The mobile web market, so-called m-commerce market, is evolving at a rapid pace nowadays. More than 50% of Americans already are not only browsing the Internet, but also shopping online through their smartphones and tablets. According to the Google Research, more than 80% of mobile users use their devices for product search and shopping online. Modern consumers highly appreciate this remarkable opportunity of making purchases anytime and anywhere – in the office, on the go, in a journey, vacation, etc.

That’s why, today is simply not enough to have an online store to succeed online – you should really make it fully mobile-ready to meet your existing client and prospect requirements. Your ecommerce website should be rather easy to follow and navigate on any mobile devices, including smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablet PCs, etc., and be compatible with all popular platforms and web browsers.

The good news is that today creating a mobile-ready website is an easier, faster and less costly process than you can imagine. Actually, there are two basic options you can take advantage of to establish a mobile presence. The first one involves creating specific mobile applications that your clients are supposed to download and then install on their mobile devices in order to browse through your web store. The second way is to get your ecommerce website optimized for a full-fledged mobile experience. Both methods provide enough usability and flexibility.

Now, let’s overview the most crucial advantages of making your online store mobile-friendly.

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Be Always Available to On-The-Go Market

Be Always Available to On-The-Go Market
As it has been already mentioned, the m-commerce market is all about doing shopping online anytime and anywhere. Today shoppers find it extremely convenient to search for products and make necessary purchases on-the-go just from their mobile gadgets, without being tied down to their computers. In such a way, staying in a traffic jam or long trips are no longer a waste of time.

So, if your visitors fail to reach your online marketplace and products from their smartphones or tablets, make sure the same moment they will go to your competitors who are only a few clicks away. By establishing a fully-functional mobile presence you actually ensure your web store 24/7 availability on the so-called ‘on-the-go’ market.

Drive More Traffic

Drive More Traffic
As eMarketer studies show, almost 50% of smartphone owners research products and services on their phones. So, when they are looking for related local businesses, make sure they find your marketplace – both online and physical.

As soon you set up a mobile version for your online store, register it in major local search directories, such as Google Places,, Facebook Places, Yahoo! Local, etc., as well as add it to relevant user rating and review websites, e.g. for travel agencies, for car dealers, for various local businesses – from retail stores and restaurants to health services and spa salons.

Registering with popular in-car GPS navigation services will surely contribute to your overall traffic volume growth, as this allows to drive more prospects to your business place.

Boost Sales and Increase Revenues

Boost Sales and Increase Revenues
With modern shoppers getting extremely addicted to their mobile devices, it won’t be a lie to tell that without making your web store mobile-friendly you are going to lose business. Some reputable market researchers predict that in a couple of years only smartphones and tablet PCs will become the number-one access devices to the Web market and Internet in general.

So, just a few efforts of putting your ecommerce website into your customers’ mobile devices will dramatically increase your online sales along with revenues.

Increase Customer Satisfaction Rates

Increase Customer Satisfaction Rates
As an obvious and inevitable result of technological progress, consumers are getting more and more demanding. Today, they simply don’t want to wait long to get any information or reach any website. The satisfaction rate is considered to be one of the most crucial factors influencing purchase-making decisions. That’s why, today it is more than imperative to ensure that your visitors and customers enjoy an ultimate shopping experience from any mobile device they are using.

Show That You’re a Customer-Oriented Business

Show That You're a Customer-Oriented Business
A fully-functional, convenient and easy-to-use mobile web store version is definitely a great way to show your precious customers that you really appreciate them and pay much attention to their ultimate shopping experience.

As many online business owners confess, they used to neglect this mobile issue unless they started to be attacked by numerous inquiries and even complaints from their customers about the unavailability of mobile versions for related web stores. If you already get such inquiries, it is high time to go mobile-ready and prove that you strictly adhere to the customer-oriented approach in your business.

About the Author: This is a guest post by Nicolas Fincher – a marketing and community manager at CS-Cart, a developer of popular shopping cart tools for ecommerce projects of any size.
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