If you are building your website from scratch, probably you know already the difficulties in raising your website’s traffic and popularity. You’ve invested many hours and a big effort just to make your website known by your audience. But, imagine that your website is suddenly losing its traffic.

The long invested hours and your efforts will go to waste in an instant. It’s a bad feeling, isn’t it? Yet, many people are constantly doing this. They’re inadvertently leading their website into failure. In fact, they don’t realize that they’re making mistakes.

Here are 7 fatal mistakes that will put your website into failure. This post, which will open your mind about your blogging mistakes, is somewhat similar to our previous post about deadly warning signs to recognize a failing blog.
7 Fatal Mistakes that Will Put Your Website into Failure

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1. Pointing all the backlinks into your home page

Link building is an important aspect of your website’s SEO, and the proper link building will bring you a good improvement in search engine performance. The best way to do backlinking is to spread your link and point your anchor text into different pages inside your website, not just the home page. Search engines will find it strange when you point out all the links into your home page. In this way, you will have improper distribution of backlinks inside your website, which will affect your search engine rank negatively. In turn, it will affect your traffic as well.

2. Populating your website with unnecessary clutters

When you get a good amount of traffic to your website, your natural reaction will be to find out the way to monetize your website more effectively to maximize your profit. But, most people do it wrong. In response to their traffic increase, they’re placing unnecessary clutters in their website, which will make their website look more crowded than before.

Of course, it will affect your visitors’ experience in your website. Too many advertisements and links in your website will lead to less traffic and bad search engine reputation.

3. Giving big chunks of content

Many people will agree that content is king in the internet world. You will agree that content is the one that your audience is seeking. When you give them quality content, you will increase more of their interest toward your website. Yes, this is true and there’s nothing wrong with it. But, putting a big chunk of content in every page of your website will only overload your visitors with information.

Remember, your web page is not a book. It is a page, and as a normal page should do, it shouldn’t be too long, in order to keep it comfortable. If you have big chunks of content, make sure to split the content into several pages so that you won’t lose your visitors’ interest.

4. Amateurish design

Amateurish design is still becoming a common problem in many websites. Some websites actually have very good content in it, the only thing that keeps people from visiting those websites are the design.

If you want to build reputation in your niche, if you want to be acknowledged as an expert in your niche, do not put your reputation at stake by doing your web design by yourself, even though you don’t know anything about web design. Else, know the guidelines for designing a professional website.

It is better for you to purchase a good website template or hire a professional web designer to make your website more professional looking and interesting to read.

5. Lack of organization

When people visit your website and browse your content, the only thing that they want you to provide is easiness. They want you to make it easy for them to browse through your content. That’s why you need to put relevant content in the same category. Lack of organization will only confuse your visitors, since they can’t follow your website easily. It will make them frustrated and finally leave your website in annoyance toward you.

So, you have to make the content organization of your website easy to follow and make your website easy to navigate, hence, making your website competitive.

6. Trying to advertise your website without completing the content

When building your website for the first time, you need to focus on the content first. Don’t focus on the traffic while the content of your website is still incomplete. It will only raise suspicions from the search engine. As you might already know, search engines will favour websites that are geared toward their audience.

In other words, websites that provide valuable content to their audience will have a prominent place in the search engine result. If you’re trying to advertise (i.e. attracting traffic, such as by doing backlinking) to your website before it’s ready for such action, your website may be penalized by the search engines.

Even though you know some smart ways for an effective Ad placement, it would be hard to declare that it will really work.

7. Plain text website

Do you think that graphic is not important for your website? If you think so, you are wrong. Graphic can positively increase the desire of your audience to read your content. If you only provide a plain text in your website, without graphic, your website will become boring and not interesting.

Thus, it will not attract good amount of traffic into it. It is already tested by many successful bloggers that royalty free images can boost your article’s impact.

One Final Thought

Those are 7 fatal mistakes that will put your website into failure. If you don’t want to lose your website traffic, you should avoid the mistakes above.

Editor’s Note: This article is written by Sathishkumar Varatharajan, an Internet Marketer from Salem, experienced in helping businesses to achieve their goals in a cost effective way. He launched Kudo Metrics and Guest Post Services in an effort to help all the small and medium sized businesses to achieve their targets and increase their profits.
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