Some people think that designing a logo needs a designer who is an expert on certain graphic designing software or a person who is completely aware of all the tools that are in certain software. And if anyone is able to make a good looking template, then it will make him feel that he is able to make a logo of professional standard.

But this is a fact that a logo design which is made by a professional designing company is always something different because no matter behind him both the designs there is a designer; but behind every professional design there is thinking head who storms his mind to get something unique taking in the mind seven important design needs that will be discussed below.

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Thinking of the Basic Concept of the Design

It is a truth that a logo design is only a constitution of colors, shapes and fonts but this is not the only thing because what puts life in a design is an idea. Because without a concept nothing is versatile and it is where every possible dimension is analyzed and it is where it is seen that why has the company assigned us not anyone else.

Yes it is the very first step but it is where a think tank will start thinking to grant the design sense of recognition, this is where the designer enhances the admiration and this is where the designer can create trust and an element of memorability.

Identify the Objective Market

The second thing in the think tank is to identify and figure out that what is the target market because with this logo you are not marketing your corporate but the client’s company is what urging and surging a desperate element of recognition.

Apart from the services that the client provides it is also very important to identify that what your client has to offer that is unique among all the others that are in competition.

Think of the Integrity of the Company

It is where the designer should identify whether the integrated services of the company because the font that will be used in the design varies according to the services.

Yes a curly italic font looks good but it does not work for every other business for example that if you are using the font for a law firm or coaching company so the font should not be identical to that of the catering company or a bakery.

Make the Choice Whether to Use Brand Name Or Not

It is an important step to identify that the basic design and make sure that the design would be ok without the brand name or not. It again depends on the services of the company and that is why it is the best to look at all the possibilities.

The name is used with the logo if the consumer requires it to be used in only one place on a shop board or something but if the brand is global and worth to use on every tiny or big product so a logo without the name could also be feasible but what is the main task, the logo should be perfect for the brand identity of the company.

Client’s History

It is also important to have a brief look at the history of the client and if the company is famous with any previous concept and still requires a new concept it is an option to follow the conceptual scheme of the logo.

But one thing should be in mind that the designer has to at least follow the color scheme of the company because this is something that are to be in matching with the other stuff of the company and that is why it could not be neglected.

Sketch of Idea

Now it is the time to finally sketch the idea and what you have got in mind after doing what is stated above. It is a key to neither copy the previous design of the company or from any other company but it is a right to take inspiration.

Now it will be only a piece of paper and a pencil and time to explore the mind and come up with random shapes and fonts and look at the shapes to get the piece of perfection and decent design.

Simplicity is the Key

No matter some people like to be generous and wants to see things stuffed in the designs but not the majority and that is why simplicity is the key.

Simplicity is the key because if the design is simple so if anyone else will copy it so one will easily be identified and simpler the design will the more memorable it will be.

About the Author: Rachael Fernandes is a professional graphic designer working in the design industry for last 5 years. Recently started working for LogoTod as graphic design team manager and head of logo design department. She loves to write about her experiences in the field of graphics and logo design.
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