According to a 2012 report from Garner, an International Data Corporation, there were 95.4 million computers sold in 2011, up from 93 million in 2010. Globally, those numbers reached 355.2 million in 2012, also an increase, from 346.2 million in 2010. The U.S. computer sales annual revenue was $85.5 billion, making it a lucrative industry to enter. Furthermore, with this large amount of computers being sold yearly, the accessories market will likewise be huge. Computer accessories can include mice, printers, cables, hardware, software, and more.

Whether you want to focus on computer sales, accessories only, or combine the two, having a computer eCommerce store is one way to hit a growing industry. However, there are many other businesses likewise jumping on board to this solid industry, offering stiff competition. Therefore, you want to ensure you create a great store from the ground up.

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What’s New and What’s Hot

Online Computer Store – What's New and What's Hot
Not all of the potential buyers who are eyeing gadgets to own are updated with the latest technologies and recent releases of various brands, thus, having a section of latest releases on your website will serve as a decision-making support which will help your users find the suitable gadgets for them.

Online Computer Website – Landing Page

Online Computer Website - Landing Page
Landing page is a very important aspect not only for online computer website, but for almost all of eCommerce websites. Therefore, it is a must for every web designer and developer to know the conversion-centered design techniques for landing page.

Basic Necessities

Creating an Online Computer Store – Basic Necessities
Before you sell computers and accessories online, you need to figure out the margins of your business, including whether you will just focus on accessories or include computers as well. You should also decide whether you will focus solely on PC, Mac, or include both. Also, you should consider whether you want to include accessories for tablets and smartphones. Once you have an idea of what you are selling, it is time to create a strong website for showcasing your wares. You can find great computer website templates online, or you can build your site from scratch depending on your skill level and time.


Creating an Online Computer Store – Sourcing
The next step you need to do is figure out the sourcing of your goods. You will want to ensure you engage only reputable sources for your equipment. There are many companies that offer computers and accessories for third parties selling. You must figure out as well how you will handle inventory and shipping. You can choose drop shipping, where the manufacturer ships the product directly to the customer, or you can store inventory in your location. The space and size of your operation will determine how you handle your inventory and shipping.

Product Presentation

Creating an Online Computer Store – Product Presentation
Presentation is the most important aspect of your online store. You will want to ensure that you accurately detail all products, especially if they are only compatible with certain machines. Customers will want to make sure that what they purchase will work with their computers. If you provide pictures with as close to a 360-degree view as possible, it will help customers know what to expect out of a product, especially if it is used or refurbished. In addition to pictures, you will want to include a comprehensive description that also details the technical information.


Online Computer Store – Reliability
Another very important aspect you want to emphasize in your store is reliability. If customers do not trust your company or your goods, they will end up at one of your competitors. You should have an easy to understand returns and exchanges policy. Customer reviews will also help assure customers that your site, and the wares you sell, are reputable and reliable.

Product Navigation

Online Computer Store – Product Navigation
Having a navigation menu on a website is consireded a requirement for your visitors to browse your website easily. However, for this industry, your product category will help your buyers to decide what products they will buy. In short, it will help them to convince what their necessities are, thus, increase your sales. You might want to read our article about tips for designing the best website navigation bar or use our resources of jQuery plugins for responsive metro style navigation menus and free drop down navigation menu PSD templates.

Stand Out from Your Competitors

Stand Out from Your Competitors
Standing out in a crowded market full of competitors who have more budget, resources, access and popularity than your business is always the problem of startup companies. However, by just doing simple ways, you could actually win the competition. A simple section of “What makes our computers great”, as shown in the preview above, will actually appreciate by your visitors.

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