Adobe Photoshop, the most powerful image editing software, is unquestionably a great tool to make stunning digital arts and epic text effects. There are more than thousands of great free Photoshop text tutorials around the web but following the step by step procedures makes your golden time waste.

But if you are really willing to learn the hidden techniques on how to make one, this tutorial will really show you the secrets. With the help of Photoshop text styles or layer styles, we can make our own text effects with just one click. And as a result, we can save our time yet increase our productivity.

For the sake of all the newbies around, we provided a short and simple yet effective tutorial on how to install Photoshop text styles. After you learned how to install it, download all epic layer styles we compiled. View all free layer styles here.

Two ways on how Photoshop layer styles can be activated:

How To Install Adobe Photoshop Text Styles

  • Right clicking on a layer and selecting blending options and on the top of it, click Styles.
  • Double clicking on a layer to open the option panel.

How to Install Adobe Photoshop Text Styles

1. You can put the .ASL file you have downloaded into the folder of layer styles in your Photoshop directory or if you want, put the file on a folder that easily to find like Desktop.

2. Then open your Adobe Photoshop, Create a new text layer. Using the type tool, create a new line of text. The color of the text isn’t important because most layer styles will override the default text color.
How To Install Adobe Photoshop Text Styles
3. With the text layer selected, Right Click and select Blending Options and choose Styles.
How To Install Adobe Photoshop Text Styles
4. Click on little triangle in the right upper corner and choose Load Styles. Navigate to the folder where you saved your style and double click on the .ASL file. Your new Photoshop layer style will now appear as the last item in the styles palette.
How To Install Adobe Photoshop Text Styles
5. Choose the style you loaded and Click Ok.
How To Install Adobe Photoshop Text Styles

One Final Thought

Everytime you choose from different styles, it is updating on your layer in real time. You can see the difference of effects and choose what style fits on your design. I guessed you already know how to install it so for now, you can download Photoshop text styles and browse through our directory.

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