. A CMS can easily separate the content from the presentation, allowing you to be flexible to update your website whenever you want. Let’s take some example – WordPress and Drupal both are open source and free to install or Expression Engine that is affordable at $299.

So, these are three modern yet effective web design building blocks that every entrepreneur should know in this highly technological market. Make sure you bring yourself up to a conversant level in order to make educated business decisions about digital presence.

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There are different web design building blocks that should be considered, but mainly there are three chief web design building blocks that you should know while developing a website. In this blog, I have listed 3 major web design building blocks that you can know and get huge information about each one.

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