12 Powerful WordPress App Themes from ThemeForest

WordPress has traditionally and originally been used as a back-end tool for blogs and basic websites, however, the demand for application type themes or WordPress app themes has been rising since the last few years. If you want to create a knowledge base website similar to WikiPedia or a Q&A page similar to Yahoo using WordPress, you may probably end up using some WordPress app themes designed to work that way.

Here’s a collection of powerful WordPress app themes from ThemeForest that serve a number of purposes such as eCommerce, magazines, social communities, crowd funding, knowledge base, directory portal, Q&A, etc. The rise of web applications that serve a specific purpose lead to a number of tasks to be accomplished by developers which are not easy to integrate with a typical WordPress theme or with the CMS itself.

The Navigator: Premium WP Location Guide + Blog

The Navigator is ideal for travel blogs and/or location guides. This directory-based theme utilizes Google maps to display exact locations and provide users the ability to interact with the location. This theme could also function as a real estate listings directory or store locator.
The Navigator: Premium WP Location Guide + Blog
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Fundify – Crowd Funding WordPress Theme

Fundify is a WordPress app theme that seamlessly integrates with Easy Digital Downloads and allows you to create a crowd funding website in the likes of Kickstarter or Indigogo.
Fundify - Crowd Funding WordPress Theme
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Academy – Learning Management Theme

Academy is a perfect theme for sharing and selling your knowledge online. It’s not just a theme, but learning management system that makes learning and teaching online easier for everyone.
Academy - Learning Management Theme
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Rescue – Animal Shelter Theme + Petfinder Support

Rescue is a theme built with one purpose: getting animals adopted. And on the plus side, your shelter can now have an awesome looking website. Pets can easily be added or you can pull them from your Petfinder profile with a few clicks.
Rescue - Animal Shelter Theme + Petfinder Support
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ProjectPress – Project Management for WordPress

ProjectPress turns WordPress into a basic project management application. Requiring login to view the site and allowing 99% of all work to be done from the front end help this truly run like a web app.
ProjectPress - Project Management for WordPress
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iKnowledge – Knowledge Base / Wiki WordPress Theme

iKnowledge is a slick knowledge base WordPress theme. iKnowledge features a fresh and clean design, focusing more on the content. It also comes with a rating system and post view counter to help you track article performance.
iKnowledge - Knowledge Base / Wiki WordPress Theme
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Directory Portal WordPress Theme

Directory theme is an absolutely unique theme concept, first time ever on ThemeForest. You’re able to easily set up an online directory portal listing categorized items of any type – companies, shops, websites and so on.
Directory Portal WordPress Theme
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WordPress App Themes: Robust Q&A

Robust WordPress Questions and Answers theme with large feature set to suit your needs. This theme takes the q&a concept to the next level. Easy to setup and get going in minuets. Custom Translations for people looking to use other Languages.
WordPress App Themes: Robust Q&A
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Responsive Knowledge Base & FAQ WordPress Theme

This WordPress app theme is perfect for providing a support resource for your customers and is super easy to manage. Plus, it works on different resolution as it is responsive.
Responsive Knowledge Base & FAQ WordPress Theme
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CheerApp – Responsive App WP + bbPress Theme

CheerApp is a great theme most suited for software developers; it’s design and functionality were created especially for showcasing apps, but it will do a great job of standalone bbPress forum too. CheerApp offers huge number of features that will help developers promote and support their apps.
CheerApp - Responsive App WP + bbPress Theme
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WordPress App Themes: WordPress Wiki Theme

If you’re looking for a Knowledge Base or Wiki for your company but don’t want or need a full blown Wiki Application. This is the theme for you. Built with a custom Frequently Asked Questions plugin to help extend the functionality of your web site.
WordPress App Themes: WordPress Wiki Theme
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Openhouse Real Estate & Automotiv Car Dealership

This file is a bundle of two separate WordPress themes: one for real estate and another one for car dealership. The theme comes bundled with an alternate version that works directly with the dsIDXpress plugin. So now your site can pull in unlimited listings automatically.
Openhouse Real Estate & Automotiv Car Dealership
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