Envato author profile image or homepage image is one of the essential parts of profile page of every Envato author as it is the place where you can add your identity branding.

The Envato Marketplaces such as ActiveDen (Flash and Unity 3D), AudioJungle (Stock Music and Audio), ThemeForest (Website Templates), VideoHive (Motion Graphics), GraphicRiver (Graphics, Vectors and Print), 3DOcean (3D Models and Materials), CodeCanyon (Code, Plugins and Mobile), Tuts+ Marketplace (Tutorials and Screencasts) and PhotoDune (Stock Photography) have this very essential spot.

Just like the Facebook timeline cover page and Google+ cover page, the author homepage image is actually a spot on Envato profile where you can put a striking image to impress your friends, attract more clients and reflect your identity. Above all, this is the place where you can tell what you are and what you do in the marketplace.

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Envato Author Profile Image Collection

Here’s a collection of creative Envato author profile image collection that will show you the different approaches in creating attractive profile image. Whether you will display your personal image or prioritize the slogans and company information, make sure that your profile image cover will make you stand out from the crowd.

CarlosViloria – GraphicRiver Author

Carlos Viloria is a software engineer, developer and web designer who lives in the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.
CarlosViloria - GraphicRiver Author
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Revaxarts – ThemeForest and CodeCanyon Author

Revaxarts, birth name is Xaver Birsak, is a self-employed Media Designer from Wels, Austria who develop web design, identity work, print, brands and animations.
Revaxarts - ThemeForest and CodeCanyon Author
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PixelCloth – ThemeForest and GraphicRiver Author

PixelCloth is a team of digital tailors formed by Steve and Arch. Steve handles graphic designs and support while Arch handles the interesting part of the job – coding.
PixelCloth - ThemeForest and GraphicRiver Author
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RafaelOliveira – GraphicRiver Author

Rafael Soares de Oliveira is a creative graphic designer from Itaberá-SP on Brazil who has a passion for simplicity and innovation.
RafaelOliveira - GraphicRiver Author
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Bilmaw – GraphicRiver Author

Bilmaw, also known as Billy, is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with over 10 years professional experience working for clients large and small, from start-ups to large corporations.
Bilmaw - GraphicRiver Author
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Stuck in the Basement – AudioJungle Author

Stuck in the Basement Productions is the latest venture of French music maker Daddy D who currently residing in Illinois.
Stuck in the Basement - AudioJungle Author
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Themeton – ThemeForest Author

Themeton is a dev team for WordPress theme based on Mongolia who builds awesome and beautiful premium WordPress themes.
Themeton - ThemeForest Author
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Cmoreira – CodeCanyon Author

Cmoreira, birth name is Carlos Moreira, is a portuguese Web developer and designer who currently living and working in Budapest, Hungary.
Cmoreira - CodeCanyon Author
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WPThemers – CodeCanyon Author

WP Themers is a a small web design and development studio who loves to create beautiful wordpress themes and plugins that will help you achieve your online goals.
WPThemers - CodeCanyon Author
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Ivor – ThemeForest and GraphicRiver Author

Ivor Padilla is a talented web designer, crafter and developer. He also works for Envato as a ThemeForest Reviewer.
Ivor - ThemeForest and GraphicRiver Author
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Mangustas – ActiveDen, VideoHive and GraphicRiver Author

Mangustas, also known as Mantas, is a self-taught animator and graphical designer who has extremely passionate about the animation, illustration, 2D games, design and typography.
Mangustas - ActiveDen, VideoHive and GraphicRiver Author
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IndieGround – GraphicRiver Author

IndieGround, also known as Roberto, is a 24 years old Graphic Designer from Italy who designed some of most popular flyers on GraphicRiver.
IndieGround - GraphicRiver Author
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EveryTuesday – GraphicRiver Author

EveryTuesday, also known as Teela Cunningham, is an Atlanta based graphic designer who’s addicted to type, touching great paper, and making you smile.
EveryTuesday - GraphicRiver Author
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DarkPulse – VideoHive Author

DarkPulse, also known as Sebastien, is a 25 years old motion graphic artist who loves TV branding and extreme sports.
DarkPulse - VideoHive Author
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MuffinGroup – ThemeForest Author

Muffin Group is an experienced team creating great, unique and easy to set up templates for WordPress who also create websites and web applications.
MuffinGroup - ThemeForest Author
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Studio164a – CodeCanyon Author

Studio 164a is a collaboration between three friends, Wes, Eric and Dave, and one-time housemates in Melbourne, Australia.
Studio164a - CodeCanyon Author
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Katode – CodeCanyon and GraphicRiver Author

Katode, birth name is Taufan Erfiyanto, is a 22 years old Photoshop master from Jakarta, Indonesia who has interest in mobile and web development.
Katode - CodeCanyon and GraphicRiver Author
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MusicPremium – AudioJungle Author

MusicPremium, based in Paris, France, writes every kind of music for you to get the best for your personal or professional works.
MusicPremium - AudioJungle Author
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Josweb – ThemeForest and GraphicRiver Author

Josweb, also known as Jo, is a professionally qualified graphic designer who has been involved in the design industry for over 20 years.
Josweb - ThemeForest and GraphicRiver Author
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MicrostockMan – GraphicRiver and PhotoDune Author

MicrostockMan is a professional photographer with over 10 years industry experience, dedicated to creating high-quality stock images.
MicrostockMan - GraphicRiver and PhotoDune Author
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