How To (Turn off) Disable Facebook Game Notifications

There are some people who really like to play games in Facebook such as Tetris, CastleVille, FarmVille and so on but the accompany story of these recreations is the endless Facebook game notifications and Facebook game requests which annoy other Facebook users who didn’t want to play at the first place.

The most annoying dilemma that you will face is that you will see so many Facebook notifications every time you will log in to your Facebook account hoping that these are important updates or someone left an important comment to one of your status or pictures then suddenly turn out to be just game requests, app notifications and so on.

You’re not alone because I’m also one of those Facebook users who are irritated every time I received this kind of notification. That’s why I searched for a solution by myself. Some of the techniques or should I say features I’ve used before are not available anymore. However, there’s still one remaining solution to do which I found accidentally yesterday.

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How to Disable Facebook Game Notifications

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to turn off or disable Facebook game notifications. Read on to learn how to get rid of annoying Facebook game notifications. You may also apply these steps to disable or turn off other annoying notifications such as app invitations and app requests.
How To (Turn off) Disable Facebook Game Notifications

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the indications button in Facebook located at the upper left corner.
How To (Turn off) Disable Facebook Game Notifications

Step 2

Click the notification icon (globe) to open it up so you can see all of the new notifications as well as your old ones.
How To (Turn off) Disable Facebook Game Notifications

Step 3

In the upper right hand corner of your notification box, you will see an “X” with caption of “Turn Off”. Click on it. You may also want to click “See All” so you can see all of your notifications.
How To (Turn off) Disable Facebook Game Notifications

Step 4

If you want to never see a game notification or game requests for that specific game again, click on ‘Turn off’. Else, you might want to keep it on.
How To (Turn off) Disable Facebook Game Notifications

Step 5

You can also undo your action or report the app for spam after you disabled the game notifications or game requests.
How To (Turn off) Disable Facebook Game Notifications

One Final Thought

Using this step by step guide on how to disable Facebook game notifications as well as other app requests or invitations will save you from your daily irritation. Say no more to your non-sense notifications and start being comfortable in using your favorite social media network.

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