15 Best WordPress Chat Plugins for Effective Support

If you have seen eCommerce and web hosting websites before as well as WordPress web hosting themes, you might already noticed the live chat support system. Now, if you want to have the same feature on your WordPress website then read on.

Here’s a collection of the best WordPress chat plugins which composed of live chat system, chat room feature, IM, group chat box and more for effective user chat support. With this feature, you can easily engage directly with your members and visitors and be available for them to contact you in real-time. Start integrating any of these WordPress chat plugins and see the increase on your sales & ROI.

WP Quack Chat Live Chat System

Quack Chat integrates easily into your website and provides a mobile-friendly way to interface with your customers. Quack Chat is web based and can be used from almost any computer or mobile device.
WP Quack Chat Live Chat System
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HTML5 Online CHAT ROOM Widget

RumbleTalk is a hosted professional stylish chat plugin to connect you with your website, blog and real-time event visitors.
HTML5 Online CHAT ROOM Widget
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WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support

Chat with your customers on your site for sales and support easily and beautifully. Just install on your own WordPress site and start using it.
WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support
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Quick Chat

Self hosted WordPress chat plugin supporting private chat, chat rooms, avatars, user list, words filtering, smilies, caching plugins and more.
Quick Chat
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In Chat – WordPress Plugin for Users to Chat

This plugin allows your registered users to chat with each other. Online users are detected and shown in different color, making people to know who is online.
In Chat - WordPress Plugin for Users to Chat
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Video Chat Plugin

The AVChat Video Chat Plugin for WordPress is designed to increase members engagement and web site revenues with a stunning video chat solution.
Video Chat Plugin
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Rhino Live Support – Live Chat

Provide premium customer service by chatting live with your customers and give direct assistance where it’s needed – at any time!
Rhino Live Support - Live Chat
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Host your own live chat sessions, interact with your visitors and boost your sales, without needing any third party javascript or other code – works great with buddypress and multisite too.
[action-button title=”View Source” url=”http://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wordpress-chat-plugin?ref=manuelgarciaph-837791″]

FlexyTalk – Live Chat

Start chatting to your site’s visitors and FACEBOOK fans from Google Talk or mobile phone . FREE lifetime account with unlimited chats.
FlexyTalk - Live Chat
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WP Symposium

Social Networking for WordPress: profile page, forum, activity,friends, member directory, mail, chat, groups, events, gallery, mobile and more!
WP Symposium
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iFlyChat – WordPress Chat Plugins

iFlyChat provides one on one chat and multiple chat rooms for your website. It allows visitors of your WordPress site to chat with each other privately or together in chat rooms.
iFlyChat - WordPress Chat Plugins
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Chatme.im Mini Messenger

This plugin add the javascript code for Chatme.im Mini Messenger a Jabber/XMPP chat for your WordPress. Just install the wordpress plugin and you are ready to go.
Chatme.im Mini Messenger
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Comm100 Live Chat – Chat Plugin for WordPress

Comm100 Live Chat WordPress Chat Plugin enables you to have a 360 degree view of your WordPress site visitors. It is the enterprise-grade live chat software for website.
Comm100 Live Chat - Chat Plugin for WordPress
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GoChat – WordPress Chat Plugins

Add Chat, IM and video chat to your blog to instantly build a social community among your blog visitors. Just add to your blog and your visitors can begin chatting immediately.
GoChat - WordPress Chat Plugins
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ClickDesk Live Support – Help Desk Plugin for Websites

ClickDesk provides a magic bundle of lightning-fast wordpress live chat, voice chat, lite help desk and social toolbar.
ClickDesk Live Support - Help Desk Plugin for Websites
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