10 Metro WordPress Themes Inspired by Windows 8

Metro WordPress themes are a perfect theme for designers, photographers or other artist to showcase their work in a professional way. It’s also a great choice of theme when it comes to news blog as it presents your content in a very beautiful way. The use of Metro UI or the Metro style is somewhat trendy on today’s creative world since the release of Windows 8 – a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The most famous feature of the Metro interface is the tile (color square width text and/or icon). Template or WordPress theme with Modern UI inspires confidence and motivated towards detail. It creates and gives a feeling of reliability and safety. It also represents your aesthetic with the current trends in the field of technology. This new minimalist approach might just be the future of the web so you should try it.

Here’s a collection of Metro WordPress themes, some with mobile version and others are responsive, inspired by Windows 8 metro visual style – a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Since Microsoft showcased the Metro UI, it has become very popular so take a look at these Metro UI based WordPress themes – and it might shower you the power of fame and trendiness of Microsoft Windows.

Metro Style Responsive All Purpose WordPress Theme

Easy color and image selection with many design settings can help you transform Metro Style into a unique business selling tool. The MetroStyle theme is SEO optimized and uses only CSS for fast loading.
Metro Style Responsive All Purpose WordPress Theme
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One Touch – Multifunctional Metro Stylish Theme

One Touch is a fast, easy, light template will decorate almost any site on WordPress. The structure of this template such is what it perfectly will be suitable for all, from the entertaining blog to a serious corporate site.
One Touch - Multifunctional Metro Stylish Theme
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Touch Responsive & Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Touch Twitter Bootstrap – Responsive WP Theme. Unlimited combinations on any page. Very powerful theme which suits both, creative and business users with no programming background, as well as advanced developers.
Touch Responsive & Bootstrap WordPress Theme
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Rocket Board – Metro WordPress Themes

Rocket Board is a super awesome portfolio WordPress Theme with METRO style. This theme also allow user to set specific color on each metro box or just use the default color from admin panel.
Rocket Board - Metro WordPress Themes
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Metro Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

Metro Magazine is a clean and powerful metro inspired responsive magazine WordPress 3.5 ready theme designed specifically for magazine, news and blog sites.
Metro Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme
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Nemo – Metro Inspired WordPress Theme

Nemo is a metro inspired, full ajax site with a unique design. It’s a dark, minimal yet powerful WordPress theme. It has a compatible layout with mobile devices.
Nemo - Metro Inspired WordPress Theme
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Metro.press – Expressive WordPress Theme

Metro.press is a responsive premium WordPress Theme inspired by metro design. Metro.press comes with nine expressive colors and style variations and is fully responsive and suitable for big and small screens.
Metro.press - Expressive WordPress Theme
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Subway Theme

Get on board and check our new Subway theme! It brings you a modern boxed layout with a broad range of options for customization. You can choose from various color and transparency options.
Subway Theme
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Centre Responsive Metro WordPress Themes

Centre is a great blog WordPress theme created with a metro design aesthetic. With lots of clean lines, bold colors, and useful features Centre is the perfect fit for professional and novice bloggers alike.
Centre Responsive Metro WordPress Themes
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Aeolus – Corporate Minimalist WordPress Theme

Aeolus is a WordPress theme specially designed based on the Metro design style, high contrast and flat colors are some of its great features. Aeolus is very suitable for portfolio, business, corporate and any kind of websites
Aeolus - Corporate Minimalist WordPress Theme
[action-button title=”View Source” url=”http://themeforest.net/item/aeolus-corporate-minimalist-wordpress-theme/3706622?ref=ManuelGarciaPH”]

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