People, these days, prefer a smart way for shopping and thus eCommerce sites have suddenly gained a lot of popularity. It is not difficult to build an attractive website. Moreover, you can also easily manage to gain some business out of your newly made shopping cart.

Today’s business needs are not about creating a great eCommerce website, but it is more about choosing a better hosted solution for eCommerce. And trust me, its not as easy as it seems to be. However, to simplify it, we can segregate these solutions into three different categories which best describe their functionality. These are Paid, Open-Source and CMS eCommerce solutions.

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Paid eCommerce Solutions

1. Shopify
This is a paid solution for eCommerce. However, merchants find it to be an extremely useful solution because it solves the sole purpose of an eCommerce site. It follows the process of “delivery after payment” and does not require the merchant to do any technical thing on the site. Moreover, it allows you to select a personalized domain. Shopify is also very simple and easy to use.
eCommerce Solutions for Your Business - Shopify
2. FoxyCart
FoxyCart is just like Shopify – a paid eCommerce solution. However, there is one specific thing that differentiates FoxyCart from Shopify. FoxyCart is not a CMS and thus can easily be incorporated in your already existing website. It allows you to change the appearance of the eCommerce website, so that you can personalize it according to the needs of the consumers. In fact the changes can be done by making alterations in HTML and CSS.
eCommerce Solutions for Your Business - FoxyCart

Open-Source eCommerce Solutions

3. Magento
Magento is probably the most widely used eCommerce solutions today and it has managed to gain a dominant position as well. This is an open-source solution, which allows anyone to edit and manipulate the source codes. However, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. Magento has a pretty impressive development schedule and there are ample of customizations available which prove to be a plus point. However, it is a little difficult using them and they are not supported by ordinary systems. Lots of customization is available on the Magento platform, but using all of them is not easy.
eCommerce Solutions for Your Business - Magento
4. osCommerce
Well, this too, like Magento, is an open-source eCommerce solution. People find it much simpler and easier than the others of the same category. Although it has a perfectly smooth operation, it can be used only as a basic eCommerce site. However, there is one benefit of using osCommerce – it has a huge number of upgrades and contributions, which can prove to be really very helpful for the users. It is also decent on security with measures like MySQL and PHP5. On a whole, it is a balanced solution for startups.
eCommerce Solutions for Your Business - osCommerce
5. Zen Cart®
This is yet another open-source eCommerce solutions that has a license under GPL. This means, it is free and there are amazing templates, extensions and features available. Well, many people prefer using ZenCart only and only because it is easier to create as well as customize the templates and features as per your needs, than compared to that of others. However, one drawback with this solution is that there are ample of skin template options which confuse the user.
eCommerce Solutions for Your Business - Zen Cart®

CMS eCommerce Solutions

6. WordPress eCommerce
This is an eCommerce solution for those who probably already have their own website and want to move to an eCommerce solution. There are certain benefits attached to WordPress eCommerce – it is an open-source solution, which is available for free. Moreover, it also allows modifying and developing to be sourced. You can also do that on your own. It also has a lot of features like enabling adding of tags and optimizing the website. WordPress is a CMS platform, but the eCommerce solution has been perfectly planned to suit the needs of the customers. There are enormous custom plugins that suit every type of business. There are many impressive eCommerce plugins available for WordPress, like eShop, Shopp and more, which make your shopping cart a better proposition. And not to forget the different payment gateways that are possible with WordPress eCommerce, keeping in mind your budget.
eCommerce Solutions for Your Business - WordPress eCommerce
7. Drupal Ubercart
You can create an eCommerce solution using Drupal. This solution is Ubercart and it can be composed into your already existing website. It is recommended that you use this solution if you are planning to just start up an eCommerce software. However, those businesses which has, so far, never used Drupal will find it difficult. There they must avoid making use of this solution, or at least gain some prior experience. There are ample of modern features that Ubercart has, which Drupal Commerce literally lacks.
eCommerce Solutions for Your Business - Drupal Ubercart


This list is carefully chosen for those who either already have a website or are planning to build a new one. However, I must say, it is not an exhaustive list and there are numerous other eCommerce solutions that offer great usability and functionality. Shopping Cart providers provide customers with web based systems integrated with completely impressive shopping carts. This further helps the users easily browse through the site and select the product of their choice. If you feeling like adding some comments that can be beneficial to the users, you can feel free to do so.

Author Bio: Ellis is a Digital Marketing Manager at VITEB. He is very expert in social media marketing, lead generation, paid campaign management and content writing. Right now he is working with leading web development agency having expertise in PHP web development and web application development.
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