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Byzero Studio Digital Pen is our featured product of the day. This digital pen is not a normal stylus as it has an active sensor that pairs with a sensor bar that connects to the iPad docking port. The sensor tracks the pen using ultrasound and infraRed.

The setup is very easy and quick; there are 2 small watch batteries for the pen and the sensor bar gets it power from the iPad docking port. Since apple does not let OS level support for most devices, an application must be coded to support the pen. Currently, there’s only one app which is the studio basic lite. The pro version of this app has been submitted to the app store and should available soon.

If you want this Digital Pen for Apple iPad, you can buy it now on Amazon.

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Product of the Day: Byzero Studio Digital Pen for Apple iPad

Product Features

  • Precise & detail handwriting: Byzero Studio Pen offers the finest pen among current styluses and write like a real pen on paper with high level of precise and accurate control.
  • Palm rejection: Unlike other stylus pens, Byzero Studio Pen uses palm rejection technology to avoid unwanted palm detection while writing.
  • Mobility: Byzero Studio Pen offers a premium experience with a simple installation by simply plugging the receiver to iPad’s charging port.
  • Download Byzero apps (Two versions available: Studio Basic and Studio Basic Plus) from iTunes App store. Apps offers a variety of functions including note templates, detail writing/drawing and supports Twitter, Facebook, email and more.
  • Made for iPad: Made for iPad logos mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPad and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

Customer Feedback

“I got this pen last month and I have been using it since to take note at work. I love it and it works great. I am using both the basic studio app and goodnote for note taking. I am very happy with it.”ABOUBAKAR Y COULIBALY

Product Images

Product of the Day: Byzero Studio Digital Pen for Apple iPad
Product of the Day: Byzero Studio Digital Pen for Apple iPad
Product of the Day: Byzero Studio Digital Pen for Apple iPad
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